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  1. Try the Power Band Boas. They changed the fit on them and they are cheaper too.
  2. Right meow there is no comparison to the Adidas Boost shoes. By far the most comfortable shoe on the market. And Boa is just awesome. Easy on and easy off with a few clicks. If you haven't tried the Adidas Power Band Boa you are missing out. At $179 they are a great shoe with Boa and Boost. I find FJ shoes to be awful. The fit is the worst out there but quality is pretty good as is anything with FJ. I just dont like them in general. Nike has completely lost its way. Ecco are overpriced and never fit right just like FJ.
  3. Look how much nicer that is and I'd even add white to the two lines going back but that's it.
  4. I think these feel fantastic but agree they're ugly af with the tired white/black colors. Why cant they just make some nice looking matte black putters with this insert? The Versa look needs to be retired already.
  5. Agree with what was said about trail and error but wanted to say the F6 3w is a great club. That is a nice buy. I got mine last year with a HZRDUS black in it because I wanted a lower launch and spin for more distance. Its an awesome club off the tee for tight holes or when the driver gets weird. I keep mine on the 14.5* setting.
  6. That's probably a smart play but for me its marking my ball that causes that. Soon as I mark a stupid ball I lose it. Take one out and not mark it last for the whole round.
  7. First hole of a new round is always a new ball. But I'm lucky if I play a full round without losing one.
  8. I've been playing the TP5x for the last couple rounds and so far I am very impressed. Its long off the driver and irons. It wants to go straight but has enough spin to hold greens. Super impressed with it in the early season wind as it holds well and doesnt drop out of the sky. Around the greens I'd say its good to maybe very good. The Ksig had the most spin I've seen from any ball off wedges and out of sand so its not that good but still very good. One negative was a couple times it seemed like it was getting pretty beat up but this was also after almost a full round. Not a deal breaker kind
  9. Pretty sure I used the GameGolf tags with my CP2's back when I actually use the GG stuff. But I might be confusing my grips/iron sets too. As far as these grips are concerned these are my favorite grips by far. Soon as my stock grips wear out and I have not already sold the clubs I regrip with these. I have had zero issue with heat, humidity or slippage.
  10. And you love you some wedge deals.
  11. Started off with the red spider limited from '16 but got away from it for a Scotty. Sold the red one and picked up the Spider Tour because it looks great in all black and the insert is a little firmer. Been using it since I got it and its a great putter. The lack of sight line concerned me at first but it sets up square so it hasn't been an issue. Last time I was in GG they still had them in stock.
  12. 30-40 Rounds annually 12 HCP Scotty Cameron Newport M2
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