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  1. They would make for an interesting 36hole marathon day... LOL
  2. That's the rumor and especially now that The Vineyard has fallen back a bit(still a great course, just not kept in as pristine a condition as it once was). My little hometown of Batavia has some damn good(and pricey lol) golf with Stonelick and Elk's Run...
  3. We should do one of these at Stonelick eventually... Even though i live 10min from it, I still havent played there and need a good excuse to pay those greens fees, lol
  4. It was surprising dry for the most part at Legendary Run on the front9, I'm sure the hillier back9 is probably swampy in many places though...
  5. I played yesterday. It was technically in the 50sF but was very windy... shot 43 first time out this year...
  6. I still need to play over there. I'm a member at Legendary, might have to meet up for a round sometime...
  7. My life has been turned upside down in the last month and a half... but I might be able to come once or twice depending on time and location...
  8. Oops... Just realized I have the 7s model, which has some toe hang(a term that, tbh, I had never heard of till I looked this putter up, lol...) but it's less than 45°. Interestingly, I think I might have accidently chosen the perfect putter for me. While I try to come straight back and thru, I do have a slight amount of arc to my putter stroke. So, in theory, and according to the vids I've been watching, it should line up with the amount of toe hang this putter has. There was definitely something about this putter I couldn't quite put my finger on when I was messing around with the offerings they have at Golf Exchange. I have liked the look of the "Fang" style putters ever since I started playing again last year and saw the one that one of the guys, I was playing with was using. So, over the last month or so, I had been looking at several different brands trying to narrow it down when I saw the one I eventually purchased sitting there amongst the used putters the other day. This one just felt right in my hands at impact on the few putts I hit with it.
  9. Been looking at putters lately and found a deal I couldn't pass up... Traded in my 2hybrid with a Diamana R-flex shaft(put the HZRDUS 6.5 on my TSi2 hybrid and then swapped the Tensei with the Diamana that was on a 816 H1 I gave my brother) and my old G2i CraZ-e. Got $100 for the hybrid and $20 for the putter and then used that to snag one of these in near mint condition... It was tagged at $169.99 and they gave me $30 off. So, I walked out the door $39 and some change lighter for a $220+ putter... Btw, if any of you live in the Cincinnati, OH area, Check out Golf Exchange in Eastgate. Those guys really know how to take care of their repeat customers. Can't believe I got $100 in trade for that hybrid...
  10. Man... i need to search the forums more often. I would have liked to participate in this.
  11. Been trying something out the last few rounds... The TSi3 20° hybrid is an awesome club. I have been hitting this thing so long that I decided to try taking the 17° out of the bag and putting my 5i back in. There has been a hole in my gapping since I tinkered with my hybrids the last time. My 24° hybrid is a 210-215yd club and my 6i is 180-185 on a good day. I have learned that I can't take an "easy" swing with a hybrid and still make solid contact consistently, so I had been hooding the 6i and swinging a bit harder to try and cover the gap. Which works ok most of the time but doesn't really hold the greens very well unless I'm hitting from an elevated position. Plus, I tend to put some draw spin on the ball when I do it. It's been a bit of a work in progress with the 5i but I've hit some good shots with it...also some bad ones, lol... But that's how it goes when you're a midteens handicap, right?
  12. Been awhile since I posted in here and figured it was about time... It's still a love affair, lol. I have been hitting some great drives recently including one that I estimate went close to 340... but I had a ripping tail wind and a tight draw that hit a sloping fairway just right. I was also raging mad after making my 7th 3-putt of the round on the previous hole. It was the last hole and I just swung as hard as I could to relieve some anger and caught it dead center. Had a PW into a shortish par5 at 477. Skied it just a hair and found the greenside bunker. Played a beautiful low spinner out of it and just missed the eagle by an inch but a gimmie bird was a welcomed sight after my trials and tribulations on the greens that round... What a wasted opportunity though. I shot 44+44=88 at Legendary Run outside Cincy with that horrible display of putting. Ironically, a couple days later, I shot 43+45=88 on a day I couldn't hit an approach shot but was chipping like a beast, lol... As far as the TSi3 goes, I've been averaging in the 270-290 range and for the most part, have been shaping both fades and that tight draw on command... though, there aren't really a lot of places I need to hit a fade with my driver on that course. Usually, I hit that shot when there is a R->L crosswind and I'm just using it to ride the wind down the middle of the fairway. In other news... I got to mess around with a TSr3 at a local shop the other day... In all seriousness though, I can't see myself getting one of those anytime soon. Financially, it doesn't make a lot of sense and performance wise, a couple mph more isn't really going to do much for my game.
  13. Maybe I'm not quite good enough anymore to notice a difference because all three of my TT 6.5s seem to load the same and I can lay into them without fear of slicing the way my stiff shafts can sometimes.
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