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  1. I bought a "cheap" one from Amazon and it has performed brilliantly. It also has the added benefit of taking regular AAA batteries which are easy to keep in the bag for emergency battery changes. It is a YUNDOO brand, but I'm not sure if it still available. I'm sure any cheap chinese rangefinder would most likely be the same exact thing, made in the same factory. Don't have any qualms about getting a cheap one from Amazon. It even has the slope feature (which I don't ever use). It came with a nice little carrying case as well.
  2. 1. Michael. Upland, CA 2. About a 13 3. PW 58*, 8*bounce Mizuno Mp-33; GW 52*, 8*bounce, Cleveland 588; SW 56*, 12*bounce, Ping Tour S; LW 60*, 4* bounce Nike SV+ 4. 52 mid bounce, 56 higher bounce, 60 mid bounce
  3. Michael California Callaway Golf Hyper X Tour 9.5* with a Fujikura Fit-on e360 Stiff Shaft Fit for driver - no
  4. Michael, CA 38 yrs old, 8 handicap Mizuno MP-33's with Dynamic Gold Sensicore S300's
  5. Michael, CA 48* Mizuno, 52* Cleveland, 56* Ping, 60* Nike 52*, 56*, 60* all with mid/high bounce
  6. - Michael - California, USA - Mizuno MP-33, Dynamic Gold Sensicore Stiff - 157 yards - 7 iron
  7. Michael, California Callaway Hyper X Tour/Fujikura Fit On E360 Blue Graphite - Stiff Flex 105 mph, 11.1 handicap index MCA Tensei Blue Stiff Flex
  8. Michael Schinler/CA, USA Nike VR Pro 60/6, Ping Tour S 56/12, Cleveland 588 Tour Action 52/08 I'm strong with sand play, but am sorta weak with pitching. 12.4 Handicap
  9. Michael from California Mizuno MP33's with Dynamic Golf Sensicore S300 shafts 13 handicap C300 Forged
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