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  1. Are they similar to Tour velvet? My favorites are Lamkin gray 360's or Sonar+. Bought a new iron set with Tour velvets. They are average.
  2. It's hard to say, just noticebly higher compared to my previous irons (HB's.) Yes, not a bad thing, if there's no huge distance loss. It will hold the greens better.
  3. It's getting better with the senior shaft. Starting to be more consistent. But, the shots are very high.
  4. I got them as plus 1/2 inch. Same as my HB3's. They are about the same lenghth. I am told it has the counter balance weights. I will know for sure when I regrip.
  5. Thanks, Ricky. Good point, there's a lot of factors on this and the smart thing to do was to get fit. I am too late for that. I thought it would be an easy choice just upgrading to a new version of the Cleveland hybrid iron club. But, what I chose are worlds apart from a previous gen. It's getting better with each time out. There's hope. It's funny when I see used clubs for sale, often they have stiff shafts. So, there are golfers making a bad decision in the other direction.
  6. Thanks, Kenny. You'r reply is spot on. My previous shaft in the HB3 was an R Shaft Action Ultralite 65g. Years ago, I met a a club maker at a demo day and he said get rid of those things. They were heavy and not flexible. So, the new halo's are definitely lighter and also more flexible. My sequencing is definitely off. I know what to do, one piece takeaway and swing from the ground up, I just can't execute it. I'm familiar with Monte and will take another look at his content.
  7. cnosil, Thanks, for the reply and questions! Regarding my conflicting comments. Yes, some of this is a result of poor ball striking. We all say a pured shot feels great and a not so great shot feels worse and have bad results. Maybe, it will just take more time to get more consistent. As I remember, in my prior gen Cleveland hybrid irons, it took a few months. We all have high hopes with new clubs and after dropping 900 bucks. I made this decision off a few swings at a demo day. I did bring my old clubs for a comparision. In hind sight, working with a launch monitor would have been better. But, it wasn't available at the demo day and the golf galaxy where I made the purchase has a launch monitor; but, didn't have both the regular and senior shafts to compare them. I figured worse case scenario I will eventually need a sr shaft. It feels like I am a slow swinger. Again, no launch monitor to qualify this. However, my 5 iron goes 140-150 yards, another indication, I thought, it was time for a sr shaft. With that said, maybe someone will have a suggestion on a swing change to adapt to a more flexible shaft. I am not adding expense to these clubs to fix them right away.
  8. Just bought the XL halo hybrid irons in a Sr shaft and I am coming from a much stiffer shaft. I am a sr golfer with a slower swing speed. When I hit the ball well, I get a high and perfect shot. It's effortless. But, it is very inconsistent. Also, there's not much feel to it. Should I be swinging slower or any other tips? As a sr golfer, I know I will grow into these clubs. Just looking for some more immediate success.
  9. Playing Angel Park in 2 weeks, how are conditions now after over seed?
  10. Any more updates on these? Have the Sr 4-PW on order, targeted to ship the first week of October. Can't wait!
  11. Besides, Tiger, you also have to worship Monte. Nothing wrong with him. Good guy with fresh ideas. But, the obsession is a little weird.
  12. Thanks, for sharing; TE has solid clubs, quick shipping and great customer service. Have enjoyed the C721 driver, it came around once I lofted up.
  13. Which of these do you recommend for a good value and decent club rentals? Have Angel Park booked, looking for two more.
  14. Are their club rentals good? It seems most rent Callaway Rogues or TM Sim.
  15. Thanks, Tom. Will be playing Angel Park Mountain course end of Sept. They have a crazy deal for 66 dollars includes cart, clubs, balls etc. They are overseeding one week prior, I hope it is playable.
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