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  1. Just updated my profile per the email request...

  2. It may turn out to be the greatest putter of all time, but I still want to go get some PVC glue and plug that darn hole!
  3. As for what I'd like, it'd have to be the Diablo Forged Irons: https://www.golfcircuit.com/Callaway-Diablo-Forged-Irons/__3175.html
  4. Its places like this that need to be shut down. Yeah, I saw one of the websites is named "Blockbuster DVD Store"!
  5. Thanks guys, that's exactly what I figured as well.
  6. I've stumbled upon a website: IGolfYoo , and before I buy anything I wanted to make sure if some of you guys had heard of them, and if they were a legit operation. There prices are really lower than I'd expect. I've checked with the BBB for both website and brick and mortar business and there are no complaints at the moment. You guys heard anything?
  7. I'd figure it'd be one hell of a heavenly shot.
  8. I laugh at these guys too. In the end they are only hurting themselves by "altering" the truth. To me, its not how far you hit it, its how good of a ball striker you are on a consistent basis.
  9. Me too. My next set I'll go all in with lessons prior to fitting. As long as the economy picks up by then....
  10. Really good prices. I will make sure to frequent them when I'm in need of new equipment.
  11. I'm just not in to all of this "on the fly" adjustments I guess. This would be one more thing for a buddy of mine to pull out his "adjustment tool" in the middle of the round to "fix" his wedge. He already does it with his driver, now this would be another thing for me to sit there and drink more beer while he worked on his club. In fact, maybe that's his tactic...get me buzzed and I play worse. I see it now!
  12. I couldn't agree more! If it gets slick, just hit it with some fine sandpaper, and BAM...ready to go again.
  13. Wow, looks like a great course. I'm sure you enjoy it. Would have to be put on a list of must play while in the area around St. Andrews.
  14. This just gets better and better. Last year the ULTIMATE contest, and now the opening of the forums with this HUGE contest. Wow. The contests are one thing, but the fact that there is useful information and active users it outstanding. Hopefully this being the honeymoon period, it will last a LONG time. Great job once again!
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