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  1. Steve / Indiana 9 hdcp 54 mackdaddy 3, 58 vokey sm7 blackout Love the low one hop and stop shot Never owned a Cleveland wedge (always bought vokeys) so definitely interested in testing one
  2. Update...I've gotten about 4 rounds outside on my hot metal pros and all I can say is wow. The feeling is out of this world. Nice tight baby draw. Excellent trajectory and a nice tight dispersion. About 5 yards longer than more old rsi2's. The 4 iron is still a love/hate relationship but 5 thru gap have been money. I'm definitely glad I made the switch. Looking to lower the ole handicap a few more notches this year.
  3. I've had my hot metal pros for a little over two weeks and have only hit inside on the simulator (stupid northern Indiana weather), but so far I am loving them. Great numbers and nice tight dispersion. Looks like the weather is going to break here this week, so cant wait to get on the course. Will update after some rounds.
  4. Steven Schwartz Decatur, Indiana 9 hdcp / 97 swing speed 9 degree Callaway rogue sub zero because my epic sub zero cracked twice Flash sub zero
  5. I just got fitted for the jpx 919 hot metal pro. I actually went in to be fitted for the forged irons but were blown away by the feel, look, and performance of the pro. KBS tour stiff shafts, 1/2 inch long and 2 degrees upright. Definitely sexy beasts. Went outside at their range on a cold (37 degree) Indiana day and they still felt like butter. Very controllable flight (very slight draw) but was still able to hit the fade on command. Can't wait to get them next week and for the weather to break but for now its simulator golf.
  6. Steve....Decatur, Indiana 9 Handicap, 97mph Callaway rogue sub zero Hazardous green stiff G410 plus
  7. Steve, Decatur, Indiana 9 handicap Callaway chrome soft / taylormade tp5x More speed
  8. Steve Decatur, Indiana 9 handicap Callaway mack daddy forged 50, 54, 58 50 or 52, 54, 58....kbs tour stiff if possible
  9. Steve, Indiana Callaway performance rain suit, foot joy bucket hat and gloves Played in Tennessee 10 years ago in October on a buddies golf trip. Poured or rained every day for 4 days straight and even snowed a little the last day. Had as couple layers on including my rain gear but was still miserable. Definately could of used warmer rain gear.
  10. Steve - Indiana 38 - 9 hdcp Taylormade RSI 2 irons w/ kbs 105 stiff 1/2 inch long 3 degrees upright
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