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  1. I carry em in my pickem up truck . Heck I have one more not on my signature in there too. Oh and by the way, below is my golf bag...
  2. It's a well balanced smooth rolling birdie machine! Loving mine I have the Triple Track 2-Ball Putter
  3. DownUnder Board I'm looking forward to working on a few issues with swaying, balance, etc. with this puppy.
  4. The Maverik is definitely a sweet 3- wood. It does have a large footprint however imo the way they designed it makes it comforting both on and off the tee. The weight is centered low and back thus elevating it is much easier than any previous 3- wood I have tried. It's a no brainer for my game.
  5. Just saying if you need a 3 - wood that is actually fun to hit and easy to get off the ground, you might want to take a look at the MAVRIK MAX 3 - wood! I've never been a fairway wood fan however after hitting a friend of mine's on the range, I was drooling like a coon pup on his first treeing. I had to have one and after gaming it for several weeks, it has earned a solid spot in my bag. Seriously good fairway wood and it makes my highly recommend list. Oh and it's 15 degrees and still easy to elevate..... Just saying
  6. I've gone into full putter ho mode so any mallet face balanced putter would stir up my juices. Of course excluding those currently in my stall as I don't want them sweeties getting jealous. The new Cleveland Frontline putters are drawing my attention!
  7. Mine should arrive today as my journey on putter hoism is hotter than a hawg in a corn chewing contest. edit: The one coming today is a Triple Track Ten
  8. Thanks for the testimony! I walked three times this week and when I finished my round yesterday I was a whupped ole man. I felt like I was the drum and an agitated drummer was popping my ole arse like a beagle on a rabbit. You lean forward when you push up those steep inclines and no doubt it pulls hard on the lower back. I have an appointment with my doc March 3rd to schedule an MRI and ablation. I have two bulging discs, hip pain (on both sides), and knee aches yet I still walk up to 18 miles plus on the golf course not to include my at home walks each week. I'm a tough ole coot but d
  9. I have one of the Huntington Beach SOFT Premier 10.5C Putters and they are sweeter than a ripe watermelon on a hot summer day!
  10. I retired at 55 and have loved every day of it! I'm now 70 and in better shape (excluding my joints - no I don't smoke em) than most my age. Life is short so retire when you can afford to and enjoy the remaining years.
  11. I use the Martini tees with the stopper for my driver. Love em and no doubt it has improved my consistency.
  12. Clear today however too windy and cold with wind chill down in the 20 to 30 degree range. Playing tomorrow as it's going to warm up to 51 with low wind factor.
  13. I feel sorry for you all in the middle part of our country! Hang in there and stay safe
  14. You boys are drooling over this new super humper like a coon pup on his first hunt! I've always been a hybrid fan so put me on the hell yea I'm interested list....
  15. Ditto.... I had some nike apparel that I donated to Goodwill. Never used the golf equipment, balls or hats.
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