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  1. One can easily get trashed or made to look stupid at WRX. But, I have also learned a lot from the posters, too. Most PGA pros are eventually chased away. Clearly their traffic is down since the web site upgrade.
  2. Finally, picked up the Soft Feel in yellow. It has maybe the best yellow I have seen. Will report back. Took the 10 off coupon at Golf Galaxy and it was a steal at 10.00 bucks.
  3. Due to carpal tunnel and now limited range of motion, Trying to play with limited wrist hinge on the backswing, any suggestions to get the club up and on-plane?
  4. cool, how about the Soft Feel's performance
  5. Bump, I guess people only care about matte colors these days?
  6. + 1 Was on WRX and always get mocked or usually receive "go get lessons" response to honest questions. They almost always chase away their pros because of these attacks.
  7. Anyone game the Srixon Soft Feel in yellow? I like the white one with green lettering. Was hoping it would feel and play the same. In the past, some times a yellow version feels and looks different. ie: Wilson 50 elite.
  8. Any young professionals (20's) in the Wilmington, NC are wanting to tee it up?
  9. Have carpal tunnel, which recently flared. I notice my wrist barely cocks. What are the best ways to gain power. I believe Stricker uses a swing with just some wrist cock.
  10. Just got back; played Palmetto Dunes Fazio course and it was great, Island West was a decent cheap course; very narrow. The trip from PD to Bluffton was no big deal. Also, went to Adidas at Tanger
  11. Headed to HHI very soon. Based on my research, Bear Creek offers a locals rate and the difference looks significant. Would love to retire there some day. Golf Now. But, I think their local and direct rates are just as good. https://www.golfnow.com/courses/1036279-bear-creek-golf-club-details Enjoy!
  12. Going to HHI in 1 week. How's the current course conditions? Do you have course and food recomendations?
  13. I am also going to Hilton Head in a few weeks. Any updates on current course conditions or courses to play?
  14. Thx. TMAC. Great info. We play Barony last time (5 yrs ) ago and did enjoy it. If you don't mind, I have another question. We're staying at Palmetto Dunes and was thinking about playing the Hills or Fazio course. With the high handicapper and family golf in mind, will it be a waste of time and money? We're looking forward to our return to HHI. Thx again!
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