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  1. Our office has a hitting bay in the basement with an assortment of old clubs. I found a Power Built Citation 2iron with a TTD 7765C shaft. I tried it out and was striping the ball. I'm going to get it regripped and try it on Trackman tonight. My question..... What type of shaft/flex is the TTD 7765C? It feels very solid, but based on the age of the club, I doubt it's a X flex. Thanks in advance.
  2. $650 OBO Callaway Rogue Pro CF 18 (3-PW). I've had these in the bag for 10 months andf it's time for an upgrade. As stated, this is 3i - PW. All clubs have MCC Midsize grips, but I will include brand new Lamkin regular sized grips (8) in the box. Clubs are shafted with Nippon Modus Pro 120g Stiff shafts and are 1/2" long. All are at 1* upright, but I will change the lie angle to your specifications prior to shipping. Price includes UPS 3-Day Select Shipping. PayPal only.
  3. $450 shipped! OBO I won this in our league raffle a few weeks ago. Titleist TS2 8.5* Standard length. HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 shaft. Price includes UPS 3-day delivery to the continental United States. It's never been hit. PayPal only.
  4. The price of steel is approaching record highs. The cost of cars and/or anything steel related is going to balloon. Believe it or not it’s a good problem to have. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. You can buy a direct from the manufacturer, with the same specs, for 40% less. I did the same following my CC fitting a year ago. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I’m going to test out the JPX 919 Forged this afternoon. A friend of mine owns an indoor Trackman facility and has the Tour, Forged, and Hot Metal. I won’t have to pay full retail. I’m not a consistent enough ball striker to hit the Tour irons. While I play to a 4.4 index, my iron striking has always been my Achilles heel. It has come a long way and I’m probably striking my irons the best I have ever, but still need forgiveness. I’m coming off of Rogue Pro’s with ModusPro 125 S shafts. I love the forgiveness of the RP, while still being able to get feedback. Im not crazy about the spin. They are already a higher spin club and I’m a higher spin player (steeper angle of attack). I’m not necessarily in the market for new irons, but my friend is offering me a pretty significant discount, so I figured I’d give them a whirl. What should I expect? Will these heads promote a lower launch and lower spin? The clubs he has has KBS Tour 120s. I may play around in the fitting cart to hammer down the shaft if I like the look and the feel of the head. Thanks in advance for any honest feedback. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Several times per year. It is hosting the 2019 US Senior Open. I actually graduated from Akron in 2006. I used to have a Club Corp membership and would come play firestone north all of the time. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I have an office in Temperance, MI and spend quite a bit of time in Findlay. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. 3 years ago I hit a driver into a fairway bunker. I have 170 uphill to an undulating green. I choke a 5 iron in an attempt to hit a high cut to the green. I blade the SOB and leave myself 150 uphill on the same line in the rough. I take a 8 iron and blade it about 3 feet off of the ground. I’m watching this ball roll and roll onto the green. We drive up and my ball is 12” from the cup. It was the absolute ugliest par I’ve ever witnessed....a par nonetheless. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Long time listener, first time caller. I’ve lived in South Bend for more than a decade and am originally from Pittsburgh, PA (home to some of the most exquisite private clubs in the country). I’ve been through the ups and downs of the game, and am a former Titleist loyalist. I’ve realized in trying other manufacturers that everyone makes some quality stuff. A product of being from Pittsburgh is the trait of being brutally honest. I’m absolutely unbiased and impartial, and will always give you an honest opinion. I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone. Irons: Callaway Rogue Pro 3i-PW (Nippon Modus Pro 125 s) Wedges: Vokey 50 - 54 - 60 Driver: TM M3 440 (Atmos Black Tour Spec 7x) Hybrid: Titleist 910 17* with Project X Stiff shaft) Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Notchback Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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