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  1. Like I said, my luck with FF is no bueno. I’m glad you mentioned this though. I’ve been so busy I almost forgot to look at it lol
  2. Stage 2 is up! It's lacking in comparison to others and my past ones, but this has been an extremely busy couple of months! I am in need of a vacation! I really hope this thread persuades some of you to try out the crossovers, they're something wonderful!
  3. Thank you!! [emoji16] Happy Birthday, ED13!
  4. Any week night should work for me, I get home from work around 6:30cst.
  5. So the 29th is the day? Works out perfect if so, I have my other draft the following day.
  6. TSauer


  7. Thursday nights work fine for me! I’m typically free any time after 6:30 central time.
  8. Sorry, been super busy! You best believe I’m in. [emoji1303]
  9. Isn’t that how it always works though? Once one part of your bag is good, the other part goes way south. [emoji23]
  10. I'm getting angry that I haven't been able to get out much recently to hit these clubs! Been way more busy than I like. Went to play last weekend, but half the course was still underwater. [emoji33] So, grabbed a range bucket and hit the G410s the whole time. I still can't get over how good the shots are with them. I never thought I'd say I trust myself with the longer clubs.
  11. Woooo! Congrats buddy, if this is anything like your i200 review, we are all in for a treat.
  12. Does the 3 and 4 Crossover count as one club?? Because if so, they'd be the keepers. Not to discredit the 3w at all, as it's amazing as well, but the Crossovers are just so good! I wish I would have put one in my bag a looong time ago. I've hit nothing but good shots with each of the crossovers.
  13. Hicksta, how do you like the SC200? There was one for sale for kinda cheap, thought about grabbing it just for this threads sake.
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