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  1. Although, I agree an instructor is not magic. It may not always work, you can get conflicting advice. But, it's really your only choice. The good news is you have a lot of potential. It's hard to tell, but, it looks like something is wrong with the set up - too much weight towards the target with the upper body at address? Also, try HB Turbo irons and Cobra Big Tour 3 wood. you can always trade or sell them. They hold their value.
  2. Anyone try to "receive the club" in their left hand (rightie) to grip the club? For the first time, I can make a full turn. At 4:15 the tip starts. Mr. SG is a bit odd.
  3. Golf is a game of opposites. Normal thinking would have been to lower the tee. Pretty cool.
  4. Is squaring the face this easy? Address and grip in-front of your stance. I hope this will tame my slice with a new driver.
  5. NC Golfer

    Vice Tour

    These are sold at WalMart now.
  6. Any good tips out there for a ball that goes straight for a majority of the distance and tails off hard to the right with the driver?
  7. I don't think we'll see a Velocity and TruFeel combo.
  8. Have the same putter for 15 years, time for an upgrade!
  9. interesting how they always come up with ProV's off a "fitting".
  10. Good conversation on how these balls are out of balance. But, how do these play for the average hack trying to get a taste of urethane at a lower cost?
  11. I have chronic tendonitis in the trail wrist, with a limited range of motion and the club is getting too vertical and my lead wrist is cupped in the backswing. Are there any work arounds to get the club more on plane, towards the waiter position at the top of the backswing?
  12. C721 driver TE is getting rave reviews.
  13. I demo'd the E521 driver and liked it. Why not take advantage of their 30 day trial? If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason you may return it to us within 30 days of receipt for a full credit. https://shop.touredge.com/pages/30-day-trial-program
  14. Here's a good article talking about improving your set up if you have physical limitations. It was interesting to see that John Rahm has a limited ROM in his hips. https://golf.com/news/how-to-swing-around-your-physical-limitations/ Flaring my trail foot seems to help in a better turn in the backswing. I have a bad back.
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