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  1. Ask and you shall receive. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/bubba-watson-tour-pro-at-your-course
  2. Just to give you an example of what I struggle with. I played a match last week, hit the driver probably as good as I ever have. Won the match on 17th green. Holes 9-17 I hit 7 straight drives between 290-324. All were within and umbrella width of the center of the fairway. I actually took 2 drops off yardage markers in the middle of the fairway. I had and 8 iron and 5 iron to the 2 par 5's second shots. I MADE ZERO BIRDIES! This is the same round I said I aimed at zero flags but still to make 0 birdies off those drives should be criminal.
  3. Eh, if you ask me it's overrated. I would much rather have my irons be the best in my bag. I have no problem making bogey from 75 yards in the fairway.
  4. Almost never. Could be that courses I play don't require it or it could be the fact that my driver/3w are just as accurate off the tee as my 4 iron. I am not normal however driver is by far my best club and 3w being 2nd best there is almost no reason for me to hit anything else. My club does have a par 5 with a severe dog leg, I hit 5w off this tee and miss as much or more than I would if I could hit driver.
  5. It's this. And it can be not compounding mistakes but as simple "trying" to make up for previous shot. Take your medicine and move on. My JUCO coach had us do this but we did it the night before we played. Visualize the hole and how you would play it, once on the course and those 3 holes were done move to the next 3.
  6. I think these 2 comments are keys. If I have a 5 footer, I read it, try to gauge the speed and hit it. This doesn't change if I am 35 feet. The process and intention are the same. Also work on speed. You can approach every putt the same way if you are confident your speed is correct.
  7. I worked in the golf business and I fully understand that you have to capture revenue when it is there to be captured. But gouging people is not right. It will balance itself out eventually.
  8. I think this will dictate what will happen within the industry. Public course in my area has doubled their green fees over the last year, yes double. That can't continue as people will only pay the outrageous rates for a little while, it has already affected quite a few people I have talked to.
  9. Welcome and nice setup! Gotta ask how you broke your leg while playing??
  10. Are you a picker of the golf ball? I am not a big divot guy but found when I was playing them that there were a few that when I picked them the spin was reduced and they flew for a mile. I specifically remember a PW from 135 to a front pin that flew over the green.
  11. Tiger was as aggressive as any tour player that has ever played the game. NOT aiming at flags aggressive, but picking a spot and being aggressive to it.
  12. Just don't listen to any of them. They are all crazies!! I mean a guy who called himself a nut has offered his advice... ok I kid (maybe) Good luck on the journey!
  13. I hit 14 greens yesterday, I aimed at 3 pins (and those were from inside 50 yards). I was a little more conservative than normal as I was playing match play and had a lead pretty much all day, but pars are way easier from the green. Been there done that. Practice is great but you have to have a plan for practice and then commit to execution of that as much as a round of golf.
  14. I use it a couple of times a week. Not usually more than 30-60 minutes each time but it is super nice to just be hanging around the house and decide I want to hit some balls. Yesterday I played a course that is 5 mins from my house, rather than pay for range balls I just warmed up at home and went straight to the first tee. It is a nice luxury to have.
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