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  1. Ryan Reading, MA TM R9 SuperTri TP 8.5 Speeder 757 stiff tipped 1/2 " Handicap 3.7 Swing speed 117 mph TSi3
  2. Ryan Reading, MA During the winter, and most of the season (with two little ones), I'll practice on my living room carpet. It's not too slow but not too quick and I have a hole to putt to. This has helped work on my stroke, especially with the little ones who love to play too. I have a mat that I can unroll in my basement but it's hard to use since it doesn't sit flat and I'm pretty sure it's a valley in the middle keeping all of the putts on line. I'd like to test the fast/championship, since I play a mix of courses, it's more difficult getting used to the fast greens than the medium or slow ones because there are not enough public courses with fast enough greens near me to practice for tournaments.
  3. 1 handicap 3.2, Massachusetts 2 currently play Taylormade R9 TP C stamp 3-P 3 I've heard of sub70 through MGS and did some research after that but haven't tried them or investigated more yet. But as can be seen by my current set, I don't switch easily but always like to test new clubs
  4. Ryan, Massachusetts HC- 3.5 / Driver swing speed - 117 TaylorMade R9 Supertri 8.5 degree - Speeder 757 Stiff tipped 1/4" Epic Flash Sub Zero
  5. Ryan, Massachusetts Handicap 3.5 TaylorMade ZTP 52.09 TaylorMade R Series 56.12 and 60.10 XW-1 - 52, 56 and 60
  6. Ryan Massachusetts HC - 4 TM R9 TP c stamp 3-P/ProjectX rifle 6.5 +1/2" i500 blue dot
  7. Ryan, Massachusetts 31yo 4 handicap Taylormade R9 TP Type C 3-P/ProjectX 6.5 +1/2"
  8. Ryan Massachusetts TM ztp 52.9 and 60.7, TM R Series 56.12 Would like to test and review 52.9, 56.12 and 60.10 plus 1/2" could use some new grooves to test how worn mine are
  9. Ryan, Massachusetts Bushnell Tour v3 until it was stolen last year. Right now it's old school measuring with yardage markers until I buy a new one
  10. Ryan, Massachusetts Taylormade R9 SuperTri 8.5*/ Fujikura Motore Speeder 757 - Stiff tipped 1/2" Swing Speed - 118 MPH/Handicap - 5 ST 180 9.5*/ MCA Tensei Blue Tipped 1/2"
  11. Ryan Massachusetts Taylormade ZTP 52.09*, 60.07* Taylormade R-Series 56.12* Handicap - 5.0 Strengths - distance covered (wedges cover 160y and in) and bunker play Weaknesses - spin inside 40yds from fairway
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