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  1. Weather here is unusually cold as well, gonna have to order a heater for the golf cart because idc if they’re calling for snow.. I’m still hitting this thing day 1. If I know Missouri weather though, I’m sure it’ll be sunny and 70 in November.
  2. I've been contemplating picking up a Rapsodo for this testing course.
  3. Looks like I'm going to be the black sheep. and I feel awful about it. I wanted to partake in Titleist Thursday, it looks and sounds like everyone had a heck of a time. Unfortunately, when I went to book a time, it only gave me the option of one course and the date was nearly a month away. I'm not sure if my area was just booked up or if there were no courses hosting the event. I know the fitting was a crucial step in the process, as it is for the entire game. What I've decided to do is use the information I was given from my last fitting, my current specs, and my general knowledge to p
  4. Sporadic /spəˈradik/ : occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated. That sorta sums up my results when I try to let the "big dog" eat. Driver is one of those clubs I work on all season to try and perfect it and I get right where I want to be, then old man winter decides to drop by for a few months, and the process begins again. I envy those of you who to get golf year-round. The positive side is, each year has started off better than the last and I think the future is looking bright for the driver... or maybe that's just me being hopeful. Time will tell
  5. Apparently the new face material they're using has been used on the Mars rover... that alone is exciting!
  6. That may be the issue. I just checked to see if the site worked on IE for me and I couldn't get signed in. If you don't want to install a new browser, you might try Edge instead. IE is pretty outdated.
  7. What browser are you using?
  8. Sooo excited for this. I've never been one to gravitate towards Titleist for some odd reason so I'm very anxious to see what they're all about! Can't wait to get down and dirty with this one. Congrats to my fellow testers!
  9. Thanks man! Yeah, seat covers I did myself. Bought them from Up To Par Covers for around $70. If you have a newer cart, 2000+, there are lots of other vendors as well.
  10. This cart is all paint, no wrap. I have heard good things about the 3M wraps, but I've also heard they are a little difficult to put on and get good results. I disassembled everything, it's a pretty easy process.. only a few bolts holding the actual body on. I actually had a buddy paint the body and the roof as I don't have a spray gun, I did everything else myself. It was painted with a black base coat, then metal flake from Paint with Pearl was mixed in with the clear coat, which gives it a chameleon affect depending on the angle you're looking at it. As far as getting paint to stick t
  11. Thanks! The supports and roof have all been painted. I didn’t look the price up for black supports, but it only took a few cans of paint so it will definitely save some money to paint them.
  12. Bought a cart this summer for cheap and decided to put a little money into it for a makeover. Here’s a quick before and after.
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