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  1. How quickly would companies make a new "driver" to accompany this change and launch the ball the same distance/same height? 1 month? 2 months?
  2. Much more, I played about 30 rounds last year where prior I was only getting out 1 to 2 times per year.
  3. I think since Riggs head doesn't move at all he is trying to exaggerate the feel to help promote some upper body movement. He isn't saying just to let the head fly towards the target before impact. It's more of a side look while the head starts to let go is what I took from it.
  4. Thanks man! I am excited to get my stuff into the bag!
  5. My Vessel Player III Bag came today! It has been out of stock for quite a while so I was excited to grab one when they came back in stock! I have not had the chance to put any of my clubs in the bag yet but I will update you all when I do! Initial impressions of the bag are "WOW". The quality of the bag is what initially blew me away. The leather is perfect, the zippers are smooth, a pretty good amount of space, and included a free cart strap protector. Some initial concerns are about pockets for small items like tees, ball marks, etc. It does have a magnetic range finder pocket however it isn
  6. His online course is absolutely amazing. I know what you mean with his online videos on YouTube seeming all over the place but the breakdown and detail in his online program is awesome, there is a comment section where you can ask questions and one of the coaches will get back to you really quickly. It was money well spent for me.
  7. Finau is far better right now. Fowler’s swing unfortunately leads to inconsistencies that have been hurting him recently. Love watching Finau play.
  8. My only advice on this matter would be to collect the information that he fitted you into and go get fit by someone else with or without telling them about the previous experience and outcome and see what they say. Fittings are very customer specific and if you think he was fitting you into things just to make a sale and/or get commission then you may not have gotten the most out of the actual fitting for what is specific for you and your swing. Just my 2 cents. If I was in your position I would get a second opinion.
  9. Isn't it amazing the spiral downwards he has been on the past 3-4 years?! Hoping to see him compete at a high level this year.
  10. This is a subject that was something that really helped me get my swings from steep to shallow. I have a good swing but I was having trouble with getting the club face in the right position and getting more shallow than I was. A Rahm, DJ swing is really not something you should try to replicate as they are in the minority of golfers even those on tour. When you look at most players they have a flat wrist or slightly extended wrist at the top. What I do from that position is then start bowing my left wrist and supinating my left forearm on the way down so that at P6 the club is on or behind my
  11. I wear an Apple Watch everyday on the golf course or just at work/home. It is awesome on the golf course because apps like The Grint sync up to it and you can count your strokes and see the distance to the hole from your location right on your wrist. Big fan of it.
  12. The longer the club the harder it is to generally swing. If you choke down on the grip it is completely fine you may lose some speed but you will probably gain some control. Next time at the range start with the longer irons and see how you do.
  13. Thanks everyone. Going to check out the links added.
  14. I know this might seem like a random thing but I always have put my name and number on a sticker on my clubs because I am notorious for leaving a wedge on the green of the previous hole. I have been using Pin High Labels for the last few times but I feel like they just don't stick as well as they should. I am wondering if any of you have a recommendation on what you use or a high quality brand.
  15. I use The Grint and I like it. I have tried most of them and found that to be my favorite.
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