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  1. Always loved the look of Titleist irons , just never thought I had the game to hit em , lol . Would love to give the T300’s a try and see how they stack up against my 2014 PING KARSTENS !
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. Some useful information here . So I’m not seeing anything regarding age ? The second longest driver in our league is 62 and still KILLS it . Since he is over 60 he gets to play from the whites by league rules ,and a lot of players complain about it [there is money involved]. I say ,a rule is a rule and kudos to him for aging well ,lol .
  3. I’m sure this has been discussed but I did a search and couldn’t find it . So.... what should determine which TBOX a player should use ? Skill level , age, distance off the Tee? I play in my company’s golf league and this is always a hotly debated subject . We have single handicappers from the Blues that are in their 60’s but think they should hit from the whites because of their age and loss of distance because of it . We have guys in their 20’s that hit it FAR but wild . One guy says “unless you are a scratch golfer from the whites you shouldn’t move back to the Blues “. I have a friend who’s motto is “ I PLAY FROM THE TIPS” , I’ve never seen the guy break 90. Thoughts?
  4. It's what I do for a living . I'm an operator at a power plant . I make electricity .
  5. Harrodsburg, I go to Frankfort quite often
  6. Hey everybody, just getting back into the game after not playing since the mid-ninetys. Always told my son if he wanted to play golf I'd pay for the lessons. Well he's in Law school now and he called me last summer and said he was taking me up on the offer ! I gotta say , things have CHANGED since 95 . I was hitting a taylormade burner bubble and it was supposed to be a big headed driver . Drivers nowadays look like a volleyball on the end of a stick to me ! When I stopped playing there was a " Moe Norman Golf" movement going on that was supposed to revolutionize the game . Looks like it didn't hold up . Looking forward to talking to you guys .
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