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  1. I wouldn't be too surprised if the release of the testers was pushed back till early next week considering the astronomical number of responses and popularity of the post. So many people to choose from haha, choose wisely MGS....choose....wiselyME....
  2. BULLET .357 Fairway 3-Wood (15 degree) Without a doubt, the club impressed me within the first week of use and I replaced a Tour Edge Exotics Fairway with the .357 immediately. I purchased the two from Rock Bottom Golf and I had my eye on the Tour Edge E8 fairway as it was the highest quality and most attractive of the bunch on sale. I had the chance to throw in an extra club for cheap and save $15 on my total purchase and free shipping...SO WHY NOT?!? Fast-forward to the early sping and the Tour Edge E8 was solid. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever. I decided I should show some love to my Bullet .357 fairway and I decided to use it during a round with friends...ya know, the round where you're not proving anything to anyone and just sort of d*ck around. Well well well the .357 helped me find 5 of 5 fairways I tee'd off with it and nearly getting 230 with it. I didn't realize it at first but it wasn't until later where I went on Google Earth and measured where I had placed those tee shots and I simply hadn't looked back ever since. I have no clue about other Bullet golf clubs and how they perform. But the $15 Bullet .357 is by far one of the most underrated fairways or clubs I've played.
  3. A little over a month ago, TaylorMade and Rory debuted Rory's custom built clubs, the Rors Proto irons. I was wondering if anyone has come across some performance numbers for the irons like ball speed, spin, carry? It would simply be eyebrow-raising to see what numbers these clubs generate under Rory's swing. Maybe if someone has come across Rory's iron play numbers over the past month or so, that'd be super neat to study. Of course they're not production irons which hinders pretty much any possibility to gain numbers of them, but can't hurt to try! -Thanks! Swing easy.
  4. 1) Andrew / Illinois (Northwest Chicago) 2) I play at an 11 Handicap. I'm typically able to play 2-3 times a week and I'm at the range several times a week as well. 3) I currently am playing Nike VR TW Forged Blades (4-9 iron) after switching from Cobra AMP Max irons last year. While sacrificing yardage, I really am pleased with the feel and control of the blades and can rely on my short game to salvage what yardage I may've lost. 4) To be quite honest, I believe I would fair well with either the JPX 900 Tour or JPX 900 Forged. The Tour's are some of the sexiest irons on the market and I would love the opportunity to experience and provide great insight to the control and workability of a top-notch players iron. Nonetheless, I know I would be able to review in-detail either club model and play consistent golf to provide a true and valid review for a handicap player around my skill level. *I did have the pleasure of receiving absolutely awesome feedback from Sam regarding my data collection of irons that I'd submitted to him. I'm in the process of obtaining the lofts for each clubs as suggested and also finding new approaches to studying club performance when I have time. Quantitatively examining how either the Forged or Tour irons perform under my handicap and also providing a qualitative account would be an awesome experience that I'd love to share. -Stay frosty
  5. While I haven't swung either, I did collect numbers fro Rick Shiels driver reviews for both drivers. The numbers in the data collection I performed were all resulting from the 3 best of 5 shots of which all were very consistent. He uses GC2 tech to provide the numbers. While there are also other clubs in the data, take a look at the JPX vs. EPIC. Only distances were compared but all shots were within +/-5 yards of the target line. Driver Boom For Your Buck - Sheet1.pdf
  6. I've spoke to a golf pro and he gave me great insight about lower spin and a few yards gained after seeing several players and himself perform with it....I've also seen reviews and statistical info that really just provides only MAYBE a yard gained or two. I think most if not all of the cost is driven by the branding and marketing of the club allowing it to be priced so high. Independently and without bias, I collected a few numbers from pro golfer Rick Shiels as he provides equiptment reviews with GC2 tech and consistent swing and performance. From his numbers and using retail price, I basically calculated the most boom for your buck as far as dollars spent per yards for the newer drivers this year. The EPIC doesn't really standout as anything epic to be honest, but I'm sure it is still a great driver. Driver Boom For Your Buck - Sheet1.pdf
  7. Watching coverage and commentary, I've picked up on little mentions of players opting for shorter drivers to gain accuracy. I'm not entirely sure what yardage is sacrificed upon shortening the driver but specifically pertaining to the course, it can make a world of difference. Especially at the Memorial we saw players like DJ really struggle out of the rough even though he bombed them about 20 yards further he was having to hit 6/7/8 iron approach shots out of the thick rough which can kill a round. I do think the average golfer should opt for shorter drivers too. I switched to a shorter driver and lost about 10-15 yards on average but I was also approaching from a clean lie on the fairway. Its much easier to sustain a good round hitting longer irons from the fairway than it is navigating your way through the rough more often than not. Good topic!!
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