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  1. First Name/State or Country of residence John - Ontario, Canada Handicap 0 Current irons in Play Ping i210 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 165
  2. John from Toronto, Ontario and Boynton Beach, FL Galvin Green - jacket, shirt and pants. Dunning rain shorts. Played in four 1/2 hours of pouring rain at the Carrick in Scotland. Brutal, but we got the round in!
  3. Hit both clubs today, only had time to hit about a dozen balls with each club. 7 iron in steel. Currently playing the Ie1 with zz65 off a .7 index. i210 - Very similar to the Ie1 and i200, natural evolution of design. Easy to flight, great feel and sound. Hard to see much reason to upgrade from the Ie1's. i500 - Absolutely beautiful to look at. Nice compact head and thin top line, again beautiful. Surprisingly easy to flight, appears longer than the Ie1. The hollow body sounds and feels different. They felt hard and sounded clicky, not too sure if I like it. Saying that, the G400 LST felt radically different from the G15 driver and I have gotten used to it. I really wanted to be wowed by the i500, would have place an order immediately (bought the Ie1's without hitting them, only held the 7 iron head - have only played Pings for over 20 years). Need some time on the range, like to try with graphite or s300 with the sensicore insert to see if the feel can be softened.
  4. Hitting the i210 and i500 @ noon today. They look beautiful... Might be time to upgrade from ie1.
  5. I have had the ShotScope V2 for about a month and have @ 20 rounds downloaded. A couple of overall comments: The watch is very lightweight and fairly accurate. Most holes are bang on, 2-3 holes at my home club are off by 5-8 yards. The plugs are very lightweight and you don't notice they are present. Tee shots and approach tracking is very accurate. Putting and pin position not as accurate, usually have to minor edit 2-4 holes and major edit 3-6 holes after each round. Software very stable and no bugs detected. I prefer to use the website to edit the round, find it easier to use than the iPad app. I wish you could enter distance when editing putting, the drag and drop feature is not as accurate as I would like on 0-12 foot putts. The stats are very interesting. I noticed after the first 5 rounds that my chipping misses were short and left, immediately started working to correct. Also noticed that my speed control was poor when putting off the green, again it gave me something to practice. Overall it is a great product and worth the investment. I have spent far more money on 3 woods and putters that go directly to the basement. Drazah 0.8 index Someday I will have a PingMan tattoo
  6. Name: John Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Current Index: +0.1 Current Irons: Ping I (e1), zz65, 3-PW
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