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  1. Back home from my round today and the driver delivered! I didn't play well as my wedge game sucked and I limped home with an 85. I missed three fairways with only one ball out of play. How this driver did not rate higher on our MGS "Best Driver for low swing speeds" is surprising to say the least. I hit some drives that were actually too close to the green on several par fours that put me at an uncomfortable distance. Note that I do play from the senior tees these days however the ball comes off this club face with a vengeance. I'm so comfortable with this driver that as it stands now, I'm leaving the length of the club at 45.75. I'm a 44.5 length kind of guy so for me to keep it that long is huge! I don't like the counter balance added to the grip or at least I didn't in the rest of my Cleveland irons & hybrids. I'm going to leave it as is for now as it's accurate and LONG off the tee! The only negatives I have for this club is the stock grip (too small for me) and the sound being different than I'm used to. I quickly forgot about the sound after seeing my tee shots fly for what seemed like forever. This driver is staying in the bag and I'll be back out tomorrow to see if it was a fluke kind of day.
  2. I added an awesome driver to my stall to compliment an already awesome Callaway Rogue. I have started a review on my new Cleveland XL Launcher in the Boom Sticks thread. I've only hit it on the range thus far and it EXCEEDED my expectations! Looking forward to seeing what it will do on the course today and I will report back.....
  3. Butter cutters! Enjoy your new sticks buddy as they sure are purty
  4. Just posted to @Golf2Much that these grips feel fantastic! I highly endorse them
  5. It feels awesome! The only time I wear a glove is when it's super humid or raining and this grip feels sooooooooo good. I have it on my Cleveland 7 wood too.
  6. It's a big bomber for me on the range so let's see how she pans out on the course tomorrow
  7. I still love my Rogue and no doubt it's a great driver. The sound is much better than the Cleveland however I had so much fun hitting high bombs with the Launcher it will have to go in the bag for this week's money games. A lot of folks have five or more putters in their stall and I decided to add the Cleveland to my driver collection which is now two. With that said, if you don't mind the sound, I would definitely take a look at the the big dawg (Cleveland)... It feels like you can't miss hit the darn thing.
  8. Looks: Well folks I've been slobbering over this driver for a while now however I ain't thinking about it no more as this big butt heifer is in the barn now. It takes a BIG cover to hide a butt this big. Cleveland went all out to make sure this sweet thang was dressed well. It's a classy and well made head cover rating among the best I have seen in a minute. Kudos to Cleveland for going uptown on it. Not only does the XL have a big butt, it has a big face too for slamming balls down the fairway. The shaft compliments the head beautifully. Now the bottom of the club head ain't no slouch either as the entire club glitters like a june bug with a big bass on the hunt. To round off the looks department looking down on this baby doll brings pleasure to my eyes. Purty is not a big enough word to describe this hawt chick. Well purty ain't much of a word anyways so we'll bypass the grammar. Well done Cleveland! Performance: Geez first whack today at the range I amost shat my pants! The ball takes off like little Rufus Idlehopper after Uncle Ben caught him in the melon patch. The sound of the ball coming off the clubface is a bit on the loud side however not too bad. Sounds Kind of like when one of those wayward sputnick satellites slammed down on Granddad Whittakers tin roof chicken coops. Damn Russians! This driver wants to go straight, real straight. I will say this, you can work it if needed as I hit a few fades and finished with some high draws. The ball trampolines off the face like a fat boy after an all night ice cream eating party. I couldn't tell exactly how far the drives were going as I didn't have one of them fancy distance checking machines on the range. I will know come Tuesday when I put it in play on the course. More about that post round. I'm sooooooo looking forward to getting this big chick on the course and seeing what's under that skirt!
  9. I'm going bat shat crazy with the Cleveland Launcher XL line. If you look down at my signature you can see what I'm talking bout. I have an awesome Callaway Rogue ST driver that I am in LOVE with. Love it like a hot mule chomping on an ice cold melon. I'm hitting bombs with the Cally and reaching places on my golf course I have never been off the tee. I mean straight too.... Sooooooo why am I lusting over the fat gal known as the Cleveland XL Launcher. She's got a butt bigger than a pregnant sow however I'd love to hit it ..... Hmmmmmmm help me Lawd!
  10. Heck I cut an inch off mine and it didn't affect anything other than a very accurate and easy to hit club! I removed the 8 gram counter weight in the butt end of the club as it sucked for me. Love it now
  11. The Hy-Wood at 18 degree loft has a more piercing flight and roll out where as the 7-wood has a beautiful high ball flight. I am able to fade the ball where needed with the Hy-Wood and the 7 - wood has more of draw bias. Love both of em!
  12. My new 7 - Wood is the bomb! It's going to be a mighty little weapon for me on par fives as it launches far and high in the sky then lands like a butterfly with sore feet.
  13. Thanks buddy ! My driver swing speed is in the upper 80's to low 90's depending on how much tylenol/aleve I ingest prior round. Getting old at 71 however getting smarter selecting clubs that fit my swing.
  14. I am enjoying the Hy-wood so much that I decided to put the Launcher XL Halo 7 -wood in my bag. I will be putting it in play tomorrow at our weekly dogfight.
  15. I agree 100% on his comments as this club is the real deal!
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