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  1. No trades, please. This is the first attempt to start cleaning the garage of too much stuff. Brand new in wrapper Apex Pro 4-PW Elevate ETS 115 stiff shafts Stock GP Z-Grips All standard L/L/L $1000 +actual UPS shipping costs.
  2. Yep, and I found them very similar in all of the areas people obsess about. Both are on a level playing field in distance, accuracy, and forgiveness IMO. The Srixon stands out as the favorite because of the turf interaction. The V Sole slices through the turf so effortlessly that I had a hard time feeling if the club speed decreased on my fatter strikes. Of course, this is just my opinion, I'm hoping someone else has some experience and can add more detail. I ultimately had to get out of the set because they are too strong lofted for me. Definitely a shock setting up for my usual 185 yard 7 iron distance and hitting it 205.......
  3. And for those that will see my reply, let me answer the question in advance- Yes, all branches are available.....once Vessel gets caught up on their backlog and makes more.
  4. They absolutely will. You can order it that way for an extra fee, or use your duty station in place of the name embroidery (which is included to members at no cost).
  5. Right now I'm rocking a Vessel Player's III in heather grey. My wife got it for me as a Christmas gift to replace my beat up Cally Fusion 14, so technically I didn't choose it myself. Still...…she hit it out of the park. Great bag, superior quality, and great functionality. Played a tournament in April where we had driving rain and 39 degrees all 18 holes with a 25 kt wind and everything in the bag (pockets included) stayed 100% dry. I don't want to say anything to She who must not be Named, but what I REALLY want is this...…
  6. On the block is a mostly new set of ZX4's 4-PW,AW. The 7i and the AW (pictured) were hit in an indoor simulator session over the winter and the entire set hasn't been touched since, the rest of the set is still new in the wrappers. Srixon ZX4, 4-PW, AW $-Taper Stiff 120's Standard L/L/L MCC +4 Midsize grips in grey. Never mind. 7i pics AW pics ZX4's on the right $-Tapers
  7. PICK ME PICK ME!!! Used to play a Hatchback and loved it! My game has changed sine then and I've moved on to face balanced putters. Very excited to try the 11V.
  8. Got it new in wrapper to try out and it survived about 15 balls on a Trackman before it went away to the land of "not for me". Only trades I will consider are: TSi3 3W/3H combo, Oban/VA Composites shafts, GD Tour AD shafts, Atmos TS Blue/Black. Thanks! TSi4 9* Tensei AV White Stiff Standard GP TV grips One and only price drop before eBay- $450 plus shipping, lower 48 only
  9. I think it's subjective, but I am making more putts for sure. I think it should be said that I'm coming from a Betti QB8 with about 12* of toe hang to the face balanced X6, and that plays more of a factor than the shaft does. On the whole, I do like the shaft. I feel like I can feel the impact and what the face is doing more so than I could with the stock steel shaft prior to the swap.
  10. The gamers are in my signature, but I have the Apex 21 4-AW, Epic Max, and Vokey SM8's in the pen waiting on a call if the need arises. I'll get a pic posted later.
  11. Wait, hitting your second shot from the woods improves your scores? So I've been doing it right all of these years?
  12. LOL, you're using Rors as the baseline to dispel the notion "not hitting from the woods will improve your scores"? Love the "Get off my lawn" guys. If the "fairway" portion of my comment is what you're hung up on, I'm happy to change it to "anywhere other than the woods, shrubbery, or Karen's backyard.".
  13. After extensive testing of all of the fairway woods I had incoming (list on page 1 of this thread), the winner is in my signature. Just too easy to hit straight and far despite how much I hate the looks. The performance won out and on course has been consistent so far.
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