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  1. I have played many rounds with the new rule. My experience is as follows: It doesn't matter. Do what you feel helps you.
  2. New poll. At what age does Kirke beat MPR? HAHA. He has such a great natural swing.
  3. My previous gamer was Rogue SZ, so similar profiles. That being said the dispersion is less and the miss hits are better. There has not been one drive that I have thought it should have been in a different place than where it was. I can still miss but even with the miss I am not in major trouble. And I have pretty much eliminated the left miss, something I have been trying to do since I picked up a club.
  4. My fairway percentage is coming down some too. I am sure it will normalize as I get more rounds in. But the stats don't always tell the whole story. The shots that have missed the fairway have not been trouble.
  5. I was worried at first, but after hitting it I am very pleased. It is very nice to see a stock shaft option that I am able to hit consistently.
  6. I think this is proof that putting is way harder than we think it is and our expectations are not in the realm of reality.
  7. I haven't had the battery drain but I am using iOS and know you are using Android. As far as bluetooth I haven't turned my off but I do know that you can't use another bluetooth device while using Arccos. So one would think that it is used to track shots.
  8. That's interesting. I have had the exact opposite results, way more misses than with just the phone. I stopped using the watch feature although I did like it it was just missing too many shots.
  9. Early in the season for you so understandable on the swing. Your results do fall in line with what I am seeing. And you are correct the side spin or lack there of is pretty spectacular.
  10. I won't be doing any "testing" this week as I have a qualifier on Friday (big one for me, NCGA 4 Ball, Championship is at Spyglass). As you can tell by my results to date the Flash will be in the bag. I moved the weight back to where it was when I got fitted, at least I know where the miss is. Excited to see what the results will be in Tournament setting. Tourney's are always different, so first real test. Fellow testers are you seeing same results on mishits that I am? I have seen some results on well hit balls but curious on the mishits.
  11. With the numbers you continue to publish, I have no doubt single digits is in the very near future for you. Great Job! Been enjoyable to follow.
  12. Did your instructor give you any drills? If so work on those. If not get some from her/him to help ingrain those movements. It is pretty much the norm that with every lesson you go backwards before moving forward. Slow deliberate moves help tremendously. Also you can video (easy to do with phones) yourself to make sure you are hitting the positions you want.
  13. Yes, but it doesn't really matter. If you take just the injuries away, he already would have more. He is the best to ever wear spikes.
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