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  1. This game is crazy!! Played one of the biggest roller coaster rounds ever on Saturday. 3 3 putts, 2 balls OB, 5 birdies and shot 75. Not a single birdie on a par 5, which for me is unheard of. All 3 putts were after being on par 5's in 2. Sunday was a little more flatline 3 birdies 2 bogeys but 2 stupid doubles and another 75.
  2. I have found the above to be a common problem with nobody to blame. The instructor was probably correct in his assessment and you were probably correct in applying it. But the part that nobody knows until the fix is implemented is what other matchups will be affected. A double edge razor thin line for sure. Swing your swing, get in the correct positions, improve your skills. All things we hear all the time and in reality all need to be applied to be effective. The key is finding the balance. I took my first lesson in 2019, another one in 2020 and then a month long series early this year. First one was just to understand what was happening within my swing. Second was to verify I was correcting the issues and the series was to ensure that the more time I spent practicing that I didn't get farther away from what I was trying to accomplish. The first 2 lessons were very good for me, was able to finally get to scratch. The series was ok but I did not get a lot out of it because after almost 2 full years of getting myself corrected, the only improvement I could make was improving my skills. My swing is not perfect by any means however it is pretty much as good as I can get it. Now it is bringing my skill level up. It is all part of the journey and will vary for everyone at what point they need to make changes or just go dig it out. I will say that going from a 13 to a 6 is a very large improvement. There may be room with more instruction to go lower, but it also may be increasing your skills first and then more lessons after. Never ending battle of this game.
  3. I have a more than a few, but the funniest happened last week while I was playing in AZ. We are a foursome, 3 of the gentleman would be classified as older and with age our senses diminish. Par 5 and I hit a good drive and staring down the throat of the green from 201, ball is in the fairway on a tight lie, a pretty severe downslope with wind coming off left at about 12mph. 2 big bunkers front the green, think 2 giant eyeballs, pin is right in between them on the front 1/3 of the green. Pull 4 iron with the hopes that I can carve one in against the wind. Take it back and boom perfect contact, I am watching this ball curl directly at the pin, it is doing everything I imagined. Just after contact I hear click whizz as the cart next to me drives away. Ball still curling directly at pin, it lands right on front edge between bunkers takes one bounce and stops about 12 feet. I am standing in the middle of the fairway with dead silence admiring one of the best 4 irons I have ever hit. Get up to the green and tell my playing partners that "I know playing with the older generation is different however I just hit one of the greatest long irons I have ever hit and not only did you guys not say anything nobody freaking saw it!!" The one guy other than myself that could see over 100 yards was in the desert somewhere playing with himself (taking a leak) the other 2 who were not 10 feet away when I hit but didn't even bother to watch because they couldn't see. One of them says "well I heard it." The whole incident was very comical and became the conversation of the trip.
  4. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your round!
  5. I'm in for another round of "How bad at predictions can you be?"
  6. 70% seems to be a good number for skins. Our club does Gross and net skins on the weekends. Also play low gross as a skin. Without the gross side I would not play and I avoid most every net event offered. I just got back from a 3 day golf trip in AZ (12 guys, net skins) and I was only low handicap player. I made 9 birdies in the first 2 rounds and never even won a skin in my own group. Pretty brutal but to be expected. As far as the handicap being fair, I believe that it is overall I just don't think it equates down to the hole level really well. High handicappers have an advantage on a hole by hole basis. But on a full round or over many rounds Low index players will fare better. Same trip in AZ I think 4 guys beat me net on a round but nobody would have over the 3 days total.
  7. https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/golf/pl.u-Bp4Ju191aXr Above is my personal playlist that I listen to almost exclusively on the course. Below is a good classic rock station that I do listen also. Look for this album cover though. There is another classic rock station however it is not as good IMO.
  8. I have used both. This time I got a little liberal with the spray so covered too much of the dot. Nice thing is the foot spray does come off very easily with just water.
  9. I switched from V1x to V1 and then to BX. Both Titleist balls would occasionally zip off the green. I want a ball that hits and stops. The BX is really good all around and unless its a tight lie with with a wedge I don't spin it off greens. It does what I want off tee and irons. Around the green I like the V1 better however the new iteration has closed the gap some. As far as covers go IMO the BX is a little more durable. That being said, it is completely normal for me to shave ANY ball with just one wedge swing, so for me the longevity of each ball is about the same.
  10. How much is attributable to course strategy? Seems to get lost in these conversations as the game is played almost a full 180 from the old days. Could be a chicken and egg argument however there is substantial strokes saved now vs then.
  11. Yes, and I believe you are both correct. I fight a flip so I have deduced that it is it. It is only thing that makes any sense to me.
  12. Here is an example. This is from last night. Didn't get a read on club data due to the foot spray however path and aoa don't change more than 1* generally for me. Pretty much at a loss as to how I am doing this. And yes it happens on course so it is not LM.
  13. I will never understand forums. Don't seek the advice of professionals, take my advice instead. SMH
  14. I don't use one at my home course, however I have mapped everything so I have that knowledge in my head. When I play tournaments I always have the DECADE yardage book with me. Usage comes and goes and I should rely on it more than I do during events, if for nothing else to just reinforce the info.
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