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  1. First Name/City State: Ryan Minneapolis, MN Shoe Size: Size 12 Current Shoe Worn: Puma Ignite PWRADAPT What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: First and foremost comfort is the most important, followed by traction, and then style. Though sometimes style and traction flip flop for me depending on the shoe.
  2. THe upper right photo is mine and thats actually the 2nd ball in the sleeve. The first ball I hit my first iron shot a little thin (that's my usual miss) and got up to the green, cleaned my ball off and there was a cut on it..Not all the way through, but a black line across it. I was using a Srxion z585 PW. So I switched the ball out 2 holes later. Keep in mind I've never cut a ball before from slightly thinning a shot. The ball in the pic is after I smoked a tree. Again, I have neve had a brand new ball cut wide open after hitting a tree. A scuff or some road rash is what I expected to see, not the cover torn up. It was actually curled up under itself when I picked it up. IT seems like the underside of the cover is slippery and it doesn't stick to the 2nd layer very well. I loved the OG 4 piece and have a box of the 3 piece (that I use in early spring), so I am a huge fan of the kirkland golf products (i also use the gloves, not in the pic because it was hot and humid yesterday). I am actually shocked by the cover, I have played all the top balls this season, and have never once had a ball cut and the cover fold up under itself. Performance wise the ball is legit. Great spin off my wedges, and long off the driver. So it sucks that the cover has quality control issues.
  3. 1. Ryan Minneosta 2. 5.5 and 98 mph 3. Callaway Epic Sub Zero 4. G410 Plus
  4. Ryan Minnesota 4.7 2014 Callaway Apex Pros / project x xp95 rifle flighted 5.5... But I should be in a S or 6.0 shaft Wold love to test out the i500
  5. Ryan Minnesota 38 GHIN 5.5 I currently play a mixed iron set. 4-6 iron is the Wilson FG Tour V4, and the 7-PW are the original Callaway Apex Pro while using Steelfiber 110cw shafts. I would love to test out these clubs, as I have been looking at these since the day you posted the "first look" photos. I do a ton of courses reviews on Golf Advisor, so this would be an amazing opportunity to be able to finally do a product review, especially for a club I've been looking at for a long time.
  6. 1. Ryan Minnesota ​2. 3.7 and between 100-105mph 3. Cobra Amp Driver 4. The Ping G400Max 9*
  7. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Brian Harman Tier 3: Pet Perez Tier 4: Patton Kizzire Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -11 Low AM: +4
  8. Ryan Kukla Age 37 Minneapolis, MN My biggest issue on the course is my irons...specifically my alignment is all jacked up. I am consistently aiming 30 yards right of my target and no matter what I do, I can't fix it. This leads to me not ever feeling comfortable over the ball. I am constantly over thinking my shots. I get 2 way misses, so unless my swing is perfectly on that day, it goes from a huge pull hook, or if I hit it straight to my target line (way right) I am off the green on the right. So I can't even rely on a one way miss, I literally miss both ways on most days, and this leads to even more swing thoughts and psyching myself out while standing over the ball. Please help me out. I have been fighting this alignment issue for over ten years, since I practiced in a golf dome one winter and didn't notice the mat I was using was pointed right of my intended target. This bad habit has been locked in for over a decade!
  9. 1) Ryan Minnesota 2) 5.1 handicap 3) Wilson FG Tour V4 4) 900 Tours My game has been improving every year and I recently dropped my handicap down from an 8. I would love to try a blade type iron to be able to give real feedback to others who may be contemplating on switching from a players iron and into a tour type blade.
  10. Ryan Minnesota 5.3 handicap Cobra Bio Cell plus with matrix red tie in stiff 98 to 102 swing speed, carry is 225 Phil the thrill is my favorite Callaway staffer
  11. 4.0 handicap I live in MN 101mph swing speed but 225 carry distance I would prefer to try the F7+
  12. I would love to do this test. The putter is the worst club in my bag for me. Strokes gained with my driver is the best part of my game, as I hit about 70% of fairways, but strokes gained putting (well LOST in my case) is what kills me. I play 70+ rounds per year in the Upper Midwest in Minnesota and I am a 4 handicap. My short game is strong, but I rarely hit the 6 footers to save par, and lag putting from more than 50 feet, is essentially just marked as a 3 putt for me. Please pick me for this testing, as I could use as much help with the putter that I could possibly get. I have even gone so far as to see a sports psychologist in order to hit more 3 foot putts, (I used to miss 60% of putts from 4 feet or under, and am now making over 65%). For the amount of rounds that I play, and the amount of time I practice putting, I just never seem to improve to what somoeone who plays as much as I do should. Seeing your review earlier this year got me super intrigued as to what this putter could really do for my game and would love to see my scores drop because of the flat stick. Rounds per year : 70+ Current Handicap: 4.0 Current Putter: Odyssey White Ice Dart Thanks, Ryan
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