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  1. Mark / London / UK Currently using a Cleveland Frontline Elevado Would love to test a Piper C. I love the looks of the Heppler putters and have always preferred a firmer feel as I have much better speed that way. I am left eye dominant so zero offset / centre-shafted works really well for me but I went away from it as I felt it was less forgiving of off-centre strikes. Would really like to see how centre-shafted with more heel/toe weighting works for me and mid-mallet is a great shape. Thanks.
  2. I have played a lot of heavy putter / counterbalanced set-ups over the years and am generally a believer but as others have noted, distance control from long range was always my weak link. I played all last season with a Cleveland TFI Elevado CB (405g head/130g-or so grip) and putted the best I have done for a while, including from long range. Came out this year after not playing for 4-5 months over the winter and just felt the total weight seemed really heavy so went back to a more standard weighted putter and have putted well but just put together a TM Mullen 2 with standard headweight but a 100g weight in the butt so counterbalanced but without extra weight in the head, so lighter swingweight more along Edel-type lines. So far I like it but it is early days and I also changed quite a few other things in the putter at the same time so it's not a controlled experiment.
  3. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Luke List Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -18
  4. Tier 1: Patrick Reed Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Andy Sullivan Tier 4: Charlie Hoffman Tier 5: Ryan Fox Winning Score: -15
  5. 1. Rose 2. Dechambeau 3. Finau 4. Fitzpatrick 5. Byeong-Hun An Score: -8
  6. Crunch time for Rory now. If he makes this putt, it's on. If he misses I think it will be really tough mentally for him.
  7. Wow both ways for Rory in the space of 2 mins. Good grief.
  8. Someone near the top is definitely going to go very low. Please ABS.
  9. OK, maybe neither of the last group are going to get it done !
  10. So right now the best picks would have been: Rory (2) Reed (1) Jimmy Walker (T15) Molinari (T21) Cameron Smith (T12) But bet it will be something different after today...
  11. I'm not sure that's so good for Rory - the last thing he needs on this course is to get more amped. Just have to pray that Reed has one bad/average round in him ...
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