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    ummm....GOLF, Softball and riding my 'wing'
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  1. Donny Prosper,Tx 11 FJ - SL Looks, color and Price.... We play year round here so would; love to test. IO have Pondered these for months, just have not pulled the trigger Absolutely LOVE the looks of the Arrow White/Navy and the 20./20 Black/Red
  2. Donny from Texas My handicap is a 8.3 Currently i play an Adams PRO DHY Not hook it...
  3. 1. Your first name and home state-US Only Donny - Texas 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 10.3 105 3. Your current driver Ping G Series with HZRDUS FIRM 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT G410 Plus
  4. Donny Texas 8 Ft Worth Black KBS Tour-v i500 ​I am a Blade player and love the workability of the blades. The touch of a well struck ball that you barely feel coming off the club. I wold look forward to reviewing these for the masses and have written many reviews in the past for products. Looking forward to the chance...
  5. Donny Prosper, Tx 60 10.2 Mizuno MP 25's with KBS C-taper Stiff, Golf Pride Align Midsize Grips I may be 60 put my 7 iron is 165 and I have been DREAMING of these irons for a year....
  6. 1. Dustin Johnson 2. Bubba Watson 3. Jimmy Walker 4. Kyle Stanley 5. J.B Holmes -14
  7. Tier 1: Hideki Matsuyama Tier 2: Francesco Molinari Tier 3: Charl Schwartzel Tier 4: Jimmy Walker Tier 5: Ernie Els winning score -14
  8. I applied and so want to do this one. Love these irons llook. I play 60+ rounds a year and would love this opportunity
  9. OH MY GAWD, look at these butter blades, I just got back from the PGA superstore looking at new irons and these are sweet. PUHH_leeze I play mizuno MP-25's now with KBS c Tapers stiff. I would love to slap these up against those. -Donny - Texas - Mizuno MP-25 with Stiff KBS-c Tapers - 7 iron stock 165yds
  10. Well, I worked this event for the second year in a row after volunteering at the Nelson for years. What a great course and event. Marshaled around the 6th and 7th hole for 5 days and the people that came to watch were for the most part, great well mannered fans. Only heard someone yell on a tee shot a couple of times. not at all on Sunday. Great fun and a great time
  11. I have not won yet, but its not hard....
  12. First name - Donny Home State/Province/Country - Texas ​Do you use performance tracking? - yes Do you use a GPS watch? - no I have a hand held model Which ones? -
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