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  1. Hdc: 10 Phoenix, AZ 8i: 155 Nike Vrii Pro Sub70 is an upcoming direct to consumer golf club builder who does not have any prebuilt clubs. They build your spec and offer a 60 MBG as well as a demo program to try them out.
  2. Erik, Phoenix, AZ 107 Bridgestone Tour B X played older MTB Red & Black
  3. Erik Phoenix, AZ Epic SZ Proforce V2 104 15.2 10 degree Tensei Blue Stiff
  4. Yes, as of now its in the bag. I'm seeing some really good results so far. Amazing feel off the face. Further testing will determine whether or not it lives up to its hype. Titleist is basically putting the ball out in a test market and not saying much else. They are going to monitor all user feedback through social platforms, forums etc. My guess is that based on feedback, this may or may not take the place as their flagship product. Still early but based on feedback, its a killer ball.
  5. Based on the info from Titleist- 3-piece ball New dimple design New urethane cover New core- which provides softer feel and produces longer distance. Equal to 1/1X in green side control
  6. New AVX is really something else. Long off the tee, very soft and what you'd expect from a premium Titleist ball around the greens. Really interested to see where this ball will fall in line with the 1/1X. Possibly their new flagship?? Anyone had a chance to try it? For now, its only available in Arizona, California and Florida as a test market. Here's a look inside the ball at the 3-piece layer construction:
  7. What is your big miss with the Sub? Location:
  8. Erik Phoenix, Az Nike Method Origin B2-01 O-Works 2 Ball Red Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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