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  1. Haha! I don't have the model number, but this is the exact one: https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-graphite-shaft-extractor/p/ma2007/ I got lucky and just happened to find someone selling one on eBay, haggled with him a little bit over the price and got it for $60!
  2. I ran into this guy a few years ago that is attempting to play and rate every course in Missouri. Didn’t know he had a website about it until recently when someone sent me the link because there was a picture of me on the page. He’s living the dream. Here’s the link to his page if anyone is interested. https://mogolftour.com
  3. Got a heck of a deal on a Maltby graphite shaft extractor on eBay, couldn’t pass it up. Club tinkering will be in full force now.
  4. That’s a hard one. To me, it all depends on how long you plan on keeping the shares if you don’t end up selling them now. If short term, maybe 6 months to a year, then I might look into selling now if you don’t think it could reach much higher by then or if a crash is imminent. However, if you plan to stick with the company or keep those shares for a long time, it might be worth it to hold. If you look at the S&P and DOW over 5 years, they’re up nearly 100%. That doesn’t necessarily correlate exactly with your specific stock, but the market seems to recover over a long period. If it were
  5. What's the question? I might be able to lend a little insight.
  6. I was going to until I saw the price of them [emoji44]
  7. Update.. went to DSG to get the adapter removed, the guy working in the golf area didn’t know how to do it and told me to come back Monday. I saw the machine there and just did it myself and taught him in the process. And he still charged me [emoji23]
  8. Yeah I didn’t know if they had the shaft extractors or not. But yeah I agree with you, maybe they’ll just let me do it if so [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. Does anyone know if DSG has the equipment to remove adapters from shafts? Trying not to make a 90 minute drive to GG just for this
  10. - Ping i200 4-PW - White dot - Nippon Pro Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shafts, +1” - Golf Pride MCC teams grips in midsize on 5-P - Golf Pride NDMC midsize on 4i Asking $450 SHIPPED
  11. Update.. Titleist customer support came through and a tool was delivered today.
  12. What's the distance this has to be setup at to properly work with a net?
  13. Yeah I reached out to them a handful of times and someone finally got back with me on Friday, I’ll keep y’all updated if they end up sending me one.
  14. So I got to searching, and apparently to save money Titleist does not include the tool as they figured everyone already has one from a previous club. In my opinion, if someone is paying $550+ for a driver, they should without a doubt get the $15 tool to adjust it. According to what I have read through on the Titleist forums, you can reach out to support and they will send you one.
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