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  1. I couldn’t even see the fairway from the pic you sent. Let alone hit one.
  2. Ok I’m thinking they screwed up. There is a new soft cap and hard cap with the WHS but that is for increasing indexes. I haven’t seen anything for lowering indexes. There is an area where the handicap committee can increase an handicap but that is at the committee level and not the GHIN level. Weird.
  3. Wait a sec... They increased your handicap??
  4. Ok so it is same issue as me just different than I remember (I have seen mine as far as 9* in to out). I won't get in the way of your instructor.
  5. If I remember correctly you and I had some of the same swing faults (not open enough at impact). If I remember incorrectly then this doesn't mean anything. I have found that as I get more open at impact the ball flight definitely changes because my path changes. More pronounced with the irons vs driver. Could it be something along these lines and it is just a timing issue?
  6. Part of it but really yesterday was all me.
  7. 84 6/14 fir 7/18 gir 34 putts. Well today was something. Perfect coastal day, no wind overcast 65*. Greens were still recovering from being punched so they were pretty bumpy. For those of you who haven’t gotten the pleasure of playing Spyglass, it’s a beast. And today that beast ate my putting stroke on the 3rd hole. I held it off for a little bit but it had lunch on my short game on the 8th. But it saved it’s best for the main course. It devoured my entire golf game on the 12th hole. I couldn’t find the club face for the rest of the round, entirely gone throughout my swing. 8 over on last 7. Still was an incredible weekend!!
  8. Very understandable that the handicap moves up in the early season, especially with only 8 scores used now. I play year round but I’m always higher, 2-3 strokes, during winter. Keep plugging away, you’re definitely on the right track. Those good ones will become the norm.
  9. One of the first things I did was a bag mapping on SkyTrak to try to figure out how far they went. Closest 2 irons you ask? 4 & 5 iron. @ 12 yards apart. (Typical for me as I think every set I have had is this way) 3 iron goes longer and there is separation, but I need about 327 yards of open land to get that thing to stop.
  10. These irons are starting to grow on me. Not sure if I missed the center of any today. First two holes 2 9 irons, one from fw bunker to 2 feet. Second one to 5 feet from fairway.
  11. 81 6/14 fir 7/18 gir 32 putts. Weather + golf = humbling. Got to play Pebble today and hit the ball well. Not that the score would indicate that but I did. Rained during entire warm up and stopped right after first tee shot. First hole was 5w to left fairway bunker 128 hole. Had to go around tree branches. Hit a prefect little knock down draw to 2 feet. Birdie Second hole fairway bunker again. 220 flag. Tried to hit 5w but was really a mistake. Thinned half topped hit lip but left me center of fairway 140 out. Another perfect 9 iron to 5 feet! Missed it though, no practice greens open so having a downhill slider for first real putt was not fun. Turned around on 3 and somebody turned the fan on. And I mean industrial strength fan. Blowing 20 steady and gusts closer to 30 for the rest of the round. I took my bag off the cart to take pic of it in 7 tee. Hoofer stand bag, blown over by the wind, no influence nothing. Not sure I have seen that before. I did bring 14 to it’s knees though. Driver 4 iron on green to just over 30 feet for my only other birdie. Alright enough babbling to the porn. Peter Hay par 3 under construction, I guess Tiger is part of it as he was on site yesterday.
  12. San Diego has always seemed to me to be haves and have nots. The haves are great but crowded and expensive. The have nots are just not that exciting.
  13. What would you change in the fitting to get your desired results?
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