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  1. I've stumbled upon a website: IGolfYoo , and before I buy anything I wanted to make sure if some of you guys had heard of them, and if they were a legit operation. There prices are really lower than I'd expect.


    I've checked with the BBB for both website and brick and mortar business and there are no complaints at the moment.


    You guys heard anything?

  2. I'm just not in to all of this "on the fly" adjustments I guess. This would be one more thing for a buddy of mine to pull out his "adjustment tool" in the middle of the round to "fix" his wedge. He already does it with his driver, now this would be another thing for me to sit there and drink more beer while he worked on his club. In fact, maybe that's his tactic...get me buzzed and I play worse. I see it now!

  3. Well..... ;) I'm not really sure what I think about these putters. I really don't like the design. Too each their own though.


    Wow, the one on the upper left is ok, but the other 3 that have the shaft connecting in back I really don't like the look.


    I won't be trying one, but if it make the ball roll like you want it...more power to ya!

  4. Guys,


    I'm thinking about getting into clubmaking. From assembling clubs, regripping, reshafting, adjusting lie and loft. The works. I really enjoy making things by hand and I take pride in doing it. What clubmaking specific tools should be on my short list to get up and running quickly?


    Also, where do you get your club heads? I've looked at GolfWorks and think its a good place to start, but do you have any others?


    All help is appreciated.

  5. I can't say I've made less purchases, but I'm more value aware. My X-22s I got with my airline points after I figured out they were what I wanted. So I saved money there. My 09 Burner, I bought new off of Ebay last month for $109, and its worth every penny. And as much as I like the Callaway iX Tour golfballs, I've switched to the less expensive Diablo ball. So yea, the economy has something to do with it, but if you want to play, you gotta do what you gotta do to pay those green fees!

  6. I think that increasing the number of clubs only complicates the game for amateurs. By allowing fewer clubs this would make people think about what clubs to put in their bags. Also, in my opinion, it would make users concentrate on a limited number of clubs to work with. Everyone should be able to use a PW to sub for a LW. It makes the person a better player.

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