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  1. I just purchased a dozen of the TP5x and I can say I really like this ball. I am a Titleist fan boy and this ball has a lot more distance than the Prov1x. Feel is excellent. I was able to keep up my drives with my golf mates. I usually am 10-15 yards behind them. Doesn't spin as much on approach shots like the Prov1x. Very surprised at the durability of this ball as it was excellent. 

    I would love to test the TP5 to see the difference. 

  2. As a Titleist fan boy for years and years I did find a Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis with the American Flag on it. I thought it was a sharp looking ball. 

    I was surprised how it felt and how far it went. I have tried Callaway balls since then and would love to try the new white box now that I am in Fla and my hip surgery is healing nicely. 

  3. Having played for 60 years I have only used a few putters. I still have my High School Putter. I have a Ping Zing putter and now using an Evnroll ER2 Black.  It has failed me lately so I would love review the L.A.B. putter. I did try one at PGA Superstore in Myrtle Beach earlier this year. It looked funky but rolled the ball very nicely. Would love to test one as our season is just beginning.

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