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    Playing golf, working out at my gym, & walking my dog Roxie is a few of the fun things I enjoy.

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  1. ole gray

    College Football

    Congrats to Texas. You had the better team at the Sugar Bowl. We'll be back in the top five next season and close the deal. Go Dawgs!
  2. ole gray

    Happy New Year MGS

    Happy , Healthy, and enjoyable 2019 to all my MGS friends! No doubt there will plenty of exciting happenings on MGS for the New Year. Have fun tonight, be safe, and get ready to kick some booty on the course in 2019!
  3. Dawg you are THE man! Looking forward to coming up to Lane Creek with those puppies!
  4. ole gray

    Was it a golf Christmas?

    The only golf related goodies were eight pair of really nice golf socks for spring. A man can't have enough quality socks
  5. ole gray

    Pet Pictures

    She's a cross between a blue tic and an holstein...
  6. I had an unexpected call in November about having a credit at TGW. I have no clue how I accumulated a credit there however I was not going to argue the point. Getting a little older now and it's probably something I returned way back and forgot about it. Anyways being a hybrid player over fairway woods, I decided to try the Cobra one length 19 degree hybrid. It had some interesting reviews so I thought what da heck, let's go for it since I have the credit. When I received the thing it looked like some kids club since it's a 7 iron length! I thought to myself, there is no way I can game this little turd. I chunked it in the bag and took off to the course. The first thing I did was grab a bucket of balls and headed to the range for a little warm up. After a few iron shots I pulled out the little rascal for a few whacks. Wowser the little fart was freaking pounding the ball out there straighter than a roll of toilet paper! I kept looking around me to see if anyone was watching me hit this kids length hybrid. After a while I didn't give a rats arse because I was pumping out my chest like a male rooster in a pen full of chicks. The darn thing is stupid easy to hit and the short length didn't cause any problems for me. I'm 6'2" tall so you would have thunk it would have caused a case of tops. Not a problem and now I take pride in having a secret weapon in my bag! I suppose the credit from TGW was a nice surprise from Santa as it sure make this ole man smile like a boy eating his first sweet potato pie.
  7. ole gray

    Happy birthday @Fozcycle

    Happy Birthday you old coot!
  8. ole gray

    March 1, 2010

    LOVE the color of your truck! It's a beauty for sure and welcome aboard from another Georgian up at Watkinsville.
  9. Yea Dawg will get after it like a shelter dog on a T-Bone!
  10. ole gray

    Pet Pictures

    Elsie getting her Christmas on!
  11. These have a solid in your face and I'm about to spank that arse look about em! Great intro hoss and I look forward to you heading up to Lane Creek so I can have a couple whacks with em. Looking forward to your review on these puppies as Dawg brings the full load to his reviews. Sic em buddy!
  12. ole gray

    Happy thread

    Thanks Rob! He won't be home for Christmas as he is already at Ft Pope however he gets to come home Dec 29th - 4th. He also gets to drive his car back so he will have his wheels with him which is essential at that Post. Merry Christmas back at ya good buddy!
  13. ole gray

    Happy thread

    Special moment for sure! Thanks buddy and Merry Christmas to you and family!!
  14. ole gray

    Merry Christmas MGS Forum

    Merry Christmas and I hope 2019 bring you a fun, happy , and healthy New Year!
  15. ole gray

    Happy thread

    Thank ya Tony! Yea it was a monumental day for Mom, myself, and our soldier. I had lump in my throat about the size of a good baking sweet potato. It was a GOOD day! Now he is stationed at Ft Pope, louisiana for the foreseeable future. Lot's of advanced training on the menu. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year Hooah!!