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  1. This is coming from a golfer who just started breaking 100 with these irons so keep that in mind. Because of the loft on these clubs (variable length) it is most definitely lower than a traditional loft when comparing clubs. I don't really notice any issues with the ball sticking on the greens though. The better I hit my shots the higher up they go but I'm thinking that's just my skill and not a club issue. What I find hilarious is that when I tee of on say a par 3 hole that's 200y out, I'll use my 5i and make a great shot. Everyone in the group asks what I hit and I tell them honestly
  2. Just wanna say, I'm here now in Vegas having a blast! You testers have a lot to live up to if you're gonna beat my fun right now. *lays down phone for 24hrs* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well I'm bummed but on the other hand I too can't wait to see the results and the competition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Casey / TX, Pflugerville King Cobra SS 427 with 9 degree loft / Rapport SL Ultralite shaft 95 swing speed (guessing, not measured) / 250y avg distance not including carry (gps measured). Twitter/FB/Instagram: Casey K. Shaw @coldsteelbop Smart phone: IPhone 7 or Samsung Note 5 I recently purchased a set of regular shaft F7 irons and love them to death. The improvement to my game has been incredible. I used to hit my 7i 150 and am now hitting much straighter and around 175. I would love to round out my set with the driver. I just so happen to be heading to Vegas next w
  5. And do you know why Destiny was a piece of crap game that we know for a fact that was chopped up and butchered? Pre orders. It's a known fact that after it was all put together, Activision came in and butchered it all to hell. People pre ordered the crap out of the game because it was Bungie and the demo was kick ass and only supposed to be a mere fraction of the total gameplay. Trust me, I was on that pre order band wagon. That game just happens to be the game that convinced me that my money was best saved by waiting to see the final product first. As a result I managed to avoid the no
  6. Buying on release date is preferred to pre order but let me explain why a direct purchase from Xbox or the PS store has its pitfalls. When you purchase a digital copy of a game you don't get a hard copy of the game. This means that its value is worth nothing afterwards, zero, zilch, nadda. You can't take 3 used games and get a free one from GameStop or you can't sell them for $5 in a garage sale. Your copy of the game has ZERO residual value. Why does Sony and Microsoft love the idea of this? Because it would put companies like GameStop out of business. GameStop is killing their profit
  7. They probably had enough pre orders to make that all possible. Let's encourage more to jump on the bandwagon so that post game updates take even longer. Why fix it if it's making money as is. How about we all wait and make sure it's actually worth our money? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. For the love of God, don't pre order! Pre ordering is allowing software developers to release incomplete games. The trend that needs to be set by gamers of all kinds is that we are in control of our money, not that they will dictate what we buy. As an example, are you going to go out and just pre order your next golf clubs without ever having tried them or without solid extensive reviews by other players? Please stop killing the game industry because you just have to have that pre order bonus skin or club or whatever stupid perk they try to gimmick you with. Please please please! S
  9. Yep...stomach sinking feeling. Before these clubs I couldn't have made that shot. I actually surprised myself. Normally would have used a 4i and punched it under the leaves and probably come up short of the green or a PW out to the middle of the fairway. Either way would have been an extra shot or two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Lengthy answer here so stick with me. Ok, so here is observations so far, and this comes with a heavy lesson. The 7i I tried in store had a stiff shaft. I bought regular shafts because I forgot to look at what type of shaft it was in store and couldn't believe that I'd be hitting a stiff shaft that well. So here I am the new owner of regular shafts and on my initial driving range day I was hooking the balls pretty bad. I had a friend there who said it was more of a heavy draw but I really felt it was hooking. I was devastated for the price I had paid for the clubs, but determined was m
  11. Not sure if this is the correct place to put this because I'm new to these forums. Just wanted to express my opinion on the variable length Cobra F7 irons. I was in the market for a new set since I've been playing with a much older set, the oversized Taylormade bubble shaft. It was a great starter set for me and enjoyed the clubs for the last few years while I started to learn how to play golf. My swing speed has gotten a lot faster and I felt it was time to graduate to steel shafts...so out I went to shop for a new set. I initially picked up a Taylormade M2's but wasn't getting muc
  12. Welcome to the forums coldsteelbop :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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