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  1. tier 5 : Kevin Na tie break: - 16 Thanks MGS and Wilson Staff! for this great contest
  2. Andrew from British Columbia, Canada Currently playing Ping G with stock alta in soft regular flex 7 iron distance: 130 ish G700 sure are sharp looking for this category of club, would much rather look at them in the bag than most other GI type clubs. Thanks to MGS and PING for another great opportunity. Good luck all>
  3. Thanks MGS and Wilson Staff for another great contest. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Marc Leishman Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5: Thorbjorn Olesen Tie Breaker: -8 I wish all other entrants a bit of good luck, but not too much.
  4. Andrew from British Columbia Ping G SFtec with stock Alta 55 in Soft Regular Swing speed - 80ish, Hcp - 25 12.5* head with ? (it is here that I would ask for the opinion of those more knowledgeable than I...the Mizuno site lists the Mitsubishi Bassara as the only Lite flex option, but it is substantially lighter than the Alta 11g, where as the Tensei Orange is only in Regualr flex, but is only 2g heavier. I lean towards the Tensei because of that, but am open to either if you think it'd be better to try the Bassara, or if you need someone to test with it. Thanks for any thoughts and the chances to test some exciting gear).
  5. Here's one I've been waiting for! These were on my shortlist of clubs to demo, but I live in the middle of nowhere and none were available to me. I couldn't justify the layout without getting them in hand. Through my research I was thinking of a combo set, but that could always come later. 1. Andrew from British Columbia 2. Playing Ping G in the stock Soft Regular flex 3. Handicap is mid 20s 4. Would love to test either one, but will say the Launcher HB, as the longer irons are more where I could use help. In closing, I'd like to say..."Oh, Oh, Oh, Pick me Mr. Kotter." Hey it worked for Horshack.
  6. Once again, thanks for a great opportunity. Have read some good things about the Wilson Staff product line, but the small stores in my area carry a limited amount of stock, so haven't had a chance to get hands on. Andrew from British Columbia Playing Ping G with stock shaft in soft regular flex Hcp is 25 ish Would be thrilled to test either, but expect the C 300 is the better choice for me Thanks and Good Luck to all.
  7. Greetings from the great white north. And yes, it is still a bit on the white side. And yes, i'm losing my patience with mother nature. 1. Andrew from British Columbia 2. Mid 20s hcp, swing speed low 80s 3. currently playing the G SF Tec ( SR flex, 12*) 4. would love a go at either the SF Tec or the MAX I have just changed my employment situation from 55-60 hr/wk (both day and night shifts), to full time 8-4, so plan is for 4,5,6 rounds a week, plus some practice time (maybe more once summer is in full swing), so shooting for substantial improvement this season. Good luck everyone!
  8. Masters Pool: Tier 1: Bubba Watson Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Bryson Dechambeau Tier 5: Shubhankar Sharma Winning Score: - 18 Low Am: + 8 Good Luck to all! but mostly me
  9. Hello Spies. Finally decided to sign up and donate after several months of researching on the site. Definitely money well spent. Anyway, i'm a fat old guy who'd like to suck less at golf. (realistically i'd love to get index into the teens, currently mid 20s, although being in northern Canada, my off season is pretty long and wreaks havoc on the game). Been playing for 4 years now after dabbling as a kid then stopping for 30ish years. I like to say I have a decent short game, but it unfortunately starts at the tee box. Now back to waiting, (not that patiently), for mother nature to get her poop in a group and get rid of the damn snow......have a great season everyone.
  10. Firstly, thanks for giving us Canadians a chance. 1- Andrew from British Columbia 2- Current bag: Ping G SF Tec Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood Ping G hybrids 4,5,6 Ping G Irons 8,9,P,U Mizuno JPX wedge Cameron Select Fast Back all clubs are graphite SR flex 3- ended last season at 24 hcp (probably a bit higher to start as that was October) 4- goals for 2018. would love to drop the hcp under 20 (maybe the connect info can focus me on what i should be working on, i usually just play) and have some fun with friends. if my budget allowed it, i'd probably be testing F8 one length anyway. again thanx for the opportunity and good luck to all.
  11. Welcome to the forums DuffyMcHackster :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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