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  1. Thanks guys I really appreciate it, that pressing down on the lead left foot has really helped a ton. I was definitely humping the barrel. Its slowly changing and keeping that left hips back and high. Thanks again!!
  2. Looking for someone who refinishes an Odyssey with a White Hot Insert. BOS says they can't do it. And I've found no evidence anyone else does it! Any suggestions would help!!! Dave
  3. Just put GP MCC Plus 4 Midsize (and an additional 2 wraps) on all 13 clubs, with the slim superstroke on my Evnroll ER2. Love them so far for my big paws ha! Crazy how many people play the wrong grip size. Spent a whole day hitting different sizes with different wraps and finally settled on what I said above. I don't think you can really get fit, you just need to test them all and whatever helps you get a good grip with the least amount of tension is the answer!
  4. Hey all, So something I've struggled with a long time is early extension in the downswing. I've lowered myself to a single digit handicap but I know to get those last numbers down my consistency needs to go up. And that starts with finally, once and for all, getting rid of early extension. So any recommendations/drills to keep those hips back and turn and get rid of early extension?? Thanks, Dave
  5. I am currently playing the FJ Flex BOA. It's definitely super easy to use, but a couple things to mention. The twist is in the back and not on top (like adidas) and if you do drills with something behind you or like to clean club with your foot the twist can come unlocked pretty easily. Also you need to do an additional twist after hitting a couple of shots to really get a secure fit. But overall they're way easier than laces and apply equal pressure. I'd just like to see the twist on top and the lock-in function to be a little tougher!
  6. Srixon has been churning out some incredible clubs these past two years. I think they're headed to dethrone Mizuno! Can't wait to see what you pick and why!
  7. Hey All, So I need to replace my grips soon on all 13 clubs. I have GP Tour Velvets now. I am a mid-sized grip size. But I've had troubles with sweaty hands and slightly losing my grip during the swing. Any tips on new good grips for sweaty hands / losing your grip? Any suggestions would help! p.s. I've got Speith, Phil, DJ, Kuchar, and Stenson as my top 5 (not necessarily in that order) for The Open! Who do you have for The Open this year? Thanks again, Dave
  8. Been trying to force myself to walk more since Missouri doesn't have crazy long golf courses near St.Louis! Bought a Original Jones Bag to encourage myself to walk more as well! Can't wait till it gets here and am thinking of doing a review on it since I have one of the originals as well!
  9. If they are people I know I always just ask to tee off first and walk up the edge right after. That way I keep pace and can even spot their golf balls for them! It's a win-win. Its a little different when it is a random pairing but if I ask nicely usually there is no problem!
  10. I know this is an old post, but in your overall opinion do you prefer the player or original. I'm especially interested in the strap quality of the original vs. the players!
  11. So I know there are most wanted golf bag articles but I feel like this years article on golf bags is a little less robust than 2016 & 2015's articles. I do a fair amount of walking and riding (probably 60/40) and was looking for a new bag that's very durable with good club organization. I use midsize grips and the narrower diameter bags give me trouble with club removal/placement. I'm looking for a durable bag with good club dividers. Weight really isn't a huge issue but lighter and durable with good club separation would be a win-win-win!! If there are other articles that I haven't found post a link. Anything would help!! So what ya got forum members?!?
  12. UPDATE #2: 18 (41). 14 (37). 15 (37). 14 (36). Those were my # of putts (and scores) from a couple days of golf over the 4th! And that last 14 was part of a 36 and one of my best rounds to date. To be fair I should note that I had gotten a lesson, before the last 9 holes, focusing on my long irons and driving the ball (my weakest areas). While I didn't get any video like I was hoping I want to re-grade the ER2 in this post. Before I do that, some basic observations: I actually replaced the stock grip with a super stroke 3.0 XL that just fit my hands better and more importantly quieted them. It took me a bit to adjust with how quickly the ball gets rolling, especially on downhill putts. I really had to focus on just letting the putter do its job and not trying to help the ball I didn't notice any better dispersion in putts 0-10 feet, but on the long-range putts I can definitely tell that the grooves help on slight mis-hits. The ER2 is absolutely money from 10 feet and in, which is partially a confidence thing but every time I got within 10 feet I felt like I was going to hole it. With that being said I really struggled on downhill puts and control the distance (not the line). They fixed the ball marker magnet (a user had previously mentioned to watch out for that!). Also, that ball marker is bad a**! Overall, the ER2 will be staying in the bag for the remainder of the season. I definitely need to trust it a little more, but that's my side of things not the putter. My re-grade is below!! WHAT I WOULD SCORE IT V2.0 (through about 400+ putts): Performance: 23/25 (Downhill Speed Control) Looks: 23/25 (Still an Incredible looking putter!) Feel: 24/25 Build Quality: 22/25 (SuperStroke grips should be an option when custom building this) OVERALL: 92/100
  13. I keep a 21* Callaway UT (to replace my Apex Pro 3 Iron) in the bag as well as the 16* hybrid. The UT does launch higher but I can hit a low shot easier than the hybrid. I really like the UT for long par 3s and windy par 5 second shots. I'll even use it on a short par 4 if it's narrow! The UT has a built in replaceable weight in the bottom that helps with launch so I wouldn't be too scared to try it out!!
  14. I love it so far. Regardless of the length of the first hole I always use it just to put one in the fairway and start the round off on the right foot! It's hard to find regular versions down in the 16* range so you have to go with Pro versions usually, but if you can swing it then I definitely recommend it! X2 Pro is pretty forgiving for a pro version in my opinion too! Plus on the par 5's I love it off the deck compared to a three wood. I've always felt that even the smaller headed three woods are too big off the deck for me. Overall the transition has been easy!
  15. UPDATE #1: The ER2 finally came yesterday! I showed up at home and ripped apart a pristine box to see it. Then of course like any “normal” golfer I sped to my local putting green. At first glance without hitting a ball the look of the ER2 is clean and not too long or wide. I think EVNROLL struck a good balance in size. Weight wise, I went with the middle-weighted head at 370g. I also opted for the ‘oversize' grip that really isn't that overwhelming (see photo below). Just to note the jumbo grip is the 62g version not the 117g version. Before I get any further the full specs are: EVNROLL ER2 Length: 32.5” Lie: 69 Degrees Loft: 2 Degrees Head weight: 370g Grip: Oversize: 62g WHAT I LOVED: DISTANCE CONTROL – I took me a minute or two to understand that the ER2 doesn't come off the face ‘hot' it just rolls really really pure (and by that I probably mean very quickly). So honestly the first 10 balls I hit (from 15ft) I ran 9 of 10 either in the hole firmly or a good foot past. But the incredible thing is they all went the same EXACT distance (I mean literally the balls must be dating because they were all over each other lol). Once I got the feel of it rolling quickly it was easy to dial it in. SOUND – The sound out of the middle of the face of the putter is a crisp metal ‘ting'. What I love the most is that if you're on either side of center the sound is different (still going the same distance, though) and gives immediate feedback. I don't have an putter design skills but my guess is the sound differences have something to do with variable width and depth grooves. (Tried to include a photo of that as well. GRIP and HEADCOVER – Besides the white and red being absolutely baller (new terms kids are using these days) there other things I loved. The oversize grip really isn't too big and fits my weird hands well. I run my right index finger down the grip so the length is a great fit as well. The headcover is premium but the thing I loved the most is the magnet closure. It's not heavy Velcro (which used to scratch up my old Scotty) and it's not a thin long weak strip of magnet up the whole backside of the headcover. It's encloses the putter with one round heavy-duty magnet at the bottom. This is a big deal because it doesn't scratch and the magnet holds the cover on well. It might seem small but it's telling me ENVROLL is going the extra mile even with tiny things. WHAT I WOULD”VE LIKE TO SEE DIFFERENT: ALIGNMENT – There really isn't anything I disliked/hated and the ER2 thus far, but just to note some improvements for the next line. In terms of alignment I like the white line for alignment, but there are these two dots that signal the middle of the putter face. They're not bad but on a sunny day (like it was yesterday) I feel like I almost have to look for them. For me, it would be a simple fix as paint filling the dots black (or even EVNROLL RED!!). GRIP CAP – The last thing was the cap at the top of the grip. It seemed like ENVROLL went the whole nine yards with the entire putter until the cap of the grip at the top. It seemed like the cap just sort of got slapped on there at the end. It probably won't even matter to anyone but the way I hold the putter I like the butt of my left palm near the end of the grip (In my head it makes me ‘feel' the weight of the head a little better). Super small detail, so I know I'm getting a bit picky. WHAT I WOULD SCORE IT (through the first 100+ putts): Performance: 24/25 (For the small roll adjustment) Looks: 23/25 (Incredible besides the two-dot thing) Feel: 25/25 (Enough said) Build Quality: 24/25 (Would be perfect besides grip cap) OVERALL: 96/100 PHOTOS: (plus see conclusion at very bottom) CONCLUSION: It is going in the bag for the next 5 rounds or so to get the real test! Headed the play Bellerive CC in Saint Louis over the 4th (Home of the 2013 Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship) and Glen Echo CC in Saint Louis as well (Home of the only US Olympic Golf Course). So, the ER2 will get some incredible tests. Be back with another update/new scoring after I get a bigger sample size. Don't want the jump the gun quite yet! (But this could be a long-term gamer). P.S. Videos will come after the 4th as well!! All the best, Dave
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