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  1. NC Golfer

    Price Trigger

    I never stock up more than 2 dozen. There's always something new I want to try. Then you're stuck with balls you don't want. But, I can see a ProV or TP5 fan boy stocking up on the best deal available. TP5 practice balls are a good one at 19.99 online. Buy enough for free shipping.
  2. I think so. Either 3 for 30 and or a $10.00 off coupon. 2 for 25 is year round. They are a medium-firm 2 piece ball with feel. They replace the D2+ Feel.
  3. Re-reading your post, I'd give a hard look at the Dicks Hammer Controls. They are better then the distance model. Also, likely they will be 3 for 30 (15 ball packs) during Black Friday. Reviews say they are similar and a little better than the previous gen D2+ Feel.
  4. Hammer Distance x-outs. There should be a Black Friday deal available to stack on. Reviews are not great. But, they may serve their purpose for someone who loses a lot of balls. https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/top-flite-hammer-x-out-golf-balls-48-pack-20tflm2020tfhmmrxgbl/20tflm2020tfhmmrxgbl
  5. I will say that is the one downside of the club. They will go left. I suspect it is weighted that way as slicers are a good candidate for this type of club. I tend to hit the ball straight and an occasional left hit isn't a deal breaker. Personally did not like the Altitudes. But, there is a bit of a cult following for that club.
  6. Russ, Once you are hitting the ball well with hybrid irons, you'll get over the stigma quickly. I recommend the HB Turbos. If you can find an old set of HB3's, those are great.
  7. Wait another week, the DSG balls will go on Black Friday sale. 3 for 30 and 10 off coupons etc.
  8. You will like the Soft Feels.
  9. For the same price, you can get TM TP practice balls. https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-2019-tp5-pix-20-practice-bagged-golf-balls https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-tp5-practice-bagged-golf-balls
  10. I prefer Lamkins. They tend to be cheaper and as good as GP's. Like others have said, it's a personal preference on feel. You have to experiment. There's also cost, whether you are putting them on yourself or having golf galaxy do them a $3 per club )not bad). I like Lamkin Crossline 360's. No logo involved, easier to install. Plus, they feel better than regular Crosslines. The gray looks good. Also, I like Sonar Mid-Size plus they are less tapered.
  11. I went through chipping yips for a year. I took my pros advice to stand further away from the ball and did it for the chips and it was gone. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier. Now there's no issue. So, maybe try a set up change. It was a very embarrassing to go through. Yet it was kind of a cool challenge to fix it as well. Also, if your driver is adjustable. Try different settings. Had a similar issue with a 3 wood. Once, I changed my setting, all was good.
  12. Please Provide the following information First Name/City State Andrew/Raleigh Shoe Size 11 Current Shoe Worn Adidas Power Boost What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection - comfort
  13. Brought out a relic from the 70's/80's a MacGregor Nicklaus chipper. It's almost blade like so it's hard to tell whether I have an iron or chipper. An old and now new secret weapon. After a bout of the yips, I have no problem using and enjoying this thing. It's really useful just off the green an area that I always had a problem with. I must have put this away in my 20's as I was getting sh*t from my buddies.
  14. I've seen them in Dicks this week. Waiting for Black Friday sales to pick them up.
  15. Any more feedback on these? I love version 11.
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