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  1. BSN Syntha-6, Muscle Milk, & ON 100% Whey all taste pretty good. Not sure how healthy they are or even how effective. I've tried all 3. While they all taste good I haven't noticed any significant benefits of drinking the whey protein shakes.
  2. Age- 27 Job- Yeah I just work in a golf shop. It isn't physically demanding at all. I do have to stand up all day though ha.
  3. Hello Michael- I've got a bunch of questions haha. Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I'm 6'0" 145 pounds. Yes, I know that is tall & skinny. However, I am very strong & pretty muscular. The problem is I can't gain weight. I'm intrigued about what adding 20-30 pounds of muscle could do for my golf game. On a normal day I eat a lot of snacks: Lance peanut butter crackers, beef jerkey, the ocassional candy bar. I work in a golf shop. I usually eat one big meal per day at night. The rest of the time it is just small snacks & supplements. The supplements I take: One protein shake a day on average ON 100% Whey. About 5gs Creatine Monohydrate. Multivitamin. Fish Oil & Flax Oil. Antioxidants. I just started taking some BCAA's the last couple days after reading through this forum ha. I eat & lift weights & get plenty of sleep but never gain a pound. ???? I lift weights about 2 days a week. Usually I do heavy weight & low reps & few sets. Even though I think I am in pretty good shape I tend to tire out quickly. My muscles are literally dying after a couple sets. My energy levels stay very low most of the time. ??? So I'm looking to gain weight (muscle) & up my energy level. Help me out. Thanks
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