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  1. John Colorado Springs, CO Yes, probably walk about 85% of my rounds Clicgear 3.5+
  2. 1. John from Colorado 2. 21 Handicap and ~105 driver swing speed 3. Callaway GBB Epic 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  3. 1. John from Colorado 2. I'm a 21 handicap with a driver swing speed of ~100 3. Callaway GBB Epic (2017) 4. Given my tendencies I'd love to try review the G410 SFT Thank you very much.
  4. John Colorado Callaway GBB Epic 10.5/Fujikura Pro 63/67g Current driver/shaft/shaft weight ~100mph
  5. Would love to see how this compares to my Epic. Thanks for the opportunity. John/Colorado Callaway GBB Epic 9.5 degrees/Fuji Pro 63 98mph/24 handicap 9.5 degrees/MCA Tensei Blue Stiff 67g (GolfPride CP2 Wrap Midsize if you'll let me choose my grip)
  6. I started lessons with GolfTec this past October. Have one lesson about every week. In my case I'm glad they're teaching me their swing because I have never had any meaningful swing instruction. I too like the immediate video feedback as well as the data you get about every swing. I like that my instructor is building a swing and not just putting a bandaid on what I came in with. Looking forward to my club fitting as well as I'm planning on getting new clubs this spring. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I'm in the process of taking advantage of a 1/2 price full bag fitting from Club Champion. Did the putter fitting in December so the wife could get me a putter for Christmas. Looking forward to getting the rest done in the next couple of weeks. Putter fitting was a great experience. Felt like I learned a lot about my stroke working with the SAM Lab.
  8. New forum member here after finding MGS last fall and reading as much of the articles there as I could. I've already followed the buyer's guide advice on several items much to my satisfaction. So glad I found this site; the consumer's reports of golf. I'm a mostly retired attorney who is now committing to playing golf on a regular basis. Looking forward to a new set of irons (and perhaps other clubs) soon and continued lessons to improve my game. Wish I had committed to golf years ago, but glad I'm getting into it now. Looking forward to learning from and sharing with this community here at MGS.
  9. 1-Colorado Springs, CO 2-25 3-Launcher HB Driver; Launcher HB 3W; Launcher HB Hybrid 21* CBX Irons 4-PW; RTX Wedges 50*, 54*, 58*, HB3 Putter
  10. Welcome to the forums GROWLR :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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