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  1. Regardless of actual technique, how many stock shots do you have at say 100yds and less. Stock meaning there is little guess work, you step up, normal club, a normal swing and hit your number? All of the clock systems and different clubs are trying to give you more stock shots. You can get as complex or as simple as you want, but I'd suggest starting with a few known stock shots and then expand from there. For instance, I know my full and waist high distances for pw, 50, 54 and 58. There is over lap there between clubs. If I have 80 yds, that is roughly a full 58 for me with all carry, or I can waist high my 54 for 75 with 95% carry and a titch of rollout. I'm confident in those distances and swings because I've hit them hundreds of times in practice. I can see the appeal of the clock system, but this is my simplified version and it works for me. Get a solid stock, go-to shot or 3 in your repertoire, and expand as needed from there. Take this with an 11 cap's worth of salt.
  2. Marshall in Ogden, UT. I usually play 27 a week. Currently play Vokey SM5 50, RTX 3 54 Mid and RTX 3 58 High. I was getting ready to buy 3 new RTX 4s until I saw the Zipcore announcement. Perfect timing! That RTX 3 54 is my favorite club in the bag. I hit full shots, chip exclusively with it, most of my sand shots and that mid bounce is nice super nice to where I can still open it up and hit some flops as necessary. Kind of my do all club. I'd love to try the similar Zipcore 54 mid to test side by side. Also, I have a nasty gap from my Srixon Z545 PW and the RTX 54 due to not loving that 50 Vokey. So I end up with a lot of awkward distances and either hitting partial PWs a lot or overswinging my RTX 54. A Zipcore 50 Mid would be great to try here. OR - I don't play the RTX 58 very often due to too much bounce (for me). Would love to try a Zipcore 58 Mid to finally give me some versatility at that end of my bag. tl;dr - 50, 54, or 58 (all mid) could definitely be a useful addition to my bag!
  3. Name: Marshall Location: Utah Hdcp: 14 - play 2x week. Current: Srixon 545 w/stock S Nippon NS Pro 980gh I'd love to give the i500 a try, they look beautiful. I've demo'd the TM P970 and the i500 look like they will give the 790s a run for their money.
  4. 1. Marshall - Utah 2. Gear Driver - Cobra F7 Fw - Cobra F7 Hybrid - Cobra F7 Irons - Srixon 545 Wedge - Vokey SM5 50, Cleveland RTX 3 54 & 58 3. HDCP - 13 4. 2018 goals I'm currently a 13, but I know I can get into single digits this year. I started last season at a 10.6 and due to a new baby and some swing changes, I really struggled w my long game and it showed in my handicap climbing northward. Lots of penalties and scrambling. However, the baby is a bit older now and even though we still have snow here, we've had some glimpses of Spring that have allowed me to get some range time in and my long game is improving. I'm excited for the season to "really" start. I play once a week in a men's league and usually another 18 during the week and/or Saturday league tournament. Plenty of time to practice and improve. I love my current Cobra gear and have hit some of the longest drives of my life with my F7. I'm a software developer by trade and a data geek, having the Cobra Connect / Arccos data from my driver has been really cool to see. A full bag's worth of objective data would seriously be awesome and I expect, eye-opening. Everyone thinks they know their game, but I think most would be surprised. Numbers don't lie. Thanks for the opportunity, Marshall
  5. Name: Marshall - Ogden, Utah Hcdp: 12 Bag: I've always played Cleveland wedges (love my RTX3 s) and have had a great Cleveland 3w (Launcher Ti w the gold/copper shaft!) in the past. I'd be excited to take a look at all of the new gear, but particularly the new Launcher Driver and CBX irons.
  6. This is going to be an amazing experience for the winner! Major props to Martin Chuck for putting himself out there. It is a move that takes guts. Marshall - 38 Ogden, Utah Biggest bugaboo - wild drives. I can be long off the tee, but my poor accuracy gets me in trouble and is keeping me from reaching a single digit handicap. I used to have a reliable slice that was a power fade when it was good, but this year it has turned into a two-way miss and is really ruining golf for me. I played this morning as part of my weekly men's league (was at the course before the sun was up) and I couldn't hit my driver to save my life. I need help! Thank you for the opportunity!
  7. What a once in a lifetime opportunity! I'm Marshall - Utah - 10 Dream bag would definitely have to be based on the fitting of course, but from looking at the websites, I'd be stoked with the following: Z765 - Driver ZF65 - Fairway ZH65 - Hybrid Z565 - Irons RTX-3 - Wedges TFI 2135 ELEVADO - Putter Lots of really nice equipment here...
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