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  1. Vince from Springville, IA Old Carbite polar balanced- in market for new putter. Interested in Ketsch putter or Tyne 3.
  2. Update #3. Each time out I get better and better with this driver. I have not wanted to mess with a good thing so I still have not tinkered with the weights. I am FLYING it past where my best drive with roll would end up. Sure I was using an older driver and it's true that they say about you will see an advancement if your old driver is 3-5 years old. Mine was definitely older than that was and the improvement is astonishing. Another testimony to PXG. I thought it was a nice touch. About 3 weeks after the delivery I received a text from the PXG rep that covers my area (still about 4+ hours away) introducing himself and just to let him know if he can do anything else for me. Some might not like that but I think it truly shows their focus on customer relations and support. One other thing I didn't mention before was when I ordered this club from PXG's site, the exact shaft that was recommended on True Golf Fit was not an option. So I ended up calling in and getting PXG's input and the new recommendation for a shaft that was identical to what TGF spec'd for me. The PXG sales rep asked if I had a couple minutes and he would go thru a fitting process to me and see if their recommendation aligned with TGF. Spec for spec his recommendation was what the TGF had called for. Great validation for anyone a little skeptical of the TGF process or recommendations. Highly recommend both TGF and PXG!
  3. 6'5" tall and use a 35" putter. I've experimented with various lengths and the 35" seems to the sweet spot for me. Eyes over the ball, comfortable address, arms hanging naturally. Key words are sweet spot FOR ME. Limb and torso lengths all will have a bearing. Even what eye is dominant will affect how you should set up to the ball and affect posture. I've found shorter shafts to position my back right in the sore spot, meaning if I play a lot of holes or start to get tight, a shorter shaft puts me having to be in the range of motion that is in that hurt or tight zone.
  4. Update #2. Box arrived and when they talk about the quality of the box they are right! Great packaging. Makes for an excellent presentation even through the mail! Top to bottom this driver exudes quality. Absolutely a masterpiece. Headcover is super high quality leather too. I’ve been able to play 2 rounds with it thus far. I probably should have pounded some balls at the range to get used to it but no, straight to the course and tee box #1 for me. This is a much different driver than my old driver, a Cleveland 588 custom and a Cleveland launcher 460 before that. I opted for the standard length shaft which is slightly shorter than my previous drivers to get better consistency on hitting the sweet spot. This shaft length as caused a few miss hits but that’s on me, not the club. They call this club the spin killer. No launch data numbers but actual on course observations and I would have to concur with this. I’ve tended to be errant with tee shots in the past and the ball flight now is much less side to side movement if any at all. It just feels like the ball is coming off with no spin. Can’t say I have even lost a tee shot yet now that I think about it. My previous mentioned misshits were only a couple topped balls as I adjust to the new length. A low, penetrating ball flight that absolutely just rockets off the face. I’ve hit some of the best, straightest and longest drives of my life and I’m just 2 rounds in. I have not moved any of the weights from the standard settings yet. I see no need to yet. On one particular tee shot on my home course that is always a little daunting is a tight tree lined fairway and this night we had a headwind. Nightmare city in the past with a big number lurking. The PXG soared straight as an arrow like there was no wind at all and I had the longest drive I’ve ever had on that hole. The 3 other guys in my group were left scrambling as they missed the fairway and put theirs in the woods. I should mention the sound this club makes. Sound of impact is more of a dull thud than my previous Launcher but that thing would practically shatter glass with its high pitched ping. Some may or may not like this. If you’re one who really cares what your driver sounds like you might want to hear it before purchasing. I could care less what it sounds like as long as I don’t hear the ball creaming into trees. Absolutely looking forward to playing more with this driver. PXG has impressed this golfer. True Golf Fit seems to have worked for the fit too. So glad I used it and pulled the trigger on this awesome club. Thanks MGS and TGF!
  5. Vince. Anamosa, Iowa Shoot around 85 routinely Cleveland TA6's
  6. Update on this. Expected build to ship time was at 3 weeks when I ordered. It was completed early and is in route now. Should be here later this week or early next. Turn around time was less than a week after ordering to ship out. Can't wait!
  7. Vince. Anamosa Iowa 12 handicap Currently play trusted but dated Cleveland TA6's.
  8. A Midwest Thread description without Iowa? Is there anything more Midwest than Iowa!?!?! All jokes aside, new to the site and huge fan of MGS. Around a 12 handicap and making it look tough. I work really hard to be this mediocre. Love golf and enjoy playing about once a week on average thru the months when possible. Still play old tried and true sticks. Cleveland TA6 irons, Launcher 3 wood. Just went thru True Golf Fit and was fitted for PXG 0811X driver. With their amazing sale I pulled the trigger and am upgrading from a near decade old Cleveland 588 Custom. Thanks for having me on here.
  9. I went thru the TrueGolfFit and was matched for a PGX 0811 X 10.5 Driver. With the current phenomenal sale on their drivers I went and pulled the trigger. I'm looking a few weeks off from having it but really am excited to get it. Updating from an old Cleveland 588 Custom driver. Will post up some observational reviews once I get and try it. Loved the True Golf Fit process so far!
  10. Great info. Realizing the scope of the testing it just might not be plausible. Plus if the manufacturers have deadlines, that's on them. You guys do a great job giving us real world data. I'll be using the truegolffit system once I have more data about my swing. Going into a golf retail swing booth for launch data just isn't possible right now as we have a family member is in the extremely high risk category for Covid. Just not worth the risk.
  11. New to the forum and am working my way thru all the older NPG vids on the youtube station. You guys seriously rock. My suggestion comes in after hearing over and over again about people complaining that (insert whatever club name here) wasn't included in a Most Wanted test. Maybe the club wasn't available or for whatever reason was not included in the test. Isn't it possible to test a single or a few clubs by the same perimeters that you did the extensive test with and publish those results? Like at a 1/2 point thru the year you can take the clubs released during that period and not have to redo the entire test. Updated Most Wanted testing results. In that same way, couldn't you have a cumulative test results page that would have every club tested for that particular category? Even if it was last years model if the company had a new release? Within a few years can you imagine the database of club results and how it would compare new offerings to past models? Maybe the fear is that club sales would go down as consumers would feel less need to get the latest and greatest when maybe the latest isn't necessarily the greatest?
  12. I'd like to have a fairly close idea of what my club head swing speed is. I don't need to have all the other launch monitor data as driving range balls, conditions etc are all variables. Really only thing that matters to me right now is measuring club head speed. Is there a phone app that can tell me that with fairly close proximity? Apple phone. Free would be preferable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. Vince. Anamosa, Iowa Carry 4. 2 Ole fashion Carbite Polar balanced and 2 Cleveland TA6's. 56 degree. Sidenote: these are definitely on my radar for purchase!
  14. Handicap 10 Located in Anamosa, Iowa. Currently playing Cleveland TA6's and looking for an upgrade/update soon. 8 iron distance 140. Have not ever heard of Sub70 but they look fantastic.
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