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  1. If they are discounting training and providing sponsor money - sounds like they bought the partnership. I will say the folks are really good at marketing. I'd be willing to bet McCord and Chamblee are investors; seems like for a golf school this organization has quite a lot of capital at their disposal.
  2. My issue with Tathata is as follows... 1. Nowhere in the marketing can I find any credentials for Bryan Hepler, other than he is a failed mini tour player. 2. He bills himself as a "Master Instructor" - is this a credential he made up and granted to himself? Does it come from some body such as the PGA of America? 3. He is doling out certifications like "Movement Specialist" - does he have degrees/certifications in Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Physical Training, etc? That people would buy his stuff without knowing these answers blows my mind. I've been "out of the loop" in the golf world for awhile, so he might be totally legit. If so - I will stand corrected.
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