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  1. So the day after my birthday I got some cool stuff delivered to me. First of all my V Grind from USA, damn this one is a beauty! Also Ordered a 816 H2 Hybrid and a Aeroburner TP #3, both Aldila Rogue Silver, 70X and 85X. Can the snow go away now pls?????
  2. New Colours on the Newport, tested a new one that will be more transparent, hope you liked it
  3. Thank you! Haha I hope, I actually played with him 08' (He is a honorary member on my old home course when I was a junior) to bad I didnt have this sticks then Thank you! Yeah I tested the 917 driver, both the D2 and D3, the D3 impressed me to. I have had many different Titleist drivers, 910 d3/ 913 d2, 913 d3, the thing with every Titleist driver (before 917) is the CG is to high, ill get way to much spin. When I tested the M1 vs 917 D3 I still got better spin numbers with the M1. I have really high ballflight. My previous project was the G30LST, really forgiven driver but didnt
  4. Im a 20 y/o golfer from Sweden, working in one of biggest Golfstores in Europe. Always looking to renew the bag with better gear, this is the final WITB for the season, feeling great! Playing with Titleist Pro V1x balls, Peak Performance Golf Stand Bag. Driver: TaylorMade M1 460 9.5* (set 2 stage lower) with a Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 (75g), 44.75" (Tipped 0.5") D5 SW, got 3 weights total, 1 in CG, 2 in slides. Its a boooooooooooooomb!!!! Fairwaywoods: Titleist 915Fd 13.5* set to B1 with a Oban Devotion 8, 05 Flex 42.20" (Tipped 1.5") D3 SW, I had the Tour Green 85X in
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