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  1. I feel ya there. I kinda got lucky with mine. Right time, right place, right price. Found it used at a local shop but it was still in great condition. I think there was one tiny little scratch on the very bottom of the face. I'm guessing whoever owned it before me might have hit it a couple dozen times. Plus, it already had a nice Kuro Kage Black stiff shaft on it and it had my preferred grip. I think I paid $200 after taxes. Eventually, I might get a new HZRDUS extra stiff put on it just so it matches my driver and hybrids but it works great as is.
  2. I really love my TSi2 16.5* HL 3w. I don't feel like I'm losing all that much distance with it compared to the 15* that I tested(maybe 10yds?) but I do think I have better control with it... off the tee. I couldn't hit either off the deck though. Which is why I just got a 17* TS2 hybrid for fairway use.
  3. There are also different kinds of hybrids... You have the traditional ones that look like a fat iron that needs a diet... like this... Then you have the ones I use that look more like a fairway wood that already went on a diet, lol... Is it Callaway that refers to these as "super hybrids"...?
  4. Me likey... it may whack better than it looks and man does it tell you when you struck one well. This TS2 17° has a distinct metallic "ping" sound to it, which only gets louder the better you hit it. Strangely, it has a completely different sound than my TS2 21°, which has a cracking kind of sound, with a bit of a metallic clink underneath. Not really sure how far i was hitting it, as the range i went to has a weird distance marking system but it was carrying 15-20yds further than the 21°. I'm guessing it was in the 230range with a couple stretching to 240. Not bad on a bit of a chilly spring evening with a mild headwind.
  5. Well... I am very satisfied with it at first glance, it's in better condition than I thought. It's hard to tell sometimes how clean the faces are and especially with dark colored clubs but it's nearly flawless... Now let's just hope it whacks as good as it looks, lol...
  6. Come on FedEx... Don't ya know I'm trying to get in a range session with my new hybrid and maybe even squeeze 9 holes in this evening before I get monsooned on the next two days...
  7. TSi2s are a solid driver. I messed around with both that and a TSi3 in a simulator back before thanksgiving and was impressed with both. I wound up choosing the TSi3 for my driver because i figured that with it's combination of weight/hosel settings, i could find something that would work for me if i didn't mesh with it early on.(ironically, it actually works best for me in the neutral weight setting, LOL). Plus i wanted the lower ball flight that i was getting in the sim compared to the TSi2... Before i had ordered my driver, i was at a local shop and was basically forced into buying a very lightly used TSi2 3w because of the price they offered it to me at. I didn't get to play for a week plus after i got it because of bad weather and ordered my TSi3 in that downtime. When i finally did get to play again, i instantly fell in love with the 3w and i spent the next 9wks worrying that i ordered the wrong driver. Luckily though, it wasn't an issue as i really like the TSi3 driver. So, considering your fitting recommendation combined with the way i hit the TSi2 3w and my short but good sim session with the driver version i would recommend at least doing another sim session with a TSi2 before making a final decision.
  8. Just ordered my next hybrid... TS2 17° HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.5 Found a lightly used one on 2ndSwing. It was listed as an 8(Average) but the face was near mint looking. It had a couple scratches on the top which likely held it back from being a 9 rating but that's fine with me. So, here in a few days my hybrids will be... TS2 17° TS2 21° 818 H1 27°(i will be tuning it down to 26°) I think(well hope might be the better word) that this will end my Club Acquisition Syndrome for the time being, lol... Well, unless i wind up pulling the trigger on a set GW to match my AP2s. But I'm starting to hit the vokey 50° pretty good, so I'm not so sure I will make that purchase.
  9. I doubt he's going to go but I'll keep working on him if there's an open slot
  10. ebay is another option for finding a decent used set of clubs. Like cnosil said above, go hit some used clubs in the simulators at a local shop. Figure out what works for you and then looks for the best deal. That might very well be online on ebay or even 2ndSwing. I went thru a similar thing last summer when i started playing again. Had a bag full of early 2000s clubs. Since then, I have gone a bit nuts, as you can see from my clubs listed below, lol. I've bought clubs from both ebay and 2ndSwing and haven't had a bad experience with either yet. Just make sure anything you get from ebay is from a seller with a good history.
  11. If I can talk him into coming, is my regular playing partner welcome, or is this a forum members only thing?. I don't think he participates here but it's possible he has an account. I'll have to ask him tomorrow. But he's good people... and a pretty good golfer. I think I've beat him three or four times(out of probably 50 or 60 rounds) since I started playing again. If he isn't already, probably close to a single digit index.
  12. Went to the range this morning to do some side-by-sides with my hybrids and long irons to try to figure this mess out. Along the way, I think I figured out why I wasn't clicking with the TS2 hybrid... I was trying to hit it like and expecting the results to be similar to my 818 19°. It finally dawned on me that it's not going to carry the same distance and stopped trying to muscle it out to 220-230.... and wouldn't you know it, 210ish yard high launched, soft landing beauties started flying off the face of it, lol. So, I think I'm going to give the TS2 #2 hybrid a try. Found one online with the right shaft and grip for a decent price. Hopefully it's still available in a week. It should serve two functions, first being my "long/driving iron" and then, hopefully, it can also be consistent as my "3w/5w" club from the fairway. Eventually I think I can get my 3w launching properly without a tee but in the meantime, I think this will work. it may just come down to gapping. Also, I've almost pulled the trigger on a set GW for my AP2s. One was an auction and I got distracted by something and forgot to check it again before it ended or I might have had that one already.
  13. I've also been eyeing the G410/425 Hybrids. They have a look about them that pleases my eye...
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