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  1. Yeah, the delivery companies are finally back on the road and SOME are catching up. Zero hope for USPS progress on a few of my orders still on their way to customers, but thats what I get for using them. Those balls should last me through July, but DO NOT challenge me....I can lose them MUCH faster..... These clubs are all on their way to local juniors in need (they don't know it yet) as my annual donation to the local programs, but shipment #3 has my personal demo's in it. Have to wait till then for any on course feedback.
  2. What you need to do is find a buddy who can ship you a few different 2021 3w models to test out on the course and truly see what each can/can't do for you. No clue where you'd find one of those guys, though......
  3. DELIVERY DAY!!! Just in time for some half way decent weather end of this week, and into next week. Wish I could order extra time and have that delivered too. Shipment #'s 2 and 3 are in transit, #4 is scheduled to ship early next week.
  4. Increase my FIR% to 60+ while maintaining my average distance Increase my GIR% to at lease 65% Decrease my putts per round average by at least 5/round Qualify in my flight for the national championship being played at Baltusrol for the amateur tour I play in. Win my State and Region in the same tour. Win my League.
  5. So far Callaway and Taylormade are getting my orders to me in an acceptable amount of time (2-3 weeks) despite the delays. Ping is being Ping, at the moment. So far my Pre-Order customers have been delayed the longest, and I have random orders just showing up. There's no real rhyme, or reason. Zero organization to how they're shipping what out, or when. The recent winter storms put a huge delay on already delayed orders for shipping reasons, and it seems like everyone is starting to get back on track.
  6. Yep, just finally looked at the MGS Most Wanted list. I'm not as surprised at the Cally winning top spot as I am that the Ping offerings finished so low. Since I'm a Callaway guy, this does fit well into my devious plans for domination this season, but the G425 Max will still find it's way into the bag randomly. I stick with my original comment on page #2, G425 performed the best for me with the shaft I built for it. The rest can fight it out....I vote they fight with knives.
  7. I've hit the first five poll choices, and the Cobra....A LOT! G425 was the winner in my testing. The rest of them can just fight it out in the court of public opinion after that, cant they?
  8. Ok.........you got me in a box there......
  9. I assume zero responsibility for your shopping habits, good sir.
  10. If you weren't so far south, I'd jump in. Have to dance around my league and Tour schedules, though.
  11. If this gives anyone insight- I have a total of 67 individual G425 series clubs (not including irons, putters, or wedges) that all had a confirmed shipping date of 2/8. As of this morning I've received a total of 8 of those orders. 27 have shipped and are currently delayed due to weather (all of them are on the same truck stuck in Texas since 2/11). The other 32 have not left the "In Production" status. A set of G710 irons I ordered back in early November had a delivery date of 1/5 at the time of order now has a delivery date of 3/3. Ping is basically a blind guy in a whorehouse right now and
  12. Yeah, I think the pricing will take them right out of consideration for roughly 95% of the GI market, but they do tout them as being an iron for all skill levels. Then again, I'd pull a @BNewton51 and find a guy who knows a guy before paying retail......
  13. I completely agree. It does seem like the industry is trending towards the hollow/multi piece "forged" iron. When Srixon announced their ZX line my inner child immediately thought "I wonder if Miura plans to release a version". Lo and behold, here we are. As an engineer it's interesting to see what each OEM has done with their versions in design and construction and try to breakdown how each one's offering works in their claims for improvement, and the same goes for the Miura if I get the chance. Maybe it's just the skeptic in me, but when I test a new club I'm always paying attention to how i
  14. No, I agree. I have nothing but love for the Miura forging process having experience it first hand for a few years, but it does intrigue me that they've went this direction. I'm more curious about the model than shocked. I just want to hit them side-by-side with my CB-301's and TC-201's and compare. I don't imagine they will be difficult to get ahold of, but if they are.........I might know a guy who knows a guy.......
  15. Did not see this coming. Admittedly, I haven't exactly been keeping an eye out, if I'm honest, but a 2-piece club from Miura is definitely piqued my interest. What do my fellow Spies think?
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