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  1. Just buy a new one. I doubt there is really anything that can be done to almost "bring it back to life".
  2. I never even thought about doing this... I have to try it next time I play now, lol. Great idea!
  3. I guess this is a better way of putting what I meant. Obviously you never will truly take one side out of play 100% but you sure as heck give yourself a better chance of not missing both ways.
  4. I would highly recommend picking either a draw or a fade if you tend to miss both ways. This way you can take out one side of play and know where your ball is going or at least have a general idea.
  5. I looked into this when I got mine last year and they definitely feel different than the white insert. Also not related to the insert but the paint chips on their putters so easily. Mine is probably 10 months old and looks a few years old.
  6. Why did I click this thread thinking it was a TM SIM driver build, lol. The build looks good though! How have you been enjoying it?
  7. Leave the wedge in between the hole and the cart like you said and if you bring your putter with you leave the head cover right next to the wedge so that it sticks out. No solution besides maybe putting labels with your name and phone number on your clubs.
  8. I just started using mine more frequently and they are clubs that definitely require a lot of confidence. The course I play you really can't use your driver on more than 5-6 holes because of hazards and how narrow some of the holes are so the 3 wood comes in handy.
  9. Those irons are so good looking. Nice setup!
  10. Last year I was not a member at any clubs and traveled all around my area to different places but this year I got a membership at a club right down the road. I like playing new courses but learning and playing one course is cheaper and since a bunch of my friends are members there also it works out great.
  11. I agree with everything you said. It is most definitely a balance and to get good you need to grind.
  12. Not yet but why do I have a feeling that it will happen soon because I am commenting on this post, lol.
  13. So you are saying that it is impossible to get better at golf if you are playing rounds in between? If that is what you are saying I disagree with you. Practice, practice, practice... Allow the swing changes to creep in while on the course. I am in the middle of a swing change and it is working and when I am out on the course I will do an exaggerated practice swing and then step up and just swing with no swing thought. You can do both. Could it take a little bit longer to get the swing perfect this way, sure, but the best part of playing golf is... playing.
  14. I keep my long clubs at the top of my bag (opposite of the picture) however keeping them like this makes it super easy when riding in a cart.
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