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  1. 1) Scarcity: Miura putters are even more difficult to find than their irons. Take a look at ebay and you can see all kinds of iron sets and wedges for sale, but there are significantly fewer putters for sale. 2) Feel: The most favored top of the line putters (aka Scotty's) are clicky to me, so I think most people may not like or enjoy how Miura putters feel to them. I game the KM-007 mid mallet Miura putter, and it does play very soft and seems to align with my "feel" putting style. I have drained more left to right--ocean break--up the fringe crazy breaking putts with this putter in the last 6 months than I have all other putters combined in my lifetime. I have also played the KM-006 anser-style putter and loved that one too.
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