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  1. Hardest part was getting permission from SWMBO. Also means that I will have a skytrack to sell...
  2. Different ball or different driver head. Not sure you will get where you want with just a shaft change or lowering loft.
  3. I would agree testing balls in practice with LM is not the best idea as there are just too many variables not accounted for.
  4. This is interesting. Are you both saying you can't tell a difference between the different balls or just that in the end it doesn't really matter? For whatever reason I can tell the difference immediately. Mostly based on launch window, height and of course feel.
  5. New invention called google earth helps with this...
  6. I am confused. Are you playing "Net" junk? I have never played or seen this done before, always gross. Isn't that the point of the handicap system?
  7. Back has allowed me to practice this week for the first time all year. I am more open at impact than I used to be however I still have a ways to go before I get where I want.
  8. Golfers have unique personalities, at least the ones who play the game for long periods of time. We are always fighting ourselves, most are type A personalities, and a good portion are analytical. Add all this up along with a game that you can never master and you have the constant thoughts or what ifs or whatever. IMO the key to this is separating all the thoughts and questions for the actual execution of the shot. I believe that for most people to stop the thought train is almost impossible. However having that same train while trying to execute is not usually a recipe for success. There are a couple of things that I have implemented recently that have helped stop the thoughts, if only for long enough for me to swing. Pre shot routine is the same, pre-shot thought process is the same, however when I am getting into the shot my only thought is react to the target. I am not 100% of course, however I have seen that the results are getting better and the after shot thought process is more about the next shot versus the thoughts I had when I hit it good or bad.
  9. What is a makeable putt distance? I have made 80 footers and missed 2 footers.
  10. I think I would just write down 5 and play the 15th hole.
  11. I get that from my perspective it is different because of my handicap. I will remove myself from my soapbox. To the OP, golf is difficult because of the head attached to my shoulders.
  12. Thank you for proving my point. Steph Curry shoots the basketball way better than I do. I don't think basketball is hard because of this.
  13. I apologize to the op for my mini rant... Personally I think looking at the game this way is a huge detriment to golfers. I think it would be much better to talk about the fun and what works. Golf in of itself is not difficult. It's a ball that doesn't move, everybody on here and almost everybody who has ever touched a club has been able to accomplish moving the ball in a forward direction. That's it that's the game. It is our expectations that make the game hard. It is our ego that gets in the way. It is the judgement we place on ourselves and the perception that we think other golfers are judging us that makes it difficult. Yes improvement of the game and challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zones is difficult however the game in of itself is not difficult.
  14. One of the most bizarre years of my golfing life I can remember. I got burnt out competing towards the end of last year so was taking a little breather. Then in January I hurt my back again and then again in April. Couple that with the pandemic life of a college and high school student and I played less golf this year than I have in the last 5+. It was nothing for me to play 5 days a week prior to this year, in 2021 I had 0 weeks of 5 rounds and 1 of more than 2 and that was last week. With all of that I have continued to work on my game and even though my handicap is higher than it has been in over 4 years, I know that I am a better golfer than I was previously. On the plus side I tied my personal best of 67 at my home club and last weekend won our club championship. So while not what I had planned for the year it was still another successful year on the course and off.
  15. I have 2018 Rav 4 hybrid. Its nice 30 mpg AWD (but not great) and it fits my family of 4 and our stuff. Personally I don't know if I will buy anything other than a Toyota. This is the 5th Toyota I have owned. Currently have prius, camry and the rav, all over 100k and the only I have had to fix is tires and oil changes.
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