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  1. Bigger wheels = easier to push. I have a Sun mountain 3 wheel and a Sun Mountain 4 wheel. The 3 is easier to push even though its about 8lbs heavier (is an older steel tubed model). One time at a course in Denver decided to play par 3 course after doing 18 in a riding cart. So rented a pull cart and it had 27in bicycle wheels. It pulled like a feather despite being a really heavy duty rental at public course. I was amazed at how easily it pulled. Nothing like that currently on the market, but it reallly drove home the point that larger wheels roll easier. My three wheeler pulls better
  2. Brian Dellacroce - 58 Colorado Springs,CO & Anthem,Az (snowbird) distance & consistancy with the long clubs 20 hrs of instruction with another outfit and I'm still 20 handicap (club avg is 13). Frustration level high, Help!
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