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  1. I could take my wife and dogs to Hawaii for a nice vacation from the money spent!
  2. Welcome from Georgia! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Has anyone tried the Tommy Armour Men's Infusion Series Aero CB Putter? I was messing with it yesterday at Dick's and it feels really good!
  4. DawgDaddy has dipped into quite a few pockets with his "Deal of the Day" thread!
  5. Actually I put Betty on the block and I have been hoing around since.
  6. Blue is my favorite color and that's one slicked up flat stick!
  7. Low spin heads for most of us older coots is similar to riding a brahma bull with a case of extreme jock itch. It doesn't work too good
  8. Yea we don't have much sand around here unless you're in a green side trap. Never tried to putt out of a trap before so it would most likely work here.
  9. Ya'll have more sand in Florida hoss. jk Yea that is definitely a bummer and you would think they would come out with the same putter with a different face.
  10. I'm pondering a Odyssey O-Works Black #7 38 inch Tank Putter. I'm a #7 homer and having one a little heavier and longer would be a nice option for me to have.
  11. I wonder if it will have that orange headcover? Syracuse orange
  12. Sharp looking putter for sure! I'm still gaming my TA #3 however I wouldn't be opposed to trying out one of these newer models.
  13. I was fortunate enough to be one of the reviewers for the Cleveland Launcher HB Irons. My co reviewer @Wedgie (who is a single digit capper) was just as impressed as I was. You can check out the reviews here:
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