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  1. I vote for the HD's!! Have you looked at the Ping G430 HL that is supposed to be for senior golfers? https://www.carlsgolfland.com/ping-g430-hl-irons
  2. OG, How does the Stealth HD irons compare to the XL halo irons? Are they more iron like or similar to a hybrid iron? One of these days, I will take my training wheels off with the XL Halo irons and get something a bit more traditional.
  3. I like these in the summer for a better feel, However, you need to play a bump and run chip. It has a great feel for a firm two piece ball. If it came in a glossy yellow, that would be my ball.
  4. Went to a DO who agreed surgery is not the way to go for a senior person and then I went to a PT. Both agreed my hamstring, quads, hips and lower back are tight. Started to get some good results after 3 weeks of exercises for these areas. But, then I think we over did the open book exercises to get some better rotation in for the golf swing. Back to square one this week. Will skip the open book excercises for a while.
  5. I have the XL Halo irons and they are very large. But, good. How about the Sub70 version. https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-799-irons.html
  6. Nice! I like the packaging and alignment aid on the new one.
  7. OG, Are you playing the new one of prior gen? It's sad that many new balls do not come out in yellow these days.
  8. Thanks, for the details Bob. I have two questions. SQAIRZ promotes a stable shoe. Does this help significantly with a sway? Also, I have chronic trail knee pain from a desk job and playing a lot. Will SQAIRZ help or hurt in this case?
  9. Well said, @chisag. I have tried for 40 years, through trial and error and lessons and never really saw a big change. I am doing better with my natural swing and a move to hybrid irons. Also, for the high handicap crowd, I'd recommend taking an extra club or two with a chip or pitch swing. It would have saved years of trying a new swing fix that resulted in topped and fatted irons shots.
  10. Seems to be an anti-yellow trend here and even worse for glossy yellow. At least, Srixon still has it for most of their line. I guess the demand doesn't warrant the cost for a separate manufacturing process?
  11. I have mixed feelings on the new PGA tour (minus the Liv guys). On one hand guys like Bryson and Cameron Smith are missed. On the other, it is kind of cool to see guys like Zack Johnson, Ricky Fowler and Keegan Bradley to add some life to their careers.
  12. Will it be offered in colors or just white?
  13. Actually, this one was in a rush to do surgery. He suspected I have a torn medial meniscus. He said, we can do an MRI. But, he wouldn't trust the results. He said, let's to this arthroropically and it's the orthos version of getting a dental cleaning, simple! I immediately booked another doc for a second opinion.
  14. Thanks, for sharing. The first doctor I saw wanted to do surgery. I guess I should have not gone to a surgeon not wanting to do surgery as a first option. I am hoping the DO doc will connect me a good PT to get back on track. They do have a golf related PT, that will be a bonus.
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