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  1. May I please have a Hole in One and Broke 80 Badge? Thank You. Jay
  2. I'm 6'1" and had a putter fitting a few years ago and I use a 33".
  3. acemaker

    LEFT DOT!!

    I also submitted my left dot survey,
  4. acemaker

    LEFT DOT!!

    Finally was healthy enough to get out and play 18 holes, after a two week layoff, with the ProV1 Left Dot. I usually play the 2019 ProV1x. I didn't score well but I must admit this ball handled very well when hitting out of the rough. We've had a lot of rain and the greens are receptive but I was surprised at how well the ball checked up on approach shots out of the rough with my wedges. I also hit a couple of shots thin and when it caught the green it checked and didn't roll over the green as much as I thought it would. Even on a downhill chip shot the ball checked up nicely at pin high. On one approach shot the wind picked up and my approach shot actually stayed straight. Soft feel off the putter. My drives weren't the best but it played almost as far as my ProV1x's. All in all it was a decent ball. Looking forward to playing again soon and I hope I play better. I have been a Titleist fan boy since the 60's.
  5. Ii did the same thing as you with the spreadsheet. I am 67 yrs old and have been playing since I was 9. I am a golf ball snob. I play the Titleist ProV1x based on the 2019 test. I purchased 4 dozen in 2019 and still have a dozen left and when they are gone I may try the Bridgestone B RX and the B RXS. I like the feel of a softer ball. The Titleist Tour Speed felt good too.
  6. "People don't care what you know until they know that you care."
  7. I normally play the ProV1x but forget to bring extras on our vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine. Will try a sleeve tomorrow morning of the Tour Speed. Will keep you posted.
  8. I just noticed it this past Wednesday playing in my league. Never noticed it before.
  9. Welcome to the forums acemaker :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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