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  1. Naw, your VGA handicap wont do you any good outside of a VGA event, but it's definitely a number you wat to get as soon as you can for flighting. State Championships are right around the corner for just about everyone, and you have to have an index to be eligible. The main benefits (to me, anyways. YMMV) is the Member's website. The dashboard has all of the information I want to see in one spot. I can search for and enter events in any state there's a chapter, see my rankings on a State/Regional/National/AFC level (As well as where others rank that I'm trying to beat), and now they've updated the page so we can generate a 30% off code for all things Srixon whenever we want. No more emailing a request for one. So I guess that's my way of rationalizing the annual membership fee, even though I realize the money does go to other areas. As far as the greens fees, that's going to vary based on your location. Taking that a step further, it'll also depend on which course you're playing in your area. Champions Retreat will cost you a few more clams to play than say.....Aiken GC, for example. Comparatively, it's a lot cheaper playing in most places down South than it is up here in NY/NJ.
  2. That's the usual. If you log into your member portal and look at the top menu bar, there's a tab labeled "Benefits". Click on that and you can generate as many Srixon codes as your bank account will let you.
  3. That is a goal of mine to play a handful of events out west, a little west coast swing, if you will. Probably wont be able to do anything like that until the kiddos are a little older. 3 down, 3 more to go! Yeah, I have Arccos and the preview is crazy. It seems like a 5 knot wind can dramatically change the way the course plays. kinda like Bethpage Red in a way. I love the elevation changes. We played Centennial for the State Championship last year, and that gave me a sense of what it was like to play golf up and down the side of a mountain. Unfortunately, no spectators, but forecaddies are required if you can fake your way into the caddy shack, lol.
  4. My fault, typed in a rush. Its in Long Island, NY just outside Queens.
  5. Anyone playing Engineers CC on the 8th? Super exclusive, old old course. I'm pretty excited about it.
  6. This is for all Vets and their family. Hands down one of the best things I've done in my life as far as hobby's.
  7. All you guys in the NE Region- This is gonna be one helluva event. 2-day Ryder cup style event pitting us against First Responders? Sign me up....TWICE! While the VGA still has open spots available and our squad has enough to compete if we ended at 16 players, the First Responder team is having a hard time filling their squad. I just spoke with the NY VGA director and he made it clear that this event is open to ALL first responders, not just NYPD/FDNY personnel. All that said- If you guys know of a First Responder willing to play, get this flyer over to them. Cant speak to them in the universal language of a$$ whipping if they don't show up.....
  8. This is so excruciatingly true, it makes me fake laugh to hide real pain.......
  9. From the looks of things in the North Region, most of the state chapters have a pretty full slate of events scheduled. So.....that begs the question- have any of you made your personal playing schedule for the season? How's it look so far? Where are you guys planning to play?
  10. This is probably one of the very few "subjective" topics I've ever had the pleasure to read responses from. OP- Well done! For me the answer comes from two questions I ask myself after a round, especially if it's a course I've never played, or don't play often. Did I walk away from that course knowing I'd score lower with another crack at it? Are there a few holes I want back? Low hanging fruit example for me is Bethpage Black. I left the course from a VGA Tournament and rode home in complete silence running it all back through my mind knowing that if I just played the 2nd/5th/8th/16th/18th holes just a little differently, I could've carded a very impressive score that day. I feel the same way about Twisted Dune, Black Oak CC, Plainfield CC (all in NJ), and Shinnecock (NY). Now don't get me wrong, scenery, history, and quality of company are very important parts, but at the end of the day it all boils down to those two above questions for me. It's just the way I think about the game, I suppose. Things like that stick with me until I get back to the course and prove myself right, or wrong and I'm generally OK with either result if I'm able to put those two things to rest. Of course, there's also the smallest chance that I just get hit in the head a lot and I'm overthinking it, too, but I doubt it.
  11. My plan is to make both days, and if I get in, we should all definitely get together for sure. I might do the smart thing and get a hotel this time. It's only about an hour's drive on the way there, but 2-4 hours on the way back through that NYC traffic.
  12. Yeah, I get that..... If I'm not mistaken, our military discount also applied to their pre-owned site as well.
  13. From a guy with 6 (not a typo, 6) kids and three of those at home under 7 (nope, still not a typo), I can feel that pain more than most.
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