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  1. THEZIPR23

    Happy Birthday GolfSpy_MBP

    Happy Birthday!
  2. THEZIPR23

    Will Lucy Li lose Amature Status?

    http://www.amateurgolf.com/golf-tournament-news/23504/Lucy-Li-retains-am-status-as-USGA-issues--one-time-warning- One time warning.
  3. THEZIPR23

    Travel Bag Suggestions (and more)

    I have had a club glove for almost 15 years. Don't travel with clubs lot but it works great and the stiff arm is a must.
  4. THEZIPR23

    Happy birthday @GolfSpy Dave

    Happy Birthday!
  5. THEZIPR23

    Feast Your Eyes on These Beauties

    Awesome guys!!
  6. It really is a simple fix and BK said it in his interview, it all boils down to ENFORCEMENT. Once that happens It will rectify itself. I am not positive but I think there has been 1 slow play penalty on PGA tour in 25 years. It baffles my mind that they know they have a problem and don't do anything about it. The USGA doesn't have particularly strong verbiage on pace of play but they do allow the committee to add penalties if necessary.
  7. This is a constant battle for myself as well. Keep plugging away at what you are working on. Nice to see the payoff though.
  8. THEZIPR23

    BIG Happy Birthday @SteddyGolf!

    Happy Birthday!!
  9. THEZIPR23

    Why iron shafts are not getting as much love as driver ones?

    I agree with this. I think with the technology changes in materials and how they are used will change iron shafts completely. IMO in 10-20 years almost if not all shafts will be graphite or composite.
  10. THEZIPR23

    Handicap Shenanigans

    Agreed that the club, whether it is Head Pro, committee or any other such agency is not effective. Even if you could possibly match every scorecard to every score posted it still doesn't solve the problem. There is nothing to stop a foursome from putting down an erroneous score attesting it and turning it in. I know of a few clubs that will not allow you to post a score period. Has to be turned in to the shop and be attested with someone else. Home or away. One of these used to be the most notorious club within 100 miles for sandbaggers. I, like you do not play in net events for this reason. And if I do, I do it for pure enjoyment and expect to finish in the bottom half of the field.
  11. THEZIPR23

    Handicap Shenanigans

    So if members don't police it who does?
  12. THEZIPR23

    Handicap Shenanigans

    As someone who as worked in a Pro Shop and in conjunction with a handicap chair/committee the only way to fix it is to have the fellow golfers police it. I have seen many different tactics to try to combat sandbagging and while some work for a period of time overall they fail. One of the biggest sandbaggers I have seen was the father of the head pro at a country club. The Pro Shop posted all scores. Still didn't solve the problem, it has to come from the guys he plays with. As far as a 12 shooting a 78, it is not uncommon, however if he is not posting then yes, you should say something. This range of scores is very common in my experience and while it makes it almost impossible for me to play against you net, because of the wide range, I would not suspect sandbagging. (Unless the only time you shoot 78 or 79 is in tournaments.)
  13. THEZIPR23

    Got hats?

    I carry no less than 5 in my car at all times. And generally only wear them on course.