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  1. Literally me with any piece of golf equipment. [emoji1787]
  2. I keep seeing this popup on Facebook as well, in those raffle pages. Just from looking at the box they look no more interesting than the cheaper putting mats with that same style. All I have is a cheap rollout one and a large BirdieBall one that sits in the garage. I’ve been eyeing these a lot, would be a nice addition to the “office”
  3. Thanks! You’ll enjoy the ER2, I had one at the beginning of the season and only sold it to explore other options haha.
  4. According to their website, all of the Spider X putters have the same 5mm insert with a medium feel. The only difference I saw when I was looking at them was the different shaft/neck options.
  5. Grats, fellas! Have fun with it. It's nice seeing all the new members!
  6. I've tried it to an extent. I know he does it to mimic where he should be at impact, and I did try it on a very very small scale and it kinda worked for me. It's not something I do repetitively or in full like he does.. I'd end up pulling a muscle and lose too many balls
  7. TSauer

    Happy thread

    So I got this email earlier today... I'm not sure how many times I said "NO WAY!" out loud before it actually sank in! Just so happens my birthday is coming up in less than a month.. perfect timing!
  8. Yessir.. I mean who doesn't love bacon & eggs? Plus it's inspired by Collin Morikawa.
  9. Okay [mention]Rickp [/mention] I bought it. You were right, I just had to.
  10. Been swinging a lot in the garage the past few days and for a second it felt like I forgot how to swing a club. I don't wanna say I found the missing link and end up jinxing myself, but I think I found it. Like the late, great Chubbs used to say... "It's all in the hips." I have to tell myself to use my hips as it doesn't feel natural just yet, but when I get them involved, I hit everything so much better. I guess I wasn't clearing them properly before. I'll just have to remember Chubbs before I swing every time.
  11. I want to pull the trigger on this headcover so badly... I just can't seem to do it.
  12. I have one of the BirdieBall putting greens, I believe it's 4' x 12' and it's great.. but, I would take an outdoor green any day of the week. I just wish I had the knowledge and patience to build on.
  13. TSauer

    TXG 100K Giveaway

    Just discovered these guys a few weeks ago, they put out some quality content. Good luck to everyone entering, hopefully the winner is a Spy!
  14. I’ve quickly become a fan of him, I see him doing very big things in his career!
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