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  1. I know it's a very niche market but I'm hoping someone here has some inside gossip. I've heard rumors of a low loft long drive Rogue head coming but no one (including one shop that has them available for pre-order) seems to know what they are actually going to be. I've heard that they are just going to be the old XR16 head re-branded, that they are going to be the new XR Speed and that they might in fact be an actual 5 degree Rogue head. Anyone know for sure? Cheers.
  2. Craig Springwood, NSW, Australia Mizzy MP 53, DG X100. 165m
  3. Craig New South Wales, Australia No official handicap, still handing in cards after a 15 year break from playing. Expecting my handicap to be about 20ish once I have all my cards in. Was playing off 2 before a lengthy break. Swing speed about 120-122. Usually a Srixon Z765 but occasionally the old Callaway Razr Hawk. Both 10.5 degrees. I'd like to test the G400 LST as I struggle with keeping spin down and prefer a slightly smaller head but below is the recommendation from Ping online fitting G400 Max 9.0 degree Alta CB55 x-Stiff 45.75" Tour Velvet 360 White Model Whi
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