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  1. Check Target I think they started preorders today.
  2. This is pretty close to impact position. Only way to get rid of that is to have your shoulders more open at impact. He is probably more open than most due to his fade but look at Bubba's shoulder at impact
  3. Once a putt is given it is done. Anything that happens after that is irrelevant.
  4. Why would you take a static measurement when you don't get back to the same position at impact? I measure +1.5" if doing wrist to floor, I play +.5" In no way do I need that extra 1" and in fact it is a detriment.
  5. Supposedly when Hanse re did it, he went back to a lot of the original design. I have only seen it on TV.
  6. It will be come Saturday. He won't be able to continue that way. The greens are way softer than I think anyone thought they would be.
  7. Reed shoots 66 and hit 5 fairways. I thought the only way to play here was to hit every fairway.
  8. Not much you can do about a spotter not being there. I wonder how many balls will get lost because of no fans. I agree that Bryson won't win this week, but my point is that it won't be the strategy that derails him.
  9. They're commentary continues to be proven wrong by math, however that is a different discussion. By a quick glance there are 2 maybe 3 that par 4's that will result in a approach shot close to 100 yards. So are they saying that people punching out and getting up and down from 100 yards is the key? My guess is the winner does that 4 times in tourney. The guy that wins is not going to be hacking out of the rough a lot.
  10. Shane and I played again on Sunday, and while neither of our swings were great the Blueprints still performed almost exactly how he wanted them to. He is getting a higher launch, about 5 more yards and just rave's about the feel (they do feel great). Overall he is extremely happy, still working on dialing in distances but that is part of the fun.
  11. I don't know what it is but I had a few of these as well. I think I talked about it here but I hit a 9 iron long while testing dropped a wedge from same spot and hit it further than 9. What I was able to determine for me was that with my swing flaw there are certain shots that don't spin as much and that was causing the launchers. Glad to see you have found a match. Really a great golf club. Shane is in heaven as well.
  12. I would guess that there is something here being as it has same name but I honestly don't know.
  13. One option may to buy a link. I am not sure how the data downloads but you may be able to do it that way. Set up 2 accounts on Arccos with Wife's phone. Just throwing it out there. No idea if it is possible.
  14. Not the first foray into oversized balls. Top Flite did it 15 years ago.
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