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  1. Very nice! My podiatrist said the Gfores are good for the feet because they have a stiffer sole. Enjoy!
  2. Just purchased the Skechers Go Golf Arch fit in white. Seems comfortable out of the box at $110.00. There's a gppd amount of rubber by the toes. I am hoping it provides support and protection for a former broken toe with arthritis.
  3. Most people like the Soft Feel. Great price, distance and feel. Also, a nice yellow color. It checks off a lot of boxes and especially good for the Sr golfer.
  4. I am wondering about the same thing. I went from a heavier regular iron shaft to a lighter senior shaft. My shots are very inconsistent making me wonder of this was a big mistake or if it will take more time. One thing I realized, the standard length shaft I demo'd is different than the +1/2 inch shaft I bought - adding even more flex.
  5. Great, tell us more about the stress free swing, sr golfer here. Pulled up the link and don't see anything related.
  6. I play them for years. Also, I have a MD CB 56 degree and think I made a mistake not getting the CBX2. The MD CB's are ok for chipping. But, lack feel for any kind of full swing.
  7. You don't hear much about Tour Edge C and E series irons. Somehow, higher handicap irons don't get much press.
  8. Don't overlook the HB Turbos. I like them as good as the halos, maybe better. There's probably some new and old sets out there at a good price.
  9. sohopro, Welcome! It sounds like the body and sequencing (hips) are the most responsible for squaring the clubface. To keep an iron shaft loaded that is too flexible, does this proper body and hip rotation become critical?
  10. I am guilty of not getting a result in a few swings or a few rounds and on to the next tip. I might be wrong. But, isn't the golf swing mostly, a full coil, back to the target, body driven turn and a swing from the ground up on the follow through? I know it should work. But, never give it time. I think one reason is if you play 8 months out of the year and maybe 1-2 times per month, you don't want the season spent on something that should work and playing even worse than our band aid swing.
  11. Not looking to pay 50 or 56 a dozen for the new AVX. But, I am seeking a low launch ball off the longer and mid irons. Does e6 fit this bill? Any others?
  12. ok, 3 visits into the TPI medical golf PT. Lots of progress on the frozen shoulder (stretching and manipulation) and making progress on rotation for the mid-upper back. Have been given the following exercises open book (for rotation in upper-mid back), thoracic extension for the lower traps (using foam roller) and more. Today I was given a really cool one. Get on all fours, put the foam roller parallel (towards arms) to left side, slide right hand/arm palm up and roll through, giving an awesome stretch and rotation - good for the golf turn! Do the same on the opposite side. Next up, seeing the TPI golf trainer! It's seems really expensive when considering it. But, the knowledge you gain is priceless.
  13. McGolf, I like your videos! Very down to earth and informative. What exercises are you doing? I am doing open books, thoracic rotation quadruped, downward dog, prone shoulder cars.
  14. Thanks, Greg. I have not been on a monitor. But, upgraded from HB3 irons to XL Halo with a senior shaft and I am losing distance and the flight is noticibly higher. Although, it is in the same family of club, the HL Halo's are much lighter with more flex. I am hitting it straighter. Does that mean, less spin? Thanks, for the suggestions on balls too.
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