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  1. Let’s lock it up. This has been sold
  2. New TaylorMade TP Patina Soto with headcover, 35”. The club has only had the plastic removed, but never actually played. Looking to trade for other putters. Really wanting a Betti BB1, but open to all offers. Listing price: $200
  3. Am I still able to get in on this? If not, no worries, just figured I'd check.
  4. Been rogue for a little while, this is the first thing I’ve seen after logging in. Appreciate you, fellas!
  5. Lol If I could buy you all a round, I would! [emoji482] I actually ordered a ball display case as soon as I got home, I can’t wait for it to be sitting on my desk.
  6. After six years of playing, I got my first hole in one yesterday! Pretty crazy feeling to see the ball drop from the tee box. It was a slight downhill par 3 from 150 yards, got it done with a 9 iron! I should just retire now. [emoji23]
  7. Look at what just showed up at my door [emoji102] Fun fact: if any lefties are wanting an ER2B, shoot Evnroll an email and they will build one for you.
  8. Finished building this over the weekend, now I have an excuse to buy just a couple more putters. [emoji23]
  9. Odyssey Triple Track 2-Ball at 35” w/headcover. It is basically brand new, plastic has been removed but it hasn’t been outside and has only rolled a 5-10 balls inside. Asking $175 shipped
  10. Looking for a good condition Evnroll ER2. Bonus points if it's got a black custom finish
  11. Looking at the KBS CT Tour Putter shafts, the black pvd and brushed black pvd. Anyone have any pictures of either of these or know which one will have a shinier finish? It looks like the black pvd is the route I wanna go, just wanna make sure.
  12. Haha! I don't have the model number, but this is the exact one: https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-graphite-shaft-extractor/p/ma2007/ I got lucky and just happened to find someone selling one on eBay, haggled with him a little bit over the price and got it for $60!
  13. I ran into this guy a few years ago that is attempting to play and rate every course in Missouri. Didn’t know he had a website about it until recently when someone sent me the link because there was a picture of me on the page. He’s living the dream. Here’s the link to his page if anyone is interested. https://mogolftour.com
  14. Got a heck of a deal on a Maltby graphite shaft extractor on eBay, couldn’t pass it up. Club tinkering will be in full force now.
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