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  1. Fantrax chat is down…… Paul Casey (back) WD….. I’ll put Danny Willet in that spot on my roster. Everyone else has until rd2 start to announce a replacement.
  2. Crap, you’re right. I dunno then. Maybe there’s been natural ties….. which isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility either.
  3. In theory, there should be one tie every week. Using League Median (not average), it uses the 50th percentile score so someone should be tying it every week. There’s been 6 ties so far but only 5 weeks of play so I’m not sure how to explain that. I like Median as an opponent vs average because it truly shows whether you’re in top or bottom half of the league.
  4. In your team settings, you can change it to auto submit if you make moves. Might help for future weeks.
  5. We don’t HAVE to run waivers early. It’s not like many people are dropping players this week (which is the only reason we run them twice per week anyway). The regularly scheduled Tuesday run should be sufficient. Plus that’s the date we set in stone in the league communique for filling our rosters out. It would be an unfortunate shock to run that early for those who were planning on Tuesday as the day.
  6. The replacement just takes their place as if you had started them from the beginning. There’s a lot of different ways I’d rather implement the rule but this is the best we’ve got within the limitations.
  7. By a vote of 28-16, the proposed WD bylaw passed. It’s your responsibility as owner to pay attention and act on a replacement notification. We have to make the change in commissioner mode and I can assure you the Commisheses won’t be chasing you guys down to get it done. Proposed ByLaw: If a started player WDs from an event, the affected owner(s) may select an alternate player from their bench to take their place IF they make the selection publicly (forum, Fantrax, or Slack) BEFORE the start of the next round of play.
  8. Last call for anyone that might want to play fantasy football during the NFL Playoffs. We’re up to 16 now with no limit. Also, congrats to @blackngold_blood for winning the Circus league, again.
  9. Ok so good news, bad news. Good news, the vote for an IR roster spot passed by a large margin. Bad news, PGA doesn’t even track IR or COVID lists so this isn’t even an option to select in our league. Apologies for the wasted time and hope. Get to learn a little bit more about how pro golf really works each season. The WD vote is still up until Monday and the current results are very close so make sure you get into Fantrax to place yours if you haven’t yet.
  10. Well if it helps, it’s still pretty obvious who is writing those comments. That’s been a consistent tone and type of response throughout the years in and out of various staff changes. There’s still the one constant.
  11. Obviously not as plugged in as I used to be, but that blog reply strikes me as an odd shot to take. Why call out Rick unless you’re trying to get his attention? Makes me feel like they’re falling on the wrong side of the adage that you don’t lift yourself up by tearing down others.
  12. You’ll see all polls on the League homepage in Fantrax. Alongside standings and all other news blocks. Should be right in your face as the first thing you see.
  13. Just put a league poll up for vote. Vote Yes or No by midnight, January 17: WD Replacement Option Background: When a player WDs from a tournament (injury, COVID, or other), all of their stats are zeroed out. Even if they were leading the tournament...see Rahm @ the Memorial last year. This isn't something that can be controlled by league settings because the official PGA Tour stats are affected. A WD, to the PGA, counts the same as never having entered the event at all. We've dealt with this issue in past years as "Sorry, it happens" but COVID randomness and a change to start/sit format has us reconsidering this stance. Proposed ByLaw: If a started player WDs from an event, the affected owner(s) may select an alternate player from their bench to take their place IF they make the selection publicly (forum, Fantrax, or Slack) BEFORE the start of the next round of play.
  14. Got invites out to everyone that showed interest up to this point. Check your inboxes. I think we're at 14 for the playoff fantasy league but it can grown to however big it needs to be for whomever is interested since the player pool works out differently. {BREAK} Sheesh, 3 fantasy football leagues tied to this thread. Gotta love it. [BREAK] Don't forget about our Circus league championship. It's only fitting to wrap things up with that league in week 18. May the winds be at your backs and the balls ever slippery. Good/Bad luck for @daviddvm @blackngold_blood @poprocksncoke and most of all, ME!
  15. You can roster up to 10 players total. You start with 8 draft picks. So you can take on extra picks until it pushes you over 10 total.
  16. OK ya'll. Can't get enough of fantasy so I think I'm gonna start up a league for the real life playoffs as well. Here's some of the basics: Free on MFL, no prize besides bragging rights Runs from WC through Super Bowl Total points scored during those 4 weeks is the winner, no H2H Stock PPR format Contest Style - Start anyone you want each round but you can only start a given player once during the playoffs No Draft Lineups are revealed to other owners as the players games start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF + 1 Head Coach HC Scores 10 for a team win, 0 for a loss, then points differential is added. For example: if your HC wins by 14, they’ll score 24 points. If they lose by 3, they’ll score -3 points. If you're interested, let me know and I'll get an invite sent your way. Prefer that anyone in this little side league gets into the Slack channel.
  17. Yes, serpentine. Pick 68 in round 1 will be pick 1 in round 2.
  18. OK so we're locked in at 68 players. I let Fantrax randomize the draft order then put the evens in "Fade" and the odds in "Draw." Here's your official draft order: Team Overall HeathS Birdie Boyzzz 1 Cciciora13 Hit it Hard 2 Georgia Southern Eagles (Josh... 3 Jbmullin 4 gobama84 5 Rhyming Bergs 6 Stud Muffins 7 juspoole 8 Tchats89 9 Luckylogan 10 Rebel Scum - "xOldBenKenobix" 11 den748 12 Apolloshowl (golfspy_APH) 13 LacasseM 14 Play 36 (Dennis K) 15 QuigleD 16 Hepnerti59 17 TinCuppers (CWilson216) 18 Getoffmylawn’s Tractors 19 Revsroundruined 20 Bohnson (Brandon Johnson) 21 Judge Smails 22 Mtbryant01 23 B.Boston 24 Strokes Shaved (palvord) 25 Undershooter McGavin 26 kahl2069 27 Nunfa0 28 Cam’s Gotta Big Putt 29 edingc 30 Kmorin1 31 Bunker Snot 32 Jfish350 33 blackngold_blood 34 daviddvm 35 Tucker_JCT 36 Ben_howell34 37 ZJBogey 38 MUDFISH 39 MattBFG 40 ChiefMikeOfficer 41 Riverboat 42 FIXYURDIVOT 43 Breaking100 (Hailstorm13) 44 Grass Stains... 45 Weekend_Warrior 46 JHigdon13 47 Dawg061 48 The_hammer 49 Crossroads Golf 50 Bucks in 6 CC 51 Peaksy68 52 Major Champs and Tony Finau... 53 jddaigneault 54 MikeF 55 TBS 56 TCUFrog 57 CobleGolf 58 Gavinski 59 mpatrickriley 60 Gino5778 61 Nolan220 62 Out of Bounds (rwagn4) 63 cnosil 64 BLADE COLLAR BOYZ 65 Chunks 66 poprocksnbirdies 67 Hobert's Hurricanes 68 Pick trading is enabled so feel free to start making moves if you're interested. We're still workshopping playoff format so please stand by for that. League polls will go live tonight or tomorrow so get your last second suggestions in now.
  19. So we’re currently locked at 66 participants and are working through the wait list to finish up balancing.
  20. CONGRATULATIONS 2022 MGS FANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION @Rwagn4 This was certainly the most intense fantasy football season from recent memory so Bob, you really REALLY earned this championship to get through all of the uncertainty and constant pivots we had to navigate this year. You're a worthy champion and should be proud of the accomplishment. Special thanks to everyone that participated this year. It was our biggest league to date and, arguably, the smoothest from start to finish....except for all of the COVID and injury craziness. It's good to see us settling into a steady and reliable format that scales up or down evenly as the league continues to grow. This was also our first paid year so I'm particularly thankful for zero controversy. Also immensely thankful to @Berg Ryman and @Undershooter for sharing the commissioner load. There's a lot of bad ideas that thankfully die before seeing the light of day To the 16 players that earned payouts of some sort, I'll be sending those via the Fantrax Treasurer. Unsure if they'll be sent back to your method of payment or end up in a Fantrax balance that you need to extract; we'll be figuring this part out together. Edit: Wed Jan 5, 2022 8:00 PM EST is the official end of the season so I have to wait until then to issue payments SEE YOU ALL BACK NEXT YEAR
  21. On this fine Championship eve, I just wanted to wish the other Super Bowl participants @GolfSpy_APH@poprocksncoke and @Rwagn4 good luck tomorrow. I hope we see four, high scoring teams. But really, it’s over already isn’t it?? According to Fantrax and their expert projections, I’m your winner. Let’s just stop the count and declare a winner now. No need to play it out. Now who’s with me?!?!???
  22. It was 64 last year with 5 copies of each....roughly 13 owner depth. This year we may get slightly bigger at mid-high 60s depending on a few loose ends. Pumping some new blood in but also losing some folks from last year as well. 5 copies of each player still feels about right even with larger rosters so no expected change there. 6 would probably be too much.
  23. @Berg Ryman will make a fantasy for dummies post to help you figure it out. If interested, send me a pm with your email address and I’ll get an invite on the way.
  24. It's actually set up to draft 8 rounds worth of players; 30 seconds per pick should help speed it along. So then we hit the wire for the remaining 2. The budget was $100 last year and we still had to go to the wire for the last 2 players so I don't see the need to change it again this year but suppose we can vote it out if enough people would like to see it included. Tbh, increasing the football budget was probably just inflation since so many bids were just enormous anyway. Slightly different there since there were 4 extra spots to fill in football and those "late round" guys can be great stashes for the season to come. Corales Puntacana** will remain out of the schedule. It was voted out last year and we'll keep it that way for this year. Technically it counts as part of the PGA season but I'll go manually delete it out once we get a proper schedule generated. I don't think there's any other events we want to skip; bye weeks are boooorrrriiiinnngggg. IR spot is OK to put to a vote. I'll personally vote it down since PGA injuries/COVID just aren't going to be the same as football but I'm still just one vote. Keep em coming guys!
  25. Reminder that the deadline to declare interest is Sunday Jan-2. At that point, we’ll randomize draft order and divisions then open polls for league vote on any possible scoring/format changes. To date, I have seen any special topics be suggested. That could be because we commisheses already made the hot button changes but I still want to put it out there in case anyone has a unique suggestion. Any special scoring rules you’d like to see? Trade limits? Player pitch counts? Other?
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