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  1. It is not a big deal as far as the number on the bottom is concerned, it is a big deal if proper gaps cannot be achieved.
  2. Rogue was paderson shaft at 45.5" When I got fitted for flash same shaft was 3-5 mph slower in ball speed with same shaft. Ended up with HZRDOUS smoke at 45.5" which was 6-8 mph over rouge. (was limited to stock shafts at that time) I now have AD blue at 45" ball speeds are very similar but dispersion is better. I get that I may be a unicorn but I don't believe that all heads are the same for everyone. Differences will vary but there are instances where they will be significant.
  3. The speed off the center of the face has been maxed out but speed is not the only factor. Side by side center hit to center hit the flash was considerably longer. Same with heel strikes. Toe hits were similar. Before testing I would have said there were not huge gains to be made. I changed my mind after seeing the results. I just went through another fitting last month and the closest I could get to ball speed of flash was with M5 and it was 7 yards shorter total. Nothing else was within 10 yards.
  4. And their game is suffering because the current lofts are not matching the wedges being played. How would sales suffer if average golfers don't realize what is happening?
  5. Yes they use a mechanic, just like I use myself as a mechanic for my clubs. But there are fundamental things that everyone expects from a car that are provided by manufacturers. When I hit a PW and go down to a GW on next shot I should be able to expect that the gap is manageable. This was the case for countless years and now it is not. I just bought a new TV, I expect the picture out of the box to look good to the average person. I was able to adjust the settings to my preferences, something that a lot of people will not do. Same should be applied to golf.
  6. All I have is my own experience. I may be an outlier but my experience is that there are huge differences.
  7. This is exactly my point. I am able to gap my clubs properly due to my knowledge. I can combat what OEM's do with lofts. The average golfer has no idea and relies on the OEM's to provide proper gaping for them and they are not doing that.
  8. I took out these and the left dash last night and compared them to V1X. This is pretty much spot on. Very soft feel, distance of driver was probably 3-5 yards shorter than V1X for me but that could simply be my swing, or landing area etc. Launch as lower around the green and on half wedges. As far as left dash, nothing stuck out to me. Almost exactly like the V1X. Our greens are super soft right now so hard to tell spin on greens. More to come...
  9. I went from a Rogue fitted at club champion to an epic flash fitted through local fitter. Picked up 14 yards on off center hits and 11 yards on center hits. Granted it is not normal but it does happen.
  10. All of the above. It won't be true for everyone but to say that there won't be increases is just not true.
  11. You are correct, it is very difficult to gap a bag from top to bottom with off the rack lofts. I had the P790 gaps dialed in because of changing the lofts. I would have to look but I believe I had them weaker on the short iron and then somewhere around 6 & 7 iron they normalized and then 4 & 5 iron were stronger. 785's are all strong but with the different tech this is expected. OEM's need to cater to the majority and until they start changing the numbers on the bottom they are not helping the average golfer.
  12. I can prove to you that this is simply not true. While not everyone will see increased gains some will see large increases with different drivers fitted properly.
  13. While I believe there are numerous options for forgiveness without huge distance gains you are correct in the fact that there are gaps that the OEM's are creating with the lofts. I believe that they will catch up eventually but having a wedge go 150 when your gw goes 120 is a huge problem. When I got my P790's this is the one thing I was worried about so I had the short irons bent 2* weak. I try to base all my gaps off my PW @ 135, it worked but off the rack it would have been a big problem. With my 785's they are bent 1* strong in order to achieve the same distance with my PW.
  14. I would say yes but with a caveat. I tested the Epic Flash, but the caveat is that our former head pro is now a sales rep for Callaway and with that comes built in interest at my club. I did have people come up to me out of the blue and inquire about my driver during the testing based on what they had heard around the club. Of our active golfers (150 or so) I think we are over 30 now that hit Callaway drivers. I like to think MGS and myself had a part in that even if small.
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