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  1. This is coming along nicely! I like seeing setups that aren't a typical garage/shop setup, it gives me some inspiration. Looking forward to seeing its final form.
  2. Those grips are sweet! I could see them going on a set of wedges
  3. Sad day today. I went up to the course and prepped my cart for winter storage. Until we meet again, warmer weather Fingers crossed for a few random 70 degree days in December/January
  4. I like it! I guess my motto would be... Once you go Link, your other putters stink! I also started getting rid of some putters I had sitting around.
  5. Shortly after getting the Link, I realized my green reading was not as good as I thought it was lol. Now, it's really the only thing I have to blame. Can't wait to hear how some of your future rounds go after getting some time with it.
  6. Brilliant write-up, Matt!
  7. Let me think... None Loved looking through that though, number 88 looks incredible.
  8. Okay, my previous comment was an understatement! If I am ever up that way, I'm making it a priority to play there. Also, that is some top notch footage. I checked out a couple of their other videos and those guys deserve more views! I love that kind of stuff!
  9. From the tips, because why not? Lol. I think I go 3 wood and then hopefully a 7 iron in, aiming far enough left to avoid a fat shot that ends up in the sand. Realistically, what ends up happening is I pull out driver at the tee box because there is a slight tail wind and it's going to help me clear the second bunker. I then proceed to miss waaay left and I'm hitting my second shot from the sand. Second shot then goes awry and I end up in the bunker short of the green, doing a little beach hopping. It takes two shots to get out of there, with the second one soaring over the green and rolling down the hill. I chip up, one putt, and walk away with my tail between my legs.
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