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  1. Tied my best on the front at Legendary today... 39... They have some of the tees up but it was a bit windy and there was no roll, so it pretty much evened out. Two lip outs for bird hurt...
  2. Kirkland irons... Will be eagerly awaiting the reviews on these. I've almost pulled the trigger on some new irons a couple times this year but the prices have just been a bit out of my range. Might be a couple months before these find their way back in stock but i will be all eyes and ears until then...
  3. Played one of my better... if not the best round I've played, at my home course Legendary Run yesterday. 40 on the front and 40 on the back... Cant remember if i broke 80 there before. It's just too bad i 3-putted for par 18
  4. Front 9 was pretty good 42 at Legendary... we wont talk about the back 9...LOL
  5. Yea, it was a fun course for sure.
  6. Yea, i want to play it again in late spring or early summer when everything is in full bloom. Its hard to get a sense of some of the lines without the leaves on the trees. The one where you were looking down in the gulley for your ball that was actually near the top of the hill was one. From the tee, you have little perspective on how the hole turns to the left without that solid treeline straight out to draw your eyes towards the dogleg.
  7. @Ben Joest Well, that was fun... on the back 9 lol. We had some struggles on the front but we both played some good golf on the back. I forgot to add my score but I think I shot 42 on the back after an awesome 51 on the front. Interesting course... Some unique design elements. You could definitely tell on a couple holes that they werent really designed with shorter tees in mind. The first par5 was one of them. Just an odd driving line from where we tee'd off at. Either have to hit a 10yd wide strip of fairway between a treeline and a bunker, bomb it over the bunker into a bowl of rough, or play short to the wide area that might not give you a direct line to the green. Massive greens on many holes. Good for keeping the greens from getting beat up... but, whether it's missing such a big target from the fairway or staring down a 80fter... not so good for the ego... LOL
  8. Well... i dont think i was successful, lol. But it's all good, I'll see you gentlemen out there tomorrow. teetime 1:10pm
  9. Trying to talk my one buddy into playing... He's a pretty good golfer. I've been having some swing issues lately. Driving the ball pretty decent but my iron game is a mess lol.
  10. Forecast just keeps getting better... Now its mostly sunny high of 61 and little to no wind...
  11. Well... it looks like none of my friends are going to be able to make it either, ugh. I guess it's just you and I unless someone from here decides to join us...
  12. Just thought of something... The time change is Saturday night, so I went ahead and got the earliest time available, 1:10pm. That way we shouldnt have any problem finishing before dark... Theoretically lol $62 greens fee for Sundays.
  13. Looks like the morning is all booked up... plenty of spots in the early afternoon though. I wait to see if anyone else has an input on the time before i make one.
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