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  1. I have ths same question - going lighter from blue board 60 R--how would speeder 40 R compare?
  2. Anyone know of a center shafted blade putter cover? Have Ping Sigma G "Kinloch C" - Mallet covers are way too bulky and side entry standare blade covers don't really make it. thanks, Dean
  3. Hit one in Golf Mart - must have - now - Titleist 15 - 9.5 with 45 inch ka'hli - 10 hdc. play 80 rounds a year.
  4. San Francisco Harding Park last week - cold, windy and rain coming from Alaska sideways - greens puddling and after 18 took off my Foot Joys pants and left them in a barrel outside the pro shop - Need new pants for this Sunday round -
  5. 80-100 rounds per year (California all year golf) Hdcp. 8.9 Using YES Marilyn 34 inch with golf pride paddle grip I am a good putter and often on the practice green others inquire about my putter/grip (standard) and stroke.
  6. Tried them all, and mean all...gaming paddle style Golf Pride which approaches "forward" but doesn't make it. Send me a red one - please!
  7. Dean - California - 8.5 index - have Neo and very old clumsy Golflogix - ready to take make my game both easier and better.
  8. need Ping Anser 58/10 standard ground to "T Grind". Who/where do I send to have it done? anyone do this?
  9. quick stroke - heave or light putter head?
  10. I am single digit and Titleist Prov1x comfirmed player and try all new balls that say they compare - none have - but I do like the Srixon Z-Star XV and have given ones to buddies and they like them also. If Titleist went out of business today this would be the ball on my tee.
  11. I had one two years ago and loved it but couldn't keep it in the fairway. The hottest head in golf but I wasn't good enough to hit only the sweet spot. Tried two different shafts and lofts, really long but just out of my control. Hit it farther than anything before or since. (8.5 hdc.) Got turned on to it by Ryan Winther, personal acquaintance who won the World Long Drive two years ago. One of Ryan's teachers also has one and agrees, nothing is longer. Haven't tried the new one. Krank's owner is a long driver and easy to work with, call and he is available to help. I probably couldn't keep a formula 1 race car on the track either.
  12. Magenta it is - please - already have Iomic orange on my irons, lime green on my wedges, blue on my driver, white on my 3 wood and black on my hybrids. using Lamkin round with four wraps on my putter but ready to change. People ask all the time about my grips with all those colors and I always tell them about the "other" Lamkin line (this one) available locally and less expensive. Love to see your name in my mailbox.
  13. Just want to say thank you to all who have made this possible so far and to the new foursome welcome.
  14. I'm not going anywhere, no one is perfect, we take the downs with the ups, learn from the downs and take the next step. I am with you 100% - no one else offers this kind of info nor has a member chat room as knowledgeable. Keep up the good work in 2014 and thanks for all you do...
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