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  1. I've also been struggling to track my drives in the air since returning to the game a couple months ago. I've tried a few different colored balls. The pink Maxfli SoftFli are pretty good if you can handle using a pink ball. The Srixon Soft Feel Brite Orange balls are also pretty good. Both aren't nearly as bad to clean as the Calloway ones I've tried.
  2. Yep... but the way i figure, even a semi well used ProV1 is better than most used cheap balls.
  3. Have you thought about refurbished balls? They sell used Titleists at Walmart... Titleist Golf Balls, Used, Mint Quality, 15 Pack - Walmart.com or some NXTs... Titleist Golf Balls, Used, Good Quality, 24 Pack - Walmart.com
  4. Gotta love Kroger stores. Just got a 3dz box of "refurbished" ProV1x for $39.99. They sometimes have these and other times they have ProV1s. Sometimes these are hit or miss but i got a good one today. Only one ball was unplayable(had a deformity). 20 or so looked like they were hit once, maybe. 7 or 8 had very minor marks/scuffs and the rest had some wear but not bad enough that i wouldn't play them.
  5. I walked all the time when i was younger. I used to work at The Vineyard outside Cincy, OH and that gave me free golf at all the GreatParks(formerlly the Hamilton Co Park District) courses around the city, only had to pay for cart. So i started walking and playing for free most of the time. The back9 at the Vineyard is pretty hilly so i would walk the front and ride the back. Still have a nice Titleist carry bag that i will use again at some point and even being nearly 20yrs old and heavilly used back then, the stand still works perfectly. Ironically, i had just ordered my new Cincy Bengals cart bag that i posted in the WITB thread the night before this happened, lol.
  6. Lol... Not a scratch on it. It rolled off to the left side of the hole about 50' but didn't hit anything. It was one of those top heavy Yamaha carts and as sharp as it turned, I'm actually amazed it didn't flip over and crush me instead of just ejecting me out... Ironically, this isn't the first time I've been thrown out of a cart. I used to drive the beer cart at the same course right after high school and i clipped a railroad tie that they used to have lining the edge of some the teeboxes on the side of the cart path. Didn't get hurt then either but i landed flat on my chest that time.... and was 20yrs younger. Maybe i need to stop tempting fate and start walking the course again...
  7. Just got back out on the course over the weekend after an accident with a golf cart put me on the DL for nearly two weeks... Like an idiot, i was trying to reach over and unhook the passenger side clasp for the windscreen while driving down the cart path, instead of just waiting for 15sec when i would have stopped by the green on a par3. Being the fat ass that i am, my stomach caught the wheel which suddenly made the cart do a 90 to the left. I got thrown out of the cart and landed on the path with basically all my 300lbs onto my left elbow. But it was my arm's impact into the left side of my ribs that caused the real problem. Some very painfully sore ribs but thankfully i didn't actually break any. Could'nt hardly sleep the first couple nights. All in all though, I was extremely lucky to walk away with just a few cuts on my elbow and some bruised ribs. I guess all those years of drinking a lot of milk finally paid off...
  8. I've only hit the 27 a couple times on the course and haven't been to the range with it yet but there's probably a 10-15yd difference give or take. As i'm sure you know, hybrids usually travel a bit farther than an iron. Not sure if its my sweeping type swing but the T200s also seem to have a higher launch angle than I'm used to, so that probably helps a bit with the gap. WIll be interesting to see what the gap is once i get around to putting the steel shaft back on the 6i. The lie for the 4-6i was also flattened 2° and I'm going to have them put back to normal.
  9. My chipping has pretty much gotten back to normal. Still topping a couple drives per round but even that has gotten much better. Mostly i just need time on the range and course to get some consistency back. I was under a 10 handicap back in the early 2000s and its just been frustrating knowing what I'm capable of. Goosefraba... LOL
  10. Got my packages finally. Sorry about the large pics but i haven't figured out how to resize them on this site... Wilson NFL Cart Bag. 14way divider with full length nylon sleeves. Plus an exterior putter well. So if any of you guys like to carry an orange whip or a ball retriever, there is an open slot for it. Ignore the Mizuno Hybrid cover. The store i bought those at only had 1 Titleist Hybrid cover so they offered me the Mizuno one. I bought the Forgan of St. Andrews Hybrid cover off of Amazon and I might buy 2 more. I highly recomend those if any of you need one. The back side of it lifts up to insert the hybrid and has magnets to keep it closed... Not sure of the brand of the iron covers but they were like $20 on Amazon after a discount i had. 11 piece set. 4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,AW,SW,LW and an X. Works perfect for me since I dont have a 3i and am currently carrying 5 wedges(PW, Gap/Approach wedge from my T200s and 3 Vokeys SW and 2 LWs). They have velcro to lock them on the irons. The Vokeys were a bit snug but went on and i think they will losen up a bit with use. Here's a link to the Amazon page if anyone is interested. Amazon.com : Golf Iron Head Covers Set for Right Handed Black Color PU Leather 11pcs/lot Including 4 5 6 7 8 9 Pw Aw Sw Lw X Number Embroideried Moderately Thick Waterproof Fit Most Brands (Black Red) : Sports & Outdoors
  11. Now that's funny. I have 4 packages on their way here and the one that arrived first was the one predicted to arrive last, lol... My new bag is now in-state and hopefully will arrive tomorrow but if not, I'm sure it will be here Friday at the latest.
  12. I've done the same thing and have a very similar looking bag. Good luck man!
  13. Sorry about that, I'm used to the other two sites i use automatically resizing pics.
  14. Am i the only one who sits around checking his tracking info every 30min? lol I got 4 packages with 3 different carriers on the way... A new bag. Some new iron covers for my T200s and a couple hybrid covers. Then there is the most expensive joke I've ever played. Bought a $20 "poop emoji" headcover to play a joke on a buddy who has a bit of IBS. The next time we're all together and he has to stop on hole 5 to use the facilities, I'm gonna stick that on his driver...
  15. Think I'm gonna get this Patent Pending Zebra with an original grip off ebay. It's a bit marked up but the face still looks pretty decent. Glad you recommended that NJR. I woulda never thought of it but it's really the perfect choice. Never did like the Anser style putters. The first couple years i played i used a cheap "putt-putt" style putter and i hated it. Then i got a Northwestern mallot ish putter for christmas when i was 9 or 10 and used that thing for years. It was like Mickelson's little balde(or it that a flange? I always get them confused) putter he used for years but wider. Tried finding a pic but failed but it was simlar to this model 1700 but didn't have the line... and it was much newer lol. Those types of wide body putters(I wouldn't consider that a mallot, more like a fat flange lol) just fit my eye and stroke for some reason and it didn't even have an alignment aide, just a little chevron in the middle. I got a 2Ball knockoff at Walmart some time in my late teens and used that for a couple years... but when i saw that Craz-E for the first time in the proshop at The Vineyard, i knew that was my putter. But the Zebra is pretty similar to that NW putter i used in my teens and i think will work great.
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