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  1. TSauer

    Black Putter Shaft paint

    For the paint fill with the alignment, Testors is my go to product. You can also purchase paint pens that work pretty well too. I posted a thread about my wedge makeover that I can link you if you want. I'm not sure which route to go with the shaft. If it were me, I would strip it all and start over, so it all matches. You may also be able to just buy a black shaft and reshaft it.
  2. Well, it can go one of two ways. Either your putting is going be sh*t, or it's going be the sh*t.
  3. It wasn't compatible with the SmartThings Hub I was using at the time. I will probably end up getting another one down the road, either Nest or Ecobee. If you are interested in getting one, check with your electric company, as they sometimes offer rebates for buying and installing one. I was able to get a $100 rebate through mine.
  4. I've got the Hue ecosystem in my house. Man, they're expensive, but they're awesome. Bunch of bulbs and a couple light strips, one behind the TV and ran a few under my cabinets. Also have some of the Kasa smart plugs to automate some of my outlets, which I mainly used for Christmas light timers. Had a Nest smart thermometer last year but ended up getting rid of it. I've been considering picking up a smart lock, just haven't made it around to it yet. I run all of my stuff off of Google Home. There are some pretty neat things you can do once you really dive into it all.
  5. TSauer

    Wish me luck

    Good luck, man!
  6. TSauer

    Ping's new adjustable length putter

    This isn't the first adjustable putter from Ping. They're Karsten TR putter also had an adjustable shaft that allowed it to go from 31"-38".
  7. TSauer

    Rickie Fowler to Taylormade?

    When you put it that way, yeah it does seem like a big deal. I wasn’t thinking of it in that aspect, but I see what you mean now.
  8. TSauer

    Rickie Fowler to Taylormade?

    Rickie switching to a different ball and glove brand isn’t that big of a deal, imo. But, if he were to switch equipment brands, that would be huge. It would be weird to see Rickie playing anything other than Cobra.
  9. I didn’t think there we be as big of a difference as there was. Those are some convincing numbers to definitely leave it in.
  10. TSauer

    POLL: Mobile access to the forum

    I’ve always used Tapatalk. I didn’t care much for the app when I first used it long ago. Currently downloading it again to try it out. I like the way the mobile browser looks and works, but I prefer apps over browser. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. TSauer

    MGS App

    I’ve never used the mobile browser before, always been a Tapatalk kind of guy. But dang, this mobile browser is niiiice! Going to be using this more often.
  12. I can hit everything from baby fades to high draws to hooking stingers... never on purpose though.
  13. TSauer

    I.T Chrome help.......

    It’s gotta be something with Gmail using that student account as the default user. If you go to google homepage, does it show you are logged into an account in the upper right hand corner? If so, try logging out of that account or removing it from the list of remembered accounts. After removing that account from the list, login to your Gmail and go to your inbox, if it doesn’t automatically redirect you there. Try to then bookmark that page (your inbox) to your bookmarks bar. That should allow you to go directly to your inbox every time that favorite icon is clicked.
  14. TSauer

    I.T Chrome help.......

    Fortunately with Chrome it saves all of your account information, passwords, autofill, etc as soon as you sign back into your Google account (as long they’re synced). The bad is thing that that could cause the problem to keep happening.
  15. TSauer

    I.T Chrome help.......

    When it takes you there is his account automatically signing in? If so, try forgetting that account and signing in with yours. If all else fails, uninstall the browser and reinstall it. I use GMail as well and have the GMail icon bookmarked below my address bar, and whenever I click it it takes me to my personal email inbox, as I'm already signed in with it. I have a school address that is also associated through GMail, but in order for me to access it, I would have to click the profile icon that shows the list of GMail accounts and then click that account to be taken to it's inbox. Kinda hard to explain, hope it makes a little sense.