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  1. I rolled a ODYSSEY ARM-LOCK 2-BALL TEN yesterday at Dick's. Sweet feeling putter and I love the whole package including the awesome looking blue grip! Going back today to pick one up. Looking forward to putting this puppy in my stall/rotation for years to come.
  2. I was out of town playing with several guys at a mountain golf course. I noticed one of my playing partners had a pair of these and I asked him how he liked them. He said they were very comfortable and he loved the wider toe area. It looks like these will be on my next shoe list.
  3. Congrats gals and guys!
  4. My MotoCaddy M7 review is up for those interested in electric carts.
  5. Wow dude I just now saw this and although you are scaling down the mountain no doubt you will be still on top of the world. Great job Rob and I have enjoyed following you over the years. You are a true class act and add to any endeavor you take on. I'm looking forward to seeing what your next set of irons will be....
  6. Congrats Apollshow! No doubt you will rock this moderator stuff and keep the ship sailing on an awesome course.
  7. Congrats and well done! You inspire the rest of us old coots
  8. Ok folks my review is up and done! I will continue to monitor and answer any questions you have for as long as needed. It has been a pleasure and I am so thankful to MotoCaddy and MyGolfSpy for this opportunity! Roger Teat who is heading up the US side of MotoCaddy was solid gold l while assisting us through the process. I enjoyed my teammates comments throughout the conversations leading up to the reviews! Thank you Big Stu, Tpoole22, and golfish for sharing your stories and knowledge.
  9. haha there is a hole at the bottom left of the ball er cooler section.
  10. Geez after finding out where the actual cooler is, I feel like a dodo brain. With the exception of the Bagboy Chiller bag which has the cooler right up in the top front of the bag, all my prior bags have had the cooler part on the side. I was wondering why the MotoCaddy bag was not draining the water (melted ice) out of the bag. The rest of the bags I have owned have the ball compartment in the lower section of the bag. Such as the picture at the bottom. I was outside getting ready to clean up my gear for a golf outing next week and wahla the big snowflake on the bottom compartment
  11. Yea I played yesterday and it was not good. They will have it all smoothed out and looking good in a couple of weeks.
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