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  1. Hey all,


    So something I've struggled with a long time is early extension in the downswing. I've lowered myself to a single digit handicap but I know to get those last numbers down my consistency needs to go up. And that starts with finally, once and for all, getting rid of early extension.


    So any recommendations/drills to keep those hips back and turn and get rid of early extension??




  2. what do you do if you're a single playing with either 2 or 3 other guys that have a cart ??


    I've been the only "walker" in this situation and sometimes it sucks because they either have holes that are spaced really far apart or the guys with the carts zoom away to their balls after the tee shot, or both.


    either way it seems like you have to "hustle" the entire time to keep up...


    If they are people I know I always just ask to tee off first and walk up the edge right after. That way I keep pace and can even spot their golf balls for them! It's a win-win. Its a little different when it is a random pairing but if I ask nicely usually there is no problem!

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