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  1. Still waiting for the Max to come out retail and very few online retailers have them available, just Fairway Golf and Callaway. Looks like a slow roll out.
  2. Choosing a shaft based on swing speed sounds interesting, especially as a slow swinger. The problem with TE is they have far less exposure in retail shops.
  3. Good suggestions. I love the srixon soft feel and do get good distance from the ball. Just curious about the max, need all of the help I can get as a sr golfer with a slow swing.
  4. I hear you guys. I am after distance and based on the previous gen, it didn't go far. I guess many of us are suckers of marketing in this game. With that said, my son and wife could benefit from the ball as they have more trouble with contact. The chipping alone would make it worth it for this targeted audience. I don't recall playing the Magna in the sand, I suspect, it would be easier to get out of the sand.
  5. The SS max is a legal ball. "It has an oversized design (three per cent larger than a standard ball), which Callaway say promotes distance, straight ball flight, and super soft characteristics in an easy-to-hit construction that conforms to the rules of golf."
  6. NC Golfer

    SuperSoft Max

    Looking forward to trying the new SuperSoft Max. To me, the Magna which it replaces had a great concept of a larger easier to hit ball. But, distance and feel lacked. They were sure fun to chip with. I hope they have it right with the Max for feel and distance. It would make the game more fun for the targeted audience.
  7. For those that recommend fittings. How many strokes do you save or is it a small amount and they just feel better. Years ago, I saw Vijay Singh choke down on his clubs and I went with + one inch and thought I'd choke down. I play these at a full length and love them. Do I play better? Probably not, they just feel great.
  8. I think this strategy makes sense for one who shoots 110 and up or it is not a bad way to learn the game. I agree, the approach with a 7 iron is no guarantee for the bogey or above bogey golfer.
  9. Is there a regular hybrid fli-hi or is the one part of the JPX921 combo set the same thing?
  10. interesting, the max version is now a new standard.
  11. Watched the vid: Basically, we are shifting (hip bump) in the downswing and rotating our torso in the downswing to create forward shaft lean? The flipping motion looks quite familar.
  12. Thanks, for sharing. I have the HB Launchers and a Sr golfer and was going to go to the HB Turbos. Was thinking about the set that would be senior friendly for the next 5-10 years. Your thread has me thinking.
  13. Anyone order the lower hybrids, 6 or 7? Curious as a high capper senior, if these my replace might Cleveland HB's. I like the recoil shafts.
  14. HB Turbos are a no brainer. You can even get them with recoil shafts.
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