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  1. I’m too lazy to search but I could’ve sworn their was a guy on here who resembled you, that was sticking with his WITB. Must’ve been someone else...
  2. PUTTING 25 IN A ROW FROM 5' 30 IN A ROW FROM 20' TO 3' CIRCLE 30 IN A ROW FROM 30' TO 3' CIRCLE 30 IN A ROW FROM 45' TO 3' CIRCLE CHIPPING 7 OUT OF 10 TO 3' FROM 40' BUNKER 10 OUT OF 10 OUT 7 OUT OF 10 STOP INSIDE FLAGSTICK 7 OUT OF 10 OUT OF BUNKER FROM UNEVEN/BURIED LIES 6 OUT OF 10 ON GREEN FROM 30-50 YARDS IRONS PW 7 OUT OF 10 ON GREEN 8IRON 6 OUT OF 10 ON GREEN 6IRON 5 OUT OF 10 ON GREEN DRIVER 7 OUT OF 10 IN FAIRWAY You could do something like this, and make notes as far as your contact. Once you master this then you can start with different shapes and heights. One thing of note try to keep track of your intention vs the result.
  3. 75 9/14 fir 13/18 gir 32 putts Hit it much better than score shows. Couldn’t make a putt and hit a punch 5 iron from 118 from the trees that landed on the green a bounced 30 yards OB. Such is golf sometimes.
  4. I hear ya, today was freezing. I am in Fresno.
  5. 74 8/14 fir 10/18 gir 30 putts First cold golf day, and after a couple days of rain. Course was playing long not to mention not being able to swing with extra layers on. Take one (or two) more clubs and aim for the middle. Pretty boring golf. Hopefully rain stays away this weekend although we do need it...
  6. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the day!
  7. Added $10 Happy Thanksgiving.
  8. Fairways are probably overrated. Just depends on the condition of the course. Deep rough places a premium on hitting the fairway. But if you roll 2 yards into the rough and it is tame, then usually there is no issue. Greens in regulation are far from overrated, no matter your handicap. Yes there are times where you will have holes like you described and while technically it is not a GIR it is still a decent approach shot. There is a stat on tour that consists of Greens or Fringe in regulation to take this into account. The stat tracking I use accounts for drives that don't require a recovery shot and fringes as it is a true SG app. The more information you have the better.
  9. This may be the most genius thing I have ever read, not just here, EVER!!
  10. 76 8/14 FIR 12/18 GIR 34 putts Terrible start to the round, 4 over after 5 and 5 over after 8. Hit 9 of the next 10 greens to keep score respectable and played them 1 under. In looking back it didn't feel like a bad putting round but 34 putts is too many.
  11. 73 7/14 fir 12/18 gir 32 putts I gotta figure out a way to stop making bogeys. Bogeys suck! Shooting +1 with 5 birdies is just brutal!
  12. They are the real deal. It’s funny every time someone glances in my bag and sees them they raise an eyebrow at me ask really?? My answer is simply yes, they are very good.
  13. Some very successful puttees have used very light putters. Crenshaw, Faxon and Tiger. I would venture a guess that Tiger's putter is the lightest on tour. One thing they all have in common is incredible feel. Something us mere mortals don't have. As with everything YMMV.
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