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  1. Received this in the mail today. Makes this rainy Saturday morning just a little better. [attachment]IMG_4845.jpg[/attachment] [attachment]IMG_4846.jpg[/attachment]
  2. Well.. season is starting back up here in Missouri. Looking to try out some other putters, so I’m gonna wanting to get rid of my Evnroll and test out a Toulon. This is 36” equipped with a Flatso 3.0 in mint condition. Comes with original grip and headcover. Looking to trade for a Toulon blade or sell for $280 shipped OBO.
  3. Let’s take a shot and say Viktor Hovland wins another.
  4. Like I said, my luck with FF is no bueno. I’m glad you mentioned this though. I’ve been so busy I almost forgot to look at it lol
  5. Stage 2 is up! It's lacking in comparison to others and my past ones, but this has been an extremely busy couple of months! I am in need of a vacation! I really hope this thread persuades some of you to try out the crossovers, they're something wonderful!
  6. Thank you!! [emoji16] Happy Birthday, ED13!
  7. Any week night should work for me, I get home from work around 6:30cst.
  8. So the 29th is the day? Works out perfect if so, I have my other draft the following day.
  9. TSauer


  10. Thursday nights work fine for me! I’m typically free any time after 6:30 central time.
  11. Sorry, been super busy! You best believe I’m in. [emoji1303]
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