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  1. What I said in the next to last line of the post was I hoped for experiences and insights from others who've made a change like this, which is exactly what you gave me. Appreciate it.
  2. One part of my game I have zero holes in is generating wedge spin regardless of swing length, and I'm pretty happy and comfortable with the lower gapping, but it would be nice to have that 120 yard club to take any swing decisions out of the mix. Like I said, I will be doing some major testing over the winter on a couple of courses that give me those in-between shots and seeing what does/doesn't work. Bottom line- I'll definitely have a stock of different clubs to switch out based on the individual course I'm playing that day. Funny that a wedge lesson was brought up.......I have one this afternoon, and every Wednesday through the end of the year. Thanks for your insight. Exactly the response I was looking for.
  3. I put landing angle as my reason for the "No" response, but that's not my mismatch. In a Trackman 7 vs GC Quad vs AboutGolf 3Trak over the summer I spread out over a months worth of time. I used each simulator 3 separate days spread out over 3 weeks time to keep the data honest since I never know which me will show up on any given day. Throwing out shots that were out of my usual data range, good or bad, the main difference in data came from the Trackman. Ball Speed, Club Speed, backspin, carry/total distance, apex, side spin, and launch angle were all within a few data points between the three. Not enough to raise any eyebrows. Here's where it got a little fuzzy. The club path, face to path, and smash factor numbers were very different between the TM and the other two units. I'll have to dig around and find my notebook with all of the data points and differences, but the gap between the TM and the GC/AG units left me scratching my head with no real answer.
  4. So, here's the gist. Just like the title says, I'm on the fence about dropping one of the woods and adding a wedge for 2022 as my gamer set up for the tournament season to avoid some situations that would've made a real difference when it really counted. Through lessons, a couple of performance fittings, and enough practice to shame Tiger I've dropped my index to 11.3 to end this season and I'm pretty proud of that with this being the end of my fourth full season playing. And here's the stats through the 47 rounds I played this year including tournaments via Arccos- Woods Epic Max LS OB Seeker- 498 total shots, 298 yards smart distance, 52% FIR Sim2 Max 3w- 19 total shots, 253 yards smart distance, 71% FIR off the tee (9 shots), 19% GIR (10 shots) Epic Max 5w- 18 total shots, 231 yards smart distance, 67% FIR off the tee (5 shots), 49% GIR (13 shots) Apex 21/Epic Speed Super 4h- 46 total shots, 234 yards smart distance, 87% FIR (17 shots), 55% GIR (29 shots) Apex 21 5i- 21 total shots, 211 yards smart range, 81% FIR (12 shots), 69% GIR (9 shots) Wedges Apex 21 PW (43*)- 97 total shots, 130 yards smart distance, 58% GIR Apex 21 AW (48*)- 111 total shots, 108 yards smart distance, 59% GIR Vokey SM8 54*- 223 total shots (including pitch/chips), 93 yards smart distance, 67% GIR Ping Forged 56*- 128 total shots (almost all chips/pitches inside 50 yards), 86 yards smart distance, 91% GIR (probably skewed by all of the chips/pitches) My initial thoughts are pulling me towards putting the 5w on the bench and adding another wedge to fill the gap between the PW/AW, or even adding a 58/60 to give me more options around the green. I had quite a few short game shots where the 56 was either too much, or not enough. I'm not very good at all at opening the face up to get the added height out of the greenside rough/pot bunker, and it usually ends in disaster when I try it on course. Then again, I've had quite a few shots this year where the approach was on the in-between side of the PW/AW. I've had bad luck with trying to swing lighter/slower and/or harder/faster with the wedges, nothing that got me in trouble on course, but not consistent enough to do it comfortably. So, the corners I've painted myself into is which wood to drop and which wedge to add. I will be doing some serious testing over the winter and moving forward, but I wanted to get everyone's take on their experiences with making this type of move for some insight. Appreciate it in advance. P.S.- Yes, I've already been fitted this season.......twice.....
  5. UPDATED 10/4 Yep, #6 is less than 2 weeks out from arrival into this crazy world. Gotta move this stuff as soon as possible. I wish I could, but no trades this time. I think all prices are very reasonable, but save us both the stress if you make an offer- be fair to me, I shall do the same for you. Thanks for looking! ** Shaft lengths for the Motore, Ventus Black, and the AD-HD are in the last pic of the thread ** Pricing includes shipping to the Lower 48. Make an offer! Bettinardi Limited Release QB8 303SS with a very rare F.I.T. face. Original box, headcover, grip, and COA included- $550 OBO Apex 21 4h with a stock MMT H80 hybrid shaft. My gamer this season- $SOLD OBO Ping G410 LST 3w Alta CB S70 MINT comes with headcover- $SOLD NEW Callaway Epic Max LS 9* still in wrapper MMT Stiff 60 comes with headcover- $OLD 2022 Ping Forged Pro wedge set. The 54 has seen one grass range session for 14 balls pics tell the tale. The 50/58 are still in the wrapper- $old! Graphite Design Tour AD-HD. Cally tip, butt trimmed and plays at 44"- $SOLD Fujikura Ventus Black w/Velocore Stiff 70 Taylormade tip. Butt trimmed to play at 46"- $OLD Fujikura Motore X F1 X60, Callaway tip butt trimmed to play at 45 1/4"- $175 Ventus Blue w/Velocore Stiff 70, TM tip, no grip. Butt trimmed to play at 44"- $275 2021 Vessel Players III 14 way stand bag black/iridium/white, new in box never seen daylight- $OLD! Player III Golf Stand Bag | VESSEL (vesselbags.com) Shaft measurements
  6. Thanks for doing this, Bruce. When it comes to your putter line, how customizable are the current offerings, and do you plan to introduce options for your upcoming putter releases? Customizable in the ways of design milling/head stamping, toe hang/face balancing, and total head weight. Same questions for the wedge line. Love the replaceable face feature. That alone would sell me.
  7. Would love to get in on this and see how it compares to other drivers I have in the stable. If it hits anything like the 939 hybrid, this may wind up being the best driver you've never hit. Good luck to the selectees.
  8. For the love of all things holy, PLEASE pick me......I have wanted this system for a very long time, since the Gen 2's, but life has found a way of slapping me repeatedly in the reproductive regions.
  9. PICK ME, PICK ME!!! I'd LOVE to see how they stack up against the Apex 21 and ZX5 sets I have. I smell an irons deathmatch
  10. No trades, please. This is the first attempt to start cleaning the garage of too much stuff. Brand new in wrapper Apex Pro 4-PW Elevate ETS 115 stiff shafts Stock GP Z-Grips All standard L/L/L $1000 +actual UPS shipping costs.
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