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  1. Have been using them since January, and I was hitting in around 270-280, and now I've been hitting it 290-300. I just started back up with it again a few weeks ago after taking a few weeks off to get back in to school/teaching. Only issue I have found is with the added distance, my spin rates have climbed and am not getting much roll out. Especially out in the Central Valley, where fairways are harder and more dry. I found that I need to adjust shafts and get a lower ball flight. Looking to upgrade driver anyways. Looking to go with a M3 440 with a ProForce V2 X-Stiff soon..... Th
  2. Where do you typically play? I play all over... Top 5 public courses would be Ridge Creek, DragonFly, Eagle Springs, Madera and Riverside.
  3. I have been getting Asher Gloves lately. They are great quality gloves. I have a stronger grip, so I get the Chuck gloves, which are made a little thicker, but I have gotten the Premium Alta and Cobalt. They have been great gloves, but I wear em down fairly quick. But may give them a shot again when they have their sales.
  4. Good afternoon all! Hope the week has treated you guys well! I am new to the site. From Fresno, home of Bryson DeChambeau and Kevin Chappell. I am a 5th grade teacher and a weekend warrior that is looking to get to a single digit handicap(12). I try to get out at least once a weekend and/or practice. Have a 3 year old who's taken a liking to golf as well, and he is a lefty which is weird, because I bat left and if my friends when I was younger would have had left handed clubs, I might have stuck with LH, but taught my self how to swing right handed. Had my handicap down
  5. Welcome to the forums 559Golfer :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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