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  1. Yea he would kill me if I ran out and got a driver without getting fit, I have been hitting it straighter. I just picked it up a few days ago so I only have 2 range sessions worth of practice with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. my only concern with used was not really knowing what shaft i needed, i figure i was a standard but ended up i needed a stiff
  3. Will from Michigan Recently returning to the game since not playing fir a while so the handicap is up there around 30. Currently using an old set of Nike Slingshot OSS irons with the stock true temper shafts. I think it would be great to compare technology over a deacade old with new game improvement irons and the difference they could make in my handicap. If chosen I would like the C300 irons
  4. at the end of the day i hit the new one further and straighter, still have lots of work to do on my own game and that wont stop either, at least i have a club i can adapt as i get better
  5. yes a good player can hit garbage clubs because they have the skill to make up for the lack of forgiveness, etc
  6. Well went and did a driver fitting, I hit the Ping G400, Callaway Rogue, The M3, and the Cobra F8, got a few different shafts, I hit the Ping and the Cobra instantly better. Still hitting with left to right ball flight but the fitter was able to see that my club path was really good, which I already knew from lessons, so he said it's likely that my hips are faster than my hands, so sometimg to work on during lessons. I ended up with the Cobra as I was able to hit it more consistently straight and it has more adjustability as my swing develops, club head speed averaged 95 so he put me in a stiffer shaft. Here's the real shocking number, best carry distance with my old Nike 175, Cobra F8 217! How's that for technology!
  7. we will see, heading to get a fit in a couple hours, if we can make some improvement great, if its not worth spending the money on equipment at least i have that piece of mind as well. $50 well spent
  8. yea im currently working with a 12+ year old Nike Ignite 360cc driver lol
  9. Thanks guys, I'm gonna go talk with the fitters at Miles of Golf before my range session today and just get some opinions.
  10. its much less of a push than it is a suggestion that if im going to replace something start with that because its the oldest and the newer designs would yield the most benefit?
  11. right, but with the adjustability of weight and face angle of new drivers would i benefit?
  12. dude......that video plus the high handicap driver fitting one make me wanna run out tomorrow and spend $$$ lol
  13. i dont really have intentions of buying a new driver without a fit, my concern was my swing being "good" enough to hit balls consistently for evaluation
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