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  1. I purchased them from the Taylormade Kingdom at Lake Oconee which is a fitting center for Taylormade Tour Staff for the east coast. The irons are legit for sure. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the blemish. Crazy huh!?
  2. I was hitting balls into my backyard net with the Stealth HD irons and I was thinking of how they felt on center strikes and the ones not so pure. They feel good on the well-struck shots however those not-so-pure feel HARD or maybe even harsh is a better word. I can feel the clubhead recoiling almost sideways at times. The P790s feel surprisingly solid and in control with almost any shot off the club face.
  3. I made a couple of adjustments to the Stealth HDs to include changing grips back to jumbo and cutting the shaft down 1/2 to standard. When I first started gaming these irons I played really well with them. I going to prove it's either the arrow or maybe the Indian as the HDs are solid irons and need more rounds to confirm if they can beat the P790s for bag time.
  4. Yesterday I put the Stealth HDs back in the bag and I was hesitant because the P790s have proved exceptionally well for my game. It was like do I have to that's not good since I spent so much money on the fitting and the final cost for the HDs. The HDs are in the super game improvement category and I'm experiencing better results thus far with the P790s. Crazy right? I shot 90 Monday and 87 yesterday with the HDs which has me wondering if the 1/2-inch longer shaft from the fitting is causing some inconsistencies. I shot 77 the first time on the course however I'm seeing some ugly shots the last couple of rounds. I had the P790s checked by a reputable club builder for correct lofts and moved the loft up 1 degree however I kept the length standard. Maybe my long arms are offsetting what the Taylormade fitter at the Kingdom had decided for + 1/2 inch added shaft length. He never measured my wrist to the floor measurement. He said the impact on the clubface after placing a black line on the balls used was a better indicator of club length. I'm not so sure now. My P790s are the original (2017) model and they still look really good for their age. Very good in fact! I was cleaning the Stealth HDs yesterday and found an odd blemish on the five iron. They have not been dropped or had any accidents while using my push cart so I'm befuddled. I sent some pictures to the Taylormade Kingdom at Lake Oconee of the iron in question as there is a two-year warranty. You can see the blemish in the upper right top side of the 5 iron. The P790s go back in the bag for now or maybe longer.......
  5. I didn't game the P790's yesterday as it was really wet and soupy at our course and I figured the extra bounce of the Stealth HDs would help by gliding through the slush. I did not have a good round as I plodded along for a 90 which is the highest I have shot with the HD irons. Today the P790's came out for their debut on the golf course and they did not disappoint! Prior to the round, I hit several shots on the range that had me giggling like a swamp hog in a corn bin. I mean seriously now I'm an old coot at 72 and I'm hitting beautiful high shots with a blade-looking iron. I know it's not a blade but when you have been playing dinosaur butts like myself, the P790's look rather skinny. I could actually feel my heart flutter a bit like the first time I saw my sweetie pie in a mini skirt. Ok, let's move on to the golf course the fun I had on the front nine had me excited. I had seven pars and two bogies for a 38 which is pretty darn good for a first-time out! I was sticking my chest out like a male moose after a pretty little heifer on the back when my short game decided to vacant the premises. I did have a couple of come-out-of-my-posture swings on the back which is no fault of the P790s so no I didn't hit them all well but good enough to impress me beyond my expectations. Most of the poor shots came off my beloved Cleveland wedges on the back side and I limped home for a 45. 83 strokes with the P790's on board. Would anyone like to buy a slightly used set of Stealth HDs? I need to put them back in the bag tomorrow to keep my blog fair however I'm wanting more. More P790s
  6. The Stealth irons are beast-mode irons for sure. There is a difference in the 7 iron lofts between Stealth (28 degrees) / club length 37.25 and the P790s (30.5) / club length 37 which will explain some of that distance gain. With the HD 7 iron vs the P790s 7 iron there was very little difference in the loft. HD - 30 degrees with P790 at 30.5
  7. Yea the Ventus Red TR worked best for me. It looks like Nelly Korda picked up a Stealth 2 HD too!
  8. Fitted for Taylormade Stealth 2 HD Driver. Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red TR 5 Senior Length: 45 Loft: 9 Degree Grip: Golf Pride CP2 Pro Midsize I was open to any brand that would provide optimum performance and the HD came out on top for me. The Cobra AeroJet Max was a few yards longer and it felt really good off the face however the HD was ordered.
  9. I know right! Monday morning the P790s are on deck so I'll know a little more post-18 however, for now, this is pretty darn interesting.
  10. Today I went to Dicks and took an 8 iron from the P790 & Stealth HD for comparison. I was going to use a 7 iron from both sets however I had left the HD 7 iron back at the house after hitting it into my backyard net last evening. I was checking out drivers all morning and added these two at the end and I was pretty much wiped out. Energy depleted after about 60 full-bore driver swings. These eight irons are totally different in makeup and the results were quite surprising to me. P790 (Red) --- Stealth HD (Blue)
  11. The P790's are impressing me, to say the least. They remind me somewhat of years back when I gamed the Taylormade R9 irons. Same head size and performance and they were a huge hit for TM.
  12. No, I haven't but now that I own a set of HD's, I'm a happy camper
  13. I'm taking the P790s to a club builder today to have the lofts checked and lie adjusted then I'll add mid-size grips. I'll hit the range for some practice time this weekend and then Monday I will put them in play on the course with money on the line. Edit - Back home and the lofts & lies were definitely not up to specs however they are perfect now. Taking a break and then I'll go out to my woodshed and blow on some new GP tour wrap mid-size grips. Edit #2 -- After I finished installing the mid-size grips I hit several shots into my backyard net. With the lofts fixed and the lie adjusted to my specs was thumping that ball really well! Now I'm pumped to get these out on the course for some quality time. Note: If you buy used clubs and even new clubs it might behoove you to have the specs verified. The P790's were all over the place.
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