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  1. Pushed my drive on the par 5 to the right into the pine straw. Low hanging tree limbs about 20 yds ahead. Used my driver to keep it low and under the tree. Nailed it with a slight fade to just short of the green.
  2. Interesting! Interestingly there were some things I never heard of but still consider MGS the best.
  3. Since I am a consumer reports advocate and am passionate about golf, what better place to know what golf stuff works. MGS, the consumer reports of golf. When you look at the golf Hot List that comes out annually from Golf Digest, all the OEM products are the best, all gold star. Now I have an unbiased, quantitative report with all the data I would ever need, to choose the best product for me.
  4. I’m 81 yrs old and also walk, especially when we have cart path only because of extremely wet fairways. I find it easier to carry in lieu of pulling a cart. The secret is a very light wt bag. Mine is 3.5 lbs. The other benefit of carrying is the ability to catch a ride on the back of a cart to go up a steep hill or a long trek to the next tee.
  5. I also want to complement Jamie on a very clear explanation of MGS testing requirements. He is absolutely correct in his statement of product testing being a lot of work. My wife and I were fortunate to be one of 2 couples selected to test Honma Beres drivers last year. Jamie was patient enough to answer frequent questions and help guide me through the process of getting our report published.
  6. I definitely want to know what the fitter is doing and especially why. There were comments about slowing down the process if you questioned the fitter. This may be a benefit since the one of the problems during the fitting process is getting tired due to the number of balls you hit. As a long time golfer, I want to know why certain things are happening as we change shaft flexes, shaft weights, or changes in spin and trajectory with head changes. Good to know since we now have clubs that are adjustable and I may want to know what affect I will have on ball flight if later I make an adjustment change to my club.
  7. I chose the Cobra King Forged Tec X irons primarily due to my age (80) and hdcp (11). I need to play irons that have forgiveness, off set, length and are accurate, as illustrated by the MGS recent article on these irons. I would hope these irons would provide a tight dispersion, be easy to hit, and be consistent. I would love to play these good looking sticks since the lofts are 3° Stronger than my gamers. Frank/Anderson, SC Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal Hdcp-11 I agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them.
  8. The final review of the Honma Beres driver is complete and posted. For us low to medium swing speed golfers, this is a great driver if you can afford it.
  9. My swg spd is 77-80 mph and my Fujikura AirSpeeder R flex shaft is just fine for me. This shaft was originally recommended by MGS’s TrueGolfFit process. In my opinion, the stiff shaft is too stiff for your swg speed.
  10. Bought one a couple of months ago. Was sold on the price and light weight and am pleased with the bag. Plenty of storage and the pockets are in the right places. Thumbs up on this bag.
  11. Looking for Cobra F Max Airspeed 5 iron with R flex graphite shaft. Will also consider the Cobra F Max Superlite 5 iron. Again only with an R flex graphite shaft.
  12. MGS just came out for most wanted 2021 SGI irons and the best overall were the Cobra F Max Airspeed. These irons were also the 2020 best overall irons. The 2019 best overall SGI irons were the Cobra F Max Superlite which are almost identical to the airspeed model. With Cobra having the number 1 spot 3 years in a row, these sticks must be pretty good. I’m thinking of trading my Titleist T400 for these Cobras. I would like to hear from some users of the Cobra F Max Airspeed and what they think. I’m a senior golfer with a driver swg spd of 81 mph and am looking for tight dispersion and consistency on my irons. Got to rely heavily on my short game.
  13. Thx for sharing on your fitting. Sounds like it was a great experience and as another person mentioned, can’t wait to see how the wedges perform during actual play. Regardless, you have to be thrilled with having an ah-ah moment knowing the fitting checked all the boxes for you. Very impressed with the Edel fitting and their products.
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