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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone who has played or demo'd one of these can give me some feedback. Due to geographical location and being a lefty I will not get to test one before buying. I have been playing a 9015d for two years which has developed a small crack so I am reluctantly in the market for a new big dog. So my questions are: Will distance/ball flight be comparable to the 9015d? Will I be able to replace the stock shaft with the current Matrix Ozik in my 9015d?? Any help would be appreciated..... Cheers!
  2. Playing Curlewis Open in Melbourne, Aus, Oct 2008. About 120mtrs (132yds)out on the 11th hole PW. DUNKED IT!, absolutely destroyed the front edge of the cup so much so they had to change the pin for the afternoon round. What a feeling, too bad about the other 79 shots! LOL.
  3. HOODIE & BEER (STUBBY HOLDER), well we call them stubby holders....... but beer cozzie is fine....
  4. Definitely Hats, must be good qual though, also some headcovers would be sweet....... cheeky ball markers as well.
  5. Any idea's if Scotty's next line of ripoffs (tributes? Newport, newport 2 etc) will be done in the experimental black finish as seen on tour (nick watney, Marc Leishman)?????? As previously mentioned this thing looks like a cattle prod...........haha
  6. Thanks for the info. Is there a release date set for non 1st of 500 hundred models and will there be a variety of necks/models/left hand available? There is a link to the studio laguna on the cameron website when I google Cameron laguna 2010 but there are no specs or photo's attached.
  7. Does anyone know when or how to get a hold of one of these? Or if they will be available in left hand.
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