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  1. Houston, TX; 8.6 Hcp Index The printed type of ball (model name printed on the side) Srixon XV - Red Mamba
  2. So two months ago I got a hold of the 699 demos. To be honest, they felt better than I expected. I expected them to feel harsh and a bit hollow like the Ping I500. I was pleasantly surprised at the softer than expected feel. I was super pleased at the distance and overall look of the clubs. The IRL toplines and soles are not as thick as they look in the pictures. So earlier this month while I was in Chicago for business, I went out to the facility in Sycamore and got fitted. Jason is the best. I couldn't understand how the heavier 699 demo clubs were flying farther than my clubs with lighter shafts. After hitting 5 shots with my club, Jason showed me the lighter shafts were adding too much spin. We tried a few different shafts and joila...much closer to optimal ball flight and distances. Jason also pointed out that my grips were too small so we went with midsized grips on my order. I have had my irons now for about two weeks. I have played 5 rounds and they are sooooo impressive. I used to play a little cut but now I have to change my aiming point because they only want to go straight (tuff problem to have). When I say we optimized my ball flight with the correct shaft, I mean it is very close to perfect. my 6 iron numbers were 89 mph swing speed, 128 mph ball speed, 5716 backspin for 184 yards of carry. I don't think it can get batter than that for my swing. I am beyond happy with the end result so far. Once i learn how to aim straight, I will be dangerous LOL. Do yourself a favor and at least demo an iron or two. You will not regret it. Even if you hate the clubs, it only cost you $20.
  3. - Preston; Texas - Cobra F6 19.5* Aldila Rogue MSI 95 Stiff & Cobra F6 16.5* Aldila Rogue MSI 95 Stiff - Hybrid/shaft custom fit? yes - I have a tendency for the ball to balloon on me.
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