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  1. Awesome! I'm in the market for the same setup. Which graphite shafts were fitted/recommended at PGASS? And which graphite shafts are in your Sub70 irons? Thanks for the info. Congrats on your new irons!
  2. Odyssey Dual Force 662 (with the best putter insert ever made, imo) has spent the majority of the last 20+ years as my primary putter. It has outlasted and outperformed numerous Scottys, Betis, and other Odyssey. Recently purchased an Evnroll ERB2 and put it in the bag last week, but the DF 662 is faithfully standing by.
  3. Alabama Enhanced Sports Cream -- Full Spectrum Focused on scoring well, encouraging others and recognizing good shots I use the Heart app on my iPhone
  4. And then the caddie lies about it. Uh, dude, you were caught on national TV.
  5. Steve — Opelika, AL Yes — Golfshot app on iPhone but currently shopping for/comparing golf watches NX7 rangefinder
  6. Steve / Alabama Odyssey Stroke Lab V-Line S Right hand Just purchased an Odyssey Stroke Lab V-Line S last week and would like to compare it against the TA impact No. 3. Perfect opportunity to objectively compare to highly-rated mallet putters.
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