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  1. Rukket was running a good sale, so I decided to pick up their 10x7 net that comes with a swing trainer similar to that of an orange whip. Can finally start practicing at home.
  2. I think changing your grips every few weeks is enough for you to go broke as is. Idk anyone who changes them that frequently lol
  3. I've been experimenting with this as well, and I play with someone who takes that approach with their irons and hovers them just before the shot. Like you said, it creates a nice routine, which is crucial in this game.
  4. Got my entry in! Here's to hoping that it's so bad it's good.
  5. I keep fidgeting with my bracket and I have a feeling it's going to bite me in the end. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  6. Tyler | MO Current Grips: Golf Pride NDMC Tour Velvet Plus 4 Rubber Thanks for another awesome opportunity!
  7. I was rooting against Rory there for a little bit, which is hard for me to do. I really wanted it to come down to a playoff with him and Furyk, with Furyk taking it.
  8. I'm taking Jim Furyk. He's won it before and he was so close today.
  9. Last I heard it was up to 45 total. I was oh so close though! Didn't think it was going to get that high when they said only 6 or so went in on Friday I think?
  10. Okay changed my mind, think I might be going with a Sun Mountain 4.5 LS
  11. Pretty gnarly looking. [emoji1689]
  12. The Cleveland TFI 2135 was the first putter I bought and used it for quite a while. They make good products.
  13. Yes, yes he does. Hopefully soon!
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