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  1. aaaaand, they’re finally here. That was a long nine weeks.
  2. I usually stick with milorganite for my fert, seems to be pretty fail safe.. which I like But yeah, I've got fertilizer and seed on deck and ready to go. I'm going to aerate and dethatch, but may have to wait until the fall.. it's starting to warm up here in MO.
  3. The grill & chill pad finally got finished up yesterday. It's now time to do some yard work and figure out what to do with landscaping... Any green thumbs in here feel free to drop some suggestions.
  4. Has anyone tried Fuse lenses? I'm considering testing a pair in my Holbrooks
  5. Does anyone know of a place to send some wedges in to get stamped? I don't trust myself enough just yet to try my hand at it.
  6. Just ordered a set of SM9s with the black onyx shafts. Now to patiently wait 8 weeks…
  7. My putter rack is finally full!
  8. Yeah, I got the same message about his buddy Carlos, he actually sent it twice a few days apart.. I didn't bother responding.
  9. Debating on picking up some SM9s but I cannot make my mind up on what finish to go with. TC holds up the best, you can never go wrong with black, and the brushed steel looks great as well. Tough.
  10. Congrats on the new role! @GolfSpy_TCU
  11. I know this is quite the long shot, but I'm looking for one of the KBS Tour Black Gloss double bend putter shafts. They seem to be on back order everywhere I have checked.
  12. Still looking for clubs? I have a putter I may be able to send ya
  13. Let’s lock it up. This has been sold
  14. New TaylorMade TP Patina Soto with headcover, 35”. The club has only had the plastic removed, but never actually played. Looking to trade for other putters. Really wanting a Betti BB1, but open to all offers. Listing price: $200
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