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  1. About 1-2 Weeks ago I sent a question To the Contact Us box and to TrueGolfFit asking for driver/shaft recommendations for a person with a swg spd of 65-70 mph, 20 hdcp and quick tempo.  No reply.  TrueGolfFit’s slow swg spd is 75-85 mph and doesn’t apply.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

    Thx, Fjd

    1. STUDque


      I'm sorry, but I only manage the forum. TRUEGolfFit is managed separately. I encourage you to check out the TGF help page for more information: https://truegolffit.com/help

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  2. Hi please add three badges to my profile.


    1. Canada


    2. Lefty


    3. Broke 90


    Thank you.

    1. STUDque


      There's a cap of two. Which 2 would you prefer?

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