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  1. Thanks to @yungkory I was able to get my hands on some Tour B X's. After 2 rounds I can tell you it is long!! It doesn't spin as much as V1X but I didn't have any issues predicting what it was going to do. I will try to get some Skytrack #'s this week but initial evaluation is that it is a very good ball.
  2. I played on a course like this yesterday. It changes the game!!
  3. From what I have heard the center of club face was unused.
  4. This is you specifically quoting a post about bifurcation. But ok man.
  5. You are talking about 2 different things, 1 bifurcation 2 a roll back. They are completely different. Golf has one thing that no other sport has had or will ever have and that is the ability for anyone to qualify and compete on the same level with the elite. Not just the opens but all the am events as well. Bifurcation changes the entire golf world, not just for a period of time but forever.
  6. It is a HUGE deal and as Dave said where is the break? There isn't a clean one no matter where you put it.
  7. One of the hardest things in golf is that feel doesn't equal reality.
  8. Any of the tester applications. Great stuff in there. How’d you play/shot of the day and what have you bought lately. Those two sum up what we do here. We play golf and buy a lot of s$&t.
  9. I agree that this is part of the solution. This is what they have been doing for years. This is why golf courses stretch to 7500 yards. Add more tee boxes to bring hazards back into play. It is much cheaper that way. It has been effective to a point, yes scores aren't lower, but courses keep getting longer, which is a big part of the problem.
  10. One of the best things that the game of golf offers is exactly this. I can play the same course with the same equipment, with slight differences, as the pros.
  11. Growing the grass or watering it more will not fix this. Long hitters will still hit it over bunkers that the short hitter have to navigate.
  12. I have been lucky enough to play Spyglass 5-6 times and Pebble once, IMO Spyglass is a better challenge and overall golf course. SG didn’t used to be outrageous. When it had a membership it was pricey but not anywhere what it is now. When it opened they sold 50 year memberships, once those expired Pebble Beach Co came in and bought the course.
  13. Ok, this is a good idea, however there are plenty of options out there already. Don’t know if you are familiar with DECADE but it pretty much does this already. UI may be different and the implementation of AI is intriguing. I think that if you reached out to Scott Fawcett and discussed some idea with him you could see some of what he is doing and how you could change or enhance. He is very easy to talk to and interact with.
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