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  1. I wouldn't say that hoss as I've heard cowboy work is some tough stuff too! At the end of the day we both could probably do one hell of a fine commercial for ibuprofen.
  2. Yes sir boss man! Back when I was a young whipper snapper, slopping the hogs was a step up from worming the goats. My Dad use to make me wrestle the goats so he could slip a big ole worm pill down their throats. Now I'm here to tell ya, them goats didn't particular like a pill the size of an elongated golf ball shoved down their throats. They'd buck like a rodeo mule with a cow prod stuck up his booty. All I could do was hold on for dear life and hope the goat didn't stomp me into oblivion. I suppose it wasn't all bad because my football coach said I made one heck of a linebacker. I told em, I owe it all to the goats coach. He looked at me kind of funny and said whatever. Anyways once I got promoted to the hog slopping job I felt like I had hit the jackpot!
  3. Now ya cooking with Crisco! I concur with your definition of "sayings". We talk funnier than a mocking bird on stump liquor.
  4. You need to come on back down to Georgia and I'll get old DawgDaddy up here and we can recruit one more spy and have a blast!
  5. Sorry sweety but one of us had to go......
  6. Ok guys the Launcher HB's were and are the most forgiving and fun hit irons on the planet! With that said, all things in a club ho's life often changes. Good or bad we are creatures of habit. Just ask GolfSpy CG2 .......... My favorite irons of all times are the Steelhead irons because I can move the ball easier both ways. I still have my original set of X14 Pro Series Steelheads with Rifle shafts in my woodshed out back. Don't even think about it folks as they are not going anywhere... Not saying I'm a true worker of the ball but by george I can hit a draw or a fade. Not always when I want to but never the less it's doable for me. Now with the Cleveland HB's it was extremely hard for me to hit a fade. I'm working on changing my ball shape to a fade to ease stress on my back which has two bulging disc. Now ya know!
  7. Awww thanks cuz! Laughter is good for the soul and we don't do it enough.
  8. I love my Bushnell neo however it’s three years old so time for a new one. I don’t hit my irons precise enough for exact yardages so the watch works perfect for me. Everyone of my friends have one. I say go for it! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Yea I like all the stuff that works for my game however I love the steelhead irons and hybrids. I normally hate fairway woods and recently picked up the X16 4 - wood and I instantly fell head over hills with it. So far the X16 Driver is bad to the bone so I guess I'm a homeboy until something proves em wrong.
  10. I sprayed coffee all over my dog yesterday reading the "How to Apply Thread". Folks were applying for the Cobra testing in there faster than stud bull on a hawt heifer!
  11. Do you tend to lean towards one brand of equipment because it feels good or do you spread the love to all brands? In the past, I bagged a hodgepodge of equipment however this year Callaway has a majority lock. Besides my putter (Betternadi) and my wedges (Cleveland CBX) I'm flying the flag of Callaway.
  12. Walked shelter dogs yesterday and today and heading out to the golf course this morning! High of 67 in my neck of the woods!
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