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  1. 1. 12 handicap, North Tonawanda, NY 2. Current 8i distance: ~165; Mizuno MP-37 3. I've followed Sub 70 for the last 2 years as a brand that had premium offerings for clubs without the bloated costs that come with "big-name" brands. I have also seen many people have positive feedback on the customer service received by owners. Their premium upgrades and customization options makes them stick out beyond other DTC brands. They initially appealed to me on Instagram and then on MSG after seeing their sleek offerings for a reasonable price.
  2. Hi everyone, A big goal for me this year is to trying and become a better and more consistent ball-striker. At one point, I was playing my best golf with a little 5 yard fade and was primarily an arm swinger. Recently, I started watching some of George Gankas's videos based on his incorporation of the Snead/Tiger squat that starts the downswing. I was particularly intrigued because I am looking to engage my lower body more in my swing to use the ground to generate more speed and a consistent strike. As of now, I generate a good amount of distance in my clubs. I was swinging the driver around 103 mph and 89 mph with irons on average today at my local Golf Galaxy. While, I'm not necessarily looking to add tons of yardage, I would like to get back to hitting the ball relatively straight and a bit more consistent. I spent a range session incorporating some of his techniques from YouTube videos and played a round afterwards. I was really striking the ball very well and gained a lot of speed and maintained a relatively straight ball flight with a 5-10 yard sweeping draw. I looked to Gankas's model primarily to get rid of the left-side miss. I have always found that pulls and hooks have gotten me in a bit more trouble. However, I have been developing a bit more of a push with a very slight fade as a miss that is problematic. One thing that Gankas is all about is keeping the club at the top of the swing while you engage and rotate your lower body and chest through the ball. When done properly, I can strike it rather consistently and rather online to the target. However, I have been extending a bit early and getting back to my arms-only swing habits. Wondering if anyone has any experience with Gankas's model and/or other thoughts on other instructors to check-out to get a bit more consistent? Cheers.
  3. Following up. It's been a couple of weeks since I've researched all of this. I went out and tried a bunch of different models, many included in responses to the suggestions to those who responded to the initial post. Notes: I found that the putters with more toe-hang ended up being a bit more consistent in feel and I definitely did not miss left very often. Despite MSG's article today about how looks do no impact on putter results, I did find that the flare tip neck found on the Ping ZB3, and Taylormade Spider X were confidence inspiring at address. I was not very impressed when I hit the Tommy Armour Impact 3 again. The feel never seemed to click with me. I also tried the new milled face version of the Impact 3 and it felt a bit too stiff to me. I also tested the Mizuno M Craft 3 and was expecting to get some buttery responses at contact, but I couldn't find it. I tried a number of Odyssey putters and was not impressed with the feel I was getting off the face and felt that the putter would not perform well from longer distance putts because of the more muted feel. Almost all of the Evnroll's I tried I could not get into the feel of. To me, they felt a bit too aggressive on shorter putts. The big winners for feel today were: (1) Taylormade Ardmore 3 - I felt that this putter looked very clean at address, the insert felt very good, muted on shorter putts, but a bit more responsive on longer putts. (2) Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 - The adjustable grip was pretty cool to see in person. For many of the same reasons I liked the feel of it compared to the Ardmore. The dual layer insert is some pretty impressive tech. It had the best feeling and consistency, though I think the Ardmore has a better value. (3) Taylormade Spider X - I tried a used version of this putter and felt the shape was less distracting while standing over top of the ball. I think the insert on that felt a bit too muted, but it is another top contender. (4) Ping Heppler ZB3 - This is one of the few blades that I found that were game-able. The look at address was very clean, but the alignment dot did not seem to be particularly helpful. I thought the feel was pretty excellent, but the lack of technology on the face with respect to milling or a groove pattern had me a bit more concerned about mishits. I would appreciate comments and further recommendations based on similar putters that I may not have considered. Thanks!
  4. This is such great information. Tons to take in and consider here. Absolutely will be looking into this going forward. This is a great starting point for me to jump into figuring out a bit more about putting and my own stroke. Thanks so much!!!!!
  5. Appreciate the advice. I'll take a look at the options out there. Thanks!
  6. I typically miss left. As a right-handed golfer, I'm slightly better with left-to-right breaking putts.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. First priority for me is to find a higher MOI putter that fits a slightly strong putter arc. I know the fang style and mid mallet style are primarily what I'd be interested in. However, seeing some of the larger blade style putters intrigue me. Apologies for not knowing much about the neck styles, but I'd rather have a neck with a smoother bend compared to some of the offset styles I've seen. I'm very slightly closed at impact according to iPing, so a bit of offset may not be the worst thing in the world. I am rather indifferent to the face being milled or an insert. I've primarily played inserts in the past. I'm just looking for a consistent feel and distance on mishits. As for hosel position, I definitely like something that is positioned closer to the heel. I used to play an Odyssey #9 a while ago, but didn't ultimately like that style as much. I'm looking for something that is a mid-weight. I have a slightly slower stroke and could use the weight for some enhanced feel.
  8. Hi All, This is my first post on the forums. I've been following MyGolfSpy for the last 5 years and am read pretty actively. I'm thinking about switching out of my current putter for a more updated design to get a bit more consistency. I currently game a **REALLY old** Odyssey Dual Force Rossie II. I like the mid-mallet style and have been interested in a similar putter with a similar plumber's neck style. I am particularly interested in the Tommy Armour Impact Series #3. I have hit the putter a few times and like the feel of it. According to the iPing app, I have a slightly strong arc. Wondering if anyone has any experience with that putter and other putters you'd recommend looking into.
  9. My name is Brandon. I'm from New York. I am an 11 handicap and play quite often. I don't currently game a hybrid because most of them I've tested have a draw bias. I am primarily a draw play and miss to the left. But I do game a Mizuno MP-37 3 iron I would like to replace with a hybrid. The most important thing about a hybrid is having the ability to hit it effectively out of the rough. Playing a blade 3 iron doesn't help with that. I would also like the ability to get a bit more launch to land the ball softly on long par 3s and going for the green in 2 on par 5's. Tour Edge's woods have always intrigued me, but I haven't bought one yet. Looking to also see if their hybrids have similar performance.
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