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  1. Optics are clearer. Greater magnification. Flag grabbing is unmistakable -- jolt plus red light. Sorry for the delay!
  2. I bought a Tour V5, which replaced a V4. Big improvement with new generation, so I assume there would be a HUGE boost from the Z
  3. In my experience, all Scotty shafts are a bit undersized in the butt end and require some tape buildup for the first 2-3 inches.
  4. Yo Shank Aaron. I too have a Scotty 6X and love it. What differences have you noticed between the stock shaft and the Stability? Do you make more putts with the Stability?
  5. David, Royal Oak MI Size 9 FootJoy Comfort and fit are most important, followed by being waterproof
  6. Dave, Royal Oak MI USA Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 Most interested in testing the Tomcat 14 or Ketch. Love my Betti, but wish it had a bit firmer feel. My stroke has very little arc, and I've been a face balanced player for years
  7. David, Royal Oak MI USA Currently using a Bettinardi Inovai 3 I'm most interested in the Tomcat 14 or Ketch as they're most comparable to what I'm using now (successfully)
  8. David Bassett, Royal Oak Michigan Garmin Approach G8 (handheld), Bushnell Neo XS (watch) Bushnell Tour V4
  9. David/Michigan Handicap 9 Currently playing Titleist 718 AP1 7-iron carry distance 140
  10. First Name/State or Country of residence: David, Michigan Handicap 8.1 Current irons in Play: Titleist 718 AP1 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 140 yards
  11. 1. Dave, Michigan 2. 8.7 index, 85 mph swing speed 3. Epic 13.5 degrees loft, stock Diamana 40 gram shaft A flex 4. Epic Flash
  12. 1. Dave B, Michigan 2. 8.3, 87 mph 3. Epic 4. G410 SFT
  13. 1. Dave from Michigan 2. Currently play 20+ year old Tourney suit with sleeves cut off jacket for warm weather. In colder weather, wear a FootJoy jacket instead. Tourney pants are heavy as hell 3. In late March/early April, and late October/early November, we frequently get wind chills in the 20s with rain. I always walk, so the extra layer of the rain gear on top of my sweaters, corduroys etc can make for an exhausting round.
  14. Dave, Michigan Callaway Big Bertha 5 wood Fubuki z65x5ct shaft, A flex 18 degrees standard set to 19 degrees
  15. What can I say, I'm an old man (69) and old habits die hard. Have played Titleist for decades. Velocity for several years, Pro V1x the last 3; extra spin has made a big difference from 100 yards in. I'm very brand loyal until I encounter something demonstrably better. Our pro sells Pro Vs for $38 at the end of each season and I usually buy 5 or 6 dozen then.
  16. Dave, Michigan Callaway Epic, 12.5 degree 85-90 swing speed, 8.5 index Diamana 40 lite flex
  17. Dave B Michigan Titleiest AP2 Pitching & gap (44 & 48) Titleist TVD sand (56) Callaway PM grind (60) Strengths: flops, anything inside 100 yards EXCEPT soft sand and short pitches from very tight lies Current index 8.2
  18. 1. David, Michigan 2. 8.2, 85-90 3. GBB Epic, 13.5 degrees, A flex 4. G400 Max, light flex, 12 degrees
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