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  1. SS Pistol GT 2.0. Added 50G counter weight to it. Hopefully it helps.
  2. Unfortunately the audience you will be reaching as an influencer wasn't alive when this ball was released.
  3. I know she will probably never read this but please don't disparage your wife like this.
  4. If you are familiar with Harvey Penick, he had a very good player come to him for a putting lesson. Penick agreed and the player (at a loss as to his name right now) grabbed his putter and starting walking to the putting green. He turned looking for Penick, who was on his way to the range. The player caught up to him and said "I asked for a putting lesson" Penick replied "you putt fine, but you don't hit it close enough to the hole." This is the case for probably every golfer. If on the tour a 50/50 putt is 8 feet, ours is obviously longer. Yes putting can really make or break a score but that happens too randomly for most people to rely on. In order to consistently improve you have to hit the ball closer. I used to average about 28 putts per round. Now I am just above 30. The difference I hit more GIR than before. But if I just focused on the putting stats I would think that I have gotten worse.
  5. Just to give an update since my stage 2 was posted. The Flash is still performing, in fact it is still improving (although I don't think there is anything left in it). My smart distance is now up to 299 and is really close to my high range. Which is amazing! I still am missing more fairways than previous gamer but they are not causing any problems with my game. Overall handicap has continued to drop as I am just hitting shorter clubs into the greens. Below is my driving handicap per Arccos. The black arrow represents when the Flash entered the bag, Green line is driving handicap and Grey line is overall handicap. As you can see both are going in the right direction since I put it in play.
  6. Will be interesting to see how the 4 Am's now rookie Pros do.
  7. If you are still in prep mode focus on what you are struggling with. Don't vary too much from what you normally do but add a little emphasis to those areas that you need improvement. Short game is never bad to focus on. I find that in tourneys the short game can make or break you. Just ask Gary Woodland, 169th in short game on the year, 1st in short game at Pebble.
  8. It just shows us what good architecture and a good setup can do. Even in the modern game. There aren’t many settings like Pebble but golf course design can still win.
  9. 1) Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M 33” SS Fatso 5.0 $250.00 2) EVNROLL 1.2 370 grams 33” SS pistol Gt $250.00 3) Callaway Rogue 9* Paderson IMRT KGTP75 D30 $200.00 4) Graphite Design Tour AD DI-7s Callaway adapter plays 45” tipped 1/2” $200.00 5) Mistsubishi Tensei White 70 Stiff. Callaway adapter plays 45.5” $200.00 6) Bushnell Tour V4 $200.00 Scotty and EVNROLL are almost brand new. Head covers included. Rogue was used for 1 season. Normal wear new grip. Tour AD has 1 round on it. Tensei has about 5 rounds. All prices shipped CONUS. Paypall only.
  10. 70 7/14 fir 11/18 gir 27 putts What a roller coaster round, 2 eagles 3 birdies, 8 pars and 5 bogeys. First time I have ever made 2 eagles in a round and they came on back to back holes. Par 4 5th was pin high about 10 yards off green. Chipped it in. Par 5 6th, driver, 5 iron to about 25 feet but just off green. Chipped that one in too. Had another eagle putt on 10 from 36 feet. Couldn’t get that one to drop. Obviously I should’ve missed the green.
  11. I think that a lot of the distance changes depends on where the distance actually falls. My home course I consider short (6399) but it has 2 par 3's over 200 yards, par is a great score and bogey is the average. With my game distance is not usually an issue so I don't expect a whole lot of increase in score when playing a longer course. On the flip side of that if you play a course that leaves you a lot of half shots or feel shots and you struggle with those it can make scoring more difficult than a course that would be longer but leaves you full shots into greens.
  12. So it's apparent that you are a fast starter and then fade away, maybe if you practiced more dancing your stamina would increase
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