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  1. I personally don't think it would improve the pace of play, unless by technology you mean changing the tech on the course management side. I know that most courses allot for 4-4.5 hours for an 18 hole round, but I could shave an hour off that for most courses, and i'm a bad golfer (30 Handicap). But I think it would require a whole new structure from the perspective of the course management side. Carts would need to be individualized (maybe more of those cool surfing thingys). Pairing/handicap/pace would need to be individually tracked. I think a "pace" handicap could be considered as an individual stat that you could maybe add to the GHIN or something else to assist with pairings. I know a lot of people think that" It only takes a minute for me to find my ball, hit, and then go find my buddies ball", but if you think about it, a minute per shot FOR A PAR GOLFER is about 72 minutes per round. Now think of the average handicap golfer (idk what that is, so let's say 95) that's 95 minutes shaved off a round if every player drives to there ball and hits it. This may all be useless if you walk of course, but I think that's how some people that walk can keep up with foursomes in carts. I know this would take away from the social aspect of the game though. Sometimes your just out there with your buds hanging out, while you happen to be playing golf. It's a touchy subject from both sides, and the last thing we need is to alienate NEW people from trying golf, so it may just add another wrinkle in it.
  2. I've never seen anyone walk at any of the courses I've played here in Florida (Tampa area). But I wouldn't walk in the summer here even if I could. The winter (October-May) is our prime golf season and it is so busy then they probably wouldn't let you walk to keep everything rolling. I think the course would have to be laid out for walking in mind personally. A lot of the courses here wind through neighborhoods, and it's a decent ride on a cart between holes sometimes. But I'm fairly new to this so I could be wrong. I would happily walk if it saved me $10-$15 per round like it did when I played occasionally in Virginia 20 years ago.
  3. I usually play more towards the Bradenton/Sarasota side. Buffalo Creek is about 15 min south. I play that and The Preserve at Tara just because they are cheap. Apollo Beach is like 10 min from me
  4. Hello Everyone. Sort of new golfer. Played regularly many moons ago in my youth, 3-4 times a year the last 9 or so years. Committed to relearning the game the proper way this time with lessons started 2 months ago and new fitted clubs. Committed myself to 1-2 rounds a week and 1 driving range session a week. Progression thus far has been really fun! 1st round after 2 lessons=128 (yikes). 6th round just his past weekend=108. I have a goal to break 100 three times in a row by the end of the summer (which in Florida is never, so i'm giving myself ample time.....jk....by the end of July).
  5. - Jody - Florida, USA - Ping G Series 5-SW, Regular flex, Black Dot, +1/2" - 160 yards
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