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  1. Congrats gentlemen! I finally broke top 10, I’m starting to get the hang of this thing. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  2. I'd say TaylorMade is letting out a slight sigh of relief.
  3. Congrats, chosen ones! May the balls play ever in your favor.
  4. I typically just start off with a water or gatorade, then I'll grab either a hot dog or bag of peanuts and a cold beer at the turn.
  5. Got a heck of a deal on an NX7 Pro w/slope from the bay a few weeks back. It's gotta be the best bang for the buck. Curious to see the results from the testing.
  6. I want Rory to win for the sweepstakes sake haha. But if it isn't going to be him, Rickie needs to be the one!
  7. I'm pretty much the same as Kanoito. My putter and irons were the only things purchased at retail. I'm too cheap to pay full retail prices, so I'm always bargain hunting. I typically try and buy used, like-new equipment if I can.
  8. Congrats, y'all! Can't wait to hear what ya'll think about one of the underdogs.
  9. Congrats, mate! Here’s to many, many more!
  10. Agree with Rev, stick around and banter about golf with us.
  11. They are killing it with these markers, they're absolutely superb! Unfortunately, I can't justify the price on one. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  12. This made my Thursday a little bit better! This is an area of my bag that I never really focused on until recently, seeing that it's the only spot that needs some attention now. Got grouped with a great bunch of guys, can't wait to tell everyone about the experience!
  13. This is an awesome sight!
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