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  1. 2 years ago I did this. Short par 4 that I hit to pin high and chipped in. Next hole is reachable par 5 that I chipped in from about 15 feet. Probably will never happen again. As far as eagle putts, if I play the 4 par 5's at my club and don't have an eagle putt something happened. 190ish, 250ish, and 220ish are usually the approach distances I have to 3 of them. The 4th takes an otherwordly tee shot to get within striking distance due to a severe dogleg. Now that conversion rate of said eagles makes me want to puke.
  2. He has talked about it some. He has intentionally slimmed down.
  3. Buy the link. Unless they have fixed it the watch causes nothing but problems.
  4. Supposedly the ping is supposed to be awesome as far as consistency. But I haven't hit it or any of this years models. I'll send you my address for delivery of Ts3.
  5. I am extremely happy that this happened.
  6. Not a fan of iron covers however that is a sweet looking setup.
  7. Not sure there is a better hole in golf!
  8. Yes, you can absolutely go this way. Timing won't be great as I imagine the used club market has increased with the increased play. The other downside is finding matching specs. It is possible, especially if you get fit into a "normal" window, but you have a huge reduction in what is available to meet your specs.
  9. I don't disagree with any of this. Feedback from ball and working the problem backwards is how I taught myself to play this game. And while yes, you can get hung up on the numbers, having technology SHOULD help get the results faster. There are many ways to get the ball in the hole and for each individual the way they attack that is different. To the OP if you commit to understanding and using the LM there are very few downsides.
  10. Just booked a flight to Phoenix for 3 days of golf in the end of April. Quintero, Boulders and Troon North. Will be a great time and the best part is that it is paid by my company.
  11. 2-ball Ten S Triple Track. Not sure there is any way this will not find its way into my bag.
  12. Communication. Tell the fitter your tendencies, tell him what you feel, tell him what you like or don't like. A good fitter will put all that together and make a recommendation to you.
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