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  1. Male, age 75. Healthy and mobile but tired of having second shots at 180-210, thus poor GIR's, and occasional blow up holes. Average drives 210/220, generally straight and in the fairway. Getting out of traps and putting, (side saddle for 35 years), generally not an issue. Average scoring high 80's to low 90's. Golfaholic! Would like to shoot 27 holes and throw out the first 9😁. Hope I'm a lucky winner on this.
  2. 75 year old golfaholic! Still healthy and mobile but have naturally lost yardage. Am now a 19 handicap that many years ago was a 10.3. Direction off the tee, getting out of sand traps, and putting, (side saddle for 35 years), are not my major issues. Having second shots of 180/210 yards is killing me, hence rarely making GIR! My average drives are now between 200 and 220 creating long second shots. Tried senior shafts to see if they would increase club head speed but way too erratic in direction so went back to regular shafts. Got fitted for driver and irons so equipment, sadly, is not th
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