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  1. Dan/NH Currently Use: Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Would Like to try Tour Velvet Plus 4 Rubber Also currently use the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 104 CC
  2. I think you should define slow play somewhere in your poll. For example, if someone thinks they're going to tee off at 10:00 AM on a Saturday morning at course that books 200+ rounds for the day to the public and be finished their round in 4-hours or less, they've probably set unrealistic expectations for their round. Sometimes you get behind a group that that has a player or players that just don't play golf but they've payed their greens fees so they have as much right to be out there as the next group. There are groups that are clueless (like the person that drives at the speed limit in the passing lane and has a parade of cars behind them). It is what it is...
  3. Dan New Hampshire/USA 8 HC Ping i200/TT XP 95 R300 Would like to review the PING i210 Thank you.
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