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  1. Following so I can get notification of updates to the thread. Very intrigued by the Edel process and as soon as I ever get around a fitting center, I will be going thru it. I've totally bought into their process. But in rural Iowa, a fitting opportunity is a long way off it seems. There is a Club Champion that is about 2 hours away but after talking to them, they only do a general putter fitting, not the full or Edel specific fitting. Hopefully a fitting opportunity will come around or align with a vacation at some point. Looking forward to hearing more of these status reports on the Edel putters. Thanks guys for the updates you give.
  2. Vince Anamosa, Iowa Snell MTB-X When I first picked up the game I blindly ordered a bunch of logo overrun balls on clearance from Golfsmith. They came in and they were Top Flight 2000's with Looney Toon characters all over them. Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fud pictures. I had dozens and dozens of these balls. At my home course (where I lost most of them) I still will occasionally find one that someone else must have found and put it in play only to lose and then me find. Makes me laugh every time.
  3. I have the same exact shaft in my driver, 3, 5 and have a 7 wood coming with the same shaft too. It's what I was fit into on my driver and the fitter recommended keeping them all the same since it works so well.
  4. Vince Anamosa Iowa Yes. El cheapo from Dicks purchased at the start of the pandemic. I wasn't sure how often I would use but turns out I use it quite frequently. Yes. Shot Vision on the Iphone.
  5. Vince from Anamosa Iowa 13W Callaway Comfort on spike locations
  6. Perfect. I'll check them out. The thread didn't come up when I searched for some reason.
  7. Besides the No Putts Given podcast, are their any others you guys are enjoying? NPG is great and I listen to them as soon as they come out but in under an hour they are sadly over till next week. I've also been enjoying Golf Sub Par. Colt and the Sleaze are hilarious and they've had some great stories and guests. I am around my computer most the day and enjoy listening to something while I work. Thought I'd ask if there are any others you guys have been listening to/watching? Obviously No Putts Given is our favorite and that comes 1st on all our playlists so no slight to the board meant in asking about others.
  8. PXG definitely has courted me this late summer and fall. I've chronicled my True Golf Fit experience (on the boards here) and backed that up virtual fitting with an online PXG fitting. I was enticed into buying a PXG 0811x based on both of those fitting deeming this to be the right driver and shaft combo. Took me a little while to get used to it and I am hitting best drives I've ever hit. But every once and a while I would hit one low on the face (like right off the bottom edge) and it would go straight but not come off very hot. Learned to tee the ball up a little higher than I used to and just crushing drives now. I replaced a 10+ year old Cleveland Launcher and a Cleveland 588 custom I would swap in from time to time. That driver/PXG experience has now parlayed into a full blown bag swap out with new Gen 2 PXG irons and a Gen 2 3 wood. Every time they significantly outperformed what was in my bag. Loving me some PXG! Should be set for a while on golf equipment for a while now! Save the budget up for another 10 years.
  9. You won’t regret it. Great balls! Tried them this year myself after reading such good reviews on the last round of tests and am hooked.
  10. Thanks for the honest reporting. Good or bad the results are what they are.
  11. Okay, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully I'm not the only one wondering on this one.
  12. I understand the Strokes gained stat, makes sense. Especially the way you guys helped explain it. My confusion comes in when it comes to club testing and the charts used here on MGS and if I'm understanding them correctly. Take Best Blade putters for example. The 0 line on the bar graph chart would be no improvement over average. On one side you have - and the other +. So if the make percentage of a length of a certain putt was bad, it would be on the - side, meaning this club from that length is costing you strokes on the course. And if the putter performed great at that length putt, it would be on the + side, meaning it performed better and is saving you strokes on the course. Am I understanding that correctly? And in a category of most wanted where you just have a stat, like with most wanted drivers. If that stat says -.018 you are saving strokes and if it was +.018 it is costing you strokes. Correct? I think I am understanding it when I type it out but this seemed the perfect location on this thread to ask it.
  13. Nice experience and write up. I just picked up a set of PXGs and agree, the feel is incredible.
  14. Played yesterday at dusk and lost a few white balls where I should have easily found them. Pulled a yellow ball out of the bottom of the bag and played it for 13 holes. That was my 1st time pulling a colored ball out of the bag as I usually just give them away. Made such a difference I came home last night and ordered up some Yellow Snells.
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