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  1. I had a lesson today. Really didn't work on anything new just cleaning up my setup and the top of my backswing. Overall it was successful. Trying to get down to scratch by the end of next season.
  2. Sure it would. The golf swing isn't meant to be completely overhauled in one day. That is why a lot of people find themselves not getting better. A complete swing overhaul will take years most likely to make it become normal and effortless. Exaggerations, mirror work, and slow motion reps are all shown to be very successful.
  3. Yes and no. This goes back to "feel vs real". The exaggerations help show your body and mind where the changes need to be made. In reality when you try to introduce them into the swing it will be a small change but a bunch of repetitions of this and you'll slowly start to be able to incorporate it into the real thing.
  4. I have been playing the new COD and I must say it is the most fun I have had playing a multiplayer COD in a long time!
  5. I ordered them standard and am going to bend them and adjust them myself when I know exactly where I want them.
  6. My custom Mizuno Pro 223 irons came in! I went 4-PW with Nippon Modus 120 Stiff shafts and Golf Pride ZGRIP Cord grips.
  7. The one thing you do not have to worry about regarding these bags is the quality. It really is amazing.
  8. I actually have yet to use it believe it or not. I kind of wish I got a 6 way top rather than the 14 but when I bought the bag I was only really using 14 way top bags. Right now I am using 5/6 way top bags so I haven't been able to put the Vessel bag into my rotation yet but from everything I have heard is that the bags hold up extremely well.
  9. I just ordered a set of Srixon ZX7 irons. Looking forward to getting them in. The custom build is 4-PW with Project X 6.0-S shafts and Lamkin UTX grips.
  10. Nice results! How did the feel vary in between the shafts? Was there one that you liked more than the others?
  11. If you are hitting indoors and into a net/screen you need one. If you are hitting outdoors and can use markers for distances it isn't as important but would still be very beneficial.
  12. Like others have said it all depends on who is teaching but for me being able to see my swing from both angles at GOLFTEC has really helped me. If you get a good coach at GOLFTEC then you will also get the benefit of being able to analyze your swing on camera which is really awesome. It also helps when you are practicing to be able to see what could be a potential issue and not guess because it wasn't being recorded.
  13. I love that attitude. Keep it up. I will continue checking in!
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